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Words Of Encouragement

You Shall Not Pass!

March 21, 2019

Little One,  Your Bows And Arrows, Your Earthly Weapons Can Not Fight This Battle Against This Mighty Enemy.  For This Enemy That Is Coming, Breathing Out Fire, That Is Made Of Fire Is A BELROCK, A DEMON Of The Ancient Kingdom Of The Darkness.  He Has Been Called Up Out Of The Shadows By His King, Satan, Out Of His Deep Shadows In This Mountain Of Death To Attack You This Day, This Night.

But The Staff Of The Eternal Light Of Agape Love Will Do Battle, It Will Stand On The Bridge And Decree


The Light Of Agape Love Will Hold Back This DEMON And Force It Back To The Deep Shadows!  

Little Ones, You Will Not SEE HIS FACE Again, Run From This Place,  DO NOT LOOK BACK, Run TO THE LIGHT!

For The Great Staff Of The Light Of Agape Love Will Stand And Do Battle For You, This Day, This Night.  Go Now Out Of This Cave, This Dark Mountain Of Darkness And Death.  Leave These Halls Of The Ancient Ones For They Died Long Ago And They Can Not Help You Now.  Go Into The Light.  And When You Are Out Of This Mountain, This Fortress and Hiding Place Of This BELROCK, THE ANCIENT DEMON OF THE SHADOW Rest and Breathe The Free Air Of Victory.  Fly On The Wings Of The Eagles, Look There They Have Come To Get You.  Go Now. Be Safe. I Will See You Soon.  Go Now, Fly Little Ones To Safety For Agape Love Will Do Battle For You!!

Love The Keeper Of The Great Light Of Agape Love



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