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The Gift of Peace

June 2019

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What Is This Elusive Thing?   What Does It Look Like?

Where Can One Find It?  Does It Last Or Is It Something That Comes And Goes?

Is Peace A Thing, A Force, A Who, A What?


Who Is Peace For?  Just Humanity?   What About Mother Earth, Nature and It’s Creatures?

Is Peace For The Stones of The Field, The Beasts of The Deserts, The Trees of The Mountains, The Rivers and Streams of Water, For The Wind and The Thunder?

Can Peace Be Within Them?

Can The Wheels of Time Spin In Happy Order and Bring It’s Blessings of Peace as They Turn?

Can Words Bring Peace To One’s Land of It’s Heart, It’s Soul, It’s Nation & It’s People?

Can One’s Good Deeds That Are Done For Others Bring Us This Elusive Thing Called Peace To One’s Spiritual Heart and It’s Soul That One’s Heart Is Searching For, Desiring and Needing so Desperately?


Where Is The Gift of Peace Placed In One’s 3 Part System?

Is Peace Planted In The Deep Spiritual Heart, In The Soul with It’s 2 levels of Consciousness. The One that all others see and know and the deep Sub-Conscious heart with it’s hidden man?


How Does This Gift of Peace Work?  How Does It Rule Over The War In One’s Heart and Soul?

How Does This Gift of Peace Conquer The Lands and Territory Were Peace Does Not Rule Over?

Why Is The Gift Of Peace So Needed In The Lives Of Humanity and The Land?

Are There Different Kinds of Peace?

Are There Different Ways To Get Peace Within Oneself, Towards Others and In the Nation?


What Does This Peace Look Like, How Can I Tell If I Already Have It?

Is There A Peace That Is For All Humanity?  Where Does One Get It?

What Part of My Spirit Needs And Receives This Gift of Peace?

Why Does My Spirit Need This Gift Of Peace?

Does This Peace Also Go In My Soul, Where, How, Why?


Peace Is Defined By Webster’s Dictionary as

1. A state of Tranquility or quiet

2.  Freedom from civil disobedience

3.  A State of Security or order within a community provided by law or custom

4.  Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions

5.  Harmony in personal relations

6.  A state or period  of mutual concord between governments

7.  A pact or agreement to and end hostilities  between those who have been at war  or in a state of enmity.

The Gift Of Peace

Brings down a wall of separation which separates one from another. Both At a deep spiritual level and in the level of the soul. When The Gift Of Peace Is Accepted, Received and Planted in the spiritual heart and then in one’s soul, the deep and powerful wall of separation is Brought Down/Lifted and then one’s spirit can love itself, other The Giver of This Gift and then from the soul be able to Love one’s neighbor, their family members, others in the world and those of another nation or even religious belief.


The Gift of Peace

Brings a Wonderful Treaty to One’s Conscience From The War of Judgment

Webster’s Dictionary defines the Word CONSCIENCE as 

1.The Sense  of awareness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intention, or character together with a felling of obligation to do right or be good.

2. A faculty, power or principle enjoining good acts.

3.  The part of the superego/the hidden man of the Soul/the deep heart of the conscious mind of the soul in psychoanalysis that transmits commands and admonitions to the ego/the awareness of one’s minds that all humanity see and hear. 

4.  Sensitive regard for fairness or justice, scruples 

The Word Con Means One

The Word Science Means enlightened, discipline, knowledge, scholarship

The Opposite is IGNORANCE


The Gift Of Peace

Is It A Divine Gift of A Higher Power?  A God Unknown To Humanity? 

The Victory of A Great War of Enmity Within A spiritual Heart and It’s Soul!

A New Atmosphere For The Spirit and It’s Soul That One’s Conscience Becomes The Publisher of This Peace Of One’s Spirit That Is Beyond The Realm of The Sense – A Publication of The End of The War Within!

The Gift Of Peace

A Deep River Of Living Water freely flowing deep in the Spiritual Heart of A Spiritual Being, bubbling up into the chambers of the Spiritual Heart and then flowing freely out to the Soul’s Deep Sub-Conscious Hidden Man and then sent out to the light of the Conscious mind for all to see and be touched by this HIDDEN GIFT OF PEACE.

The Gift Of Peace

Was Decreed and Given In The Ancient of Days By A Heart of A Great One, A Great High Power

Words Decreed and Proclaim Out From A Throne Of Agape Love



The War Was Over

The Victory Was Complete

Then in the Earthly



This Decreed Judgment



The Decree,

The Gift of Peace Sent To All of Creation,

To All On The Earth, To All The Resources on The Earth

The Royal Judgment, The Royal Decree of

The Gift of Peace

Given From The Great Throne Of The Heart of A King As A Recognition Of The End Of A War


The Gift of Peace

Peace On Earth

Goodwill Towards All 

The Ancient War Is Over

Agape Love Won The Battle For All Of Time

Peace Beyond The Senses Has Come

Peace For All The Land, The People, The Creatures


The Deep Hearts Of Humanity

The Peace Treaty Has Been Signed

The Peace Decree Has Been Declared and Sent Out To All

What did the Peace Treaty Bring To All Humanity and The Land of Nations

Peace Within A Spiritual Heart

Peace For The Soul, A Peace For The Conscious Mind 

Peace Through Agape Love

Peace Through An Ancient Treaty

Peace That Would Bring An Unknown Unity To All

Peace Of A Quiet Spirit and Soul, Even During Great Troubles

Peace Beyond All The Earthly Senses and Understanding

Peace, A Quiet Rest from The War 

Peace, A Place in A Garden of Sweet Presence of Agape Love For The Heart and Soul

Peace A Free Gift From A Heart of Agape Love

Peace, The Regal and Noble Gift

Peace, A Royal Inheritance Given From A Loving Father For All His Children To Have

Peace, A Spiritual Deliverance For A Spiritual Heart and Soul In Captivity

Peace, A Gift of Hope and Life Again

Peace, The Gift of Agape Love Given To All.

Love Always and Forever

Pastor Deborah
















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