Friday, March 01, 2024
Words Of Encouragement

A Key For A Hidden Door.





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Time Seems Short, The Days Are Fading

And The Last Days Of Hope Seem Gone

Yet, When All Light And Hope Have Faded From One’s Heart

A Key To A Hidden Door Will Appear

The Key From Ancient Times, Better Times

A Key To Open A Hidden Door, A Door Back To One’s Place Of Hope

A Key, A Hidden Door

Is It Too Late?  Can The Hidden Key Hole Be Found?

What Light Could Shine To Reveal It?

One’s Heart Has Been Searching, Desiring, And Yet It Had To Battle The Whole Way

Do I Dare To Believe That The Key Will Find The Key Hole and The Door Will Open?

Could My Heart Rejoice Again, Could It Find It’s Way Again?

What Would I Find On The Other Side Of The Door?

My Heart Has Forgotten The Joy Of Light And The Peace It Once Knew Long Ago

War Takes Place Within My Heart And Soul and I Do Not Know How to Stop It’s Noise, It’s Screams

Smoke From The Fires Burn My Eyes And My Heart Cries

But I Have Been Given A Key To A Hidden Door Where Treasures Are Waiting For Me

But Fear Is Gripping My Heart, My Hands Seem Unable To Move

And Then, Out Of Now Where,

A Hand Of Light Appears With A Key Of Light

And Puts The Key Of Light Into A Hidden Door and It Opens Before My Eyes

But, I Can Not Move, I Am Frozen In Fear Of The Unknown Freedom and Light

But I Hear A Gentle Voice Next To me,

Saying, Come, I Will Go With You, I Will Go First and You Can Follow Me

So, I Step, Following The Gentle Voice and Step Through The Door

My Heart Can Hardly Believe What It Sees

Beauty Beyond Description, Rays Of Light Everywhere, And There In The Center

The Voice Said Is The Arkenstone!

The Great And Majestic Stone/ The Crown Of My Return To Life And The Hope That It Brings.

My Heart Is Home, My Heart Is Free And I Am Not Alone, The One With A Gentle Voice Is With Me

I Have Found Strength To Stand Up Tall Again, And The Joy Of Life Begins To Fill My Heart

Thanks To A Key Of Light,

The Hand Of Light,

The Gentle Voice And Finding The Arkenstone,

My Crown Of Life and Hope That Will Always Be In My Heart From Now On.

The War Has Ended, The Fires Are Out, The Screams Have Fallen Silent

There Is A Quiet Peace That Seems To Reach Beyond The Senses

A Beauty Of Another Realm, One I Don’t Know Yet, But Will

The Key and The Hidden Door

Hands Of Light and A Gentle Voice

The Crown Of Life And Hope Has Been Returned To My Heart

The Arkenstone Has Been Returned To Me!

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