Thursday, May 28, 2020

Deliverance And Healing For Cities, Towns, Nations, People and The Land





To Free A City,

A Town,

A Land,

A Nation


The People and The Resources


When What Belongs To Another Has Been Taken Captive and Is Oppressed and Subjected To A Heart of Death and Control, A Voice From Out of The Light Will Come to Set all Free To and Return Them To Their Rightful Owner/King/Ruler so all can Be Free To Be All They were intended to Be and To Do.


Listen to the Words of Deliverance, Freedom and Healing




There is a spiritual FIRE of The Lord Most High God GONE out from The Kingdom of Heaven through out the land/territory of the world on the earth, Let IT consume the spiritual Kings of The Kingdom of Darkness and the Lords of The High Spiritual Places.

Spiritually Destroy Their Spider’s Webs, Their Spells of Concealment, Their Generational Dark Matrix of Control through Spiritual Darkness and Ignorance.



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