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August 20, 2019


Little One, Yes Sir – Wake Up – Ok , Get Dressed and we walk some more today, Ok, Your Majesty.

Sir, are you going to tell me more of Micky’s story?  Yes, Little One, I am.

Good, I didn’t sleep good after the last one.  Why, Little One?  Because Mickey was on The Book of Spells in the Water that was swirling in a Whirlpool and he was sinking deeper down into the center of it.

Yes, He was Little One.  For when one ILLEGALLY gets POWER and uses IT for only his OWN HIDDEN MAN’S GLORY of himself and not to help humanity, then there is TROUBLE, FEAR, DEATH hidden and swirling around him in the Whirlpool of the Water. Little One, anyone will discover this for themselves and even experience being taken down on the very THING that was used to make OURSELVES feel like another one, one with LEGITMATE POWER and the USES THE POWER OF THE HAT OF MAGIC and The BOOK OF SPELLS to become an ILLEGITMATE, UNRIGHTEOUS Sorcerer as Others.

So, Little One, Let’s Walk and Talk some more.

Swirling around and around Mickey and The Book of Spells were going, down and deeper they were going into the Whirlpool of Water.  These two were going and THEN IT HAPPENED.  Mickey fell into the Swirling Water of the Whirlpool and was sinking down.  Mickey was slipping down into the Darkness of The Water – Death was there and It was beginning to take and cover Mickey’s Life with The Shroud of Death WHEN HE HEARD A LOUD THUNDERIN VOICE, THE VOICE OF THE MIGHTY SORCERER SAY – MUTANDIS!

Words Spoken by The Rightful Owner of The Power, Of The Book of Spells, of The Hat of Magic,  MUTANDIS!

Words Spoken Loud, Booming and Full of Authority. Words Spoken to the Water, The Broom Came the POWERFUL COMMANDS OF MUTANDIS.


But, Your Majesty How could the Sorcerer have any POWER without THE HAT OF MAGIC?  I thought the POWER TO SPEAK TO THINGS AND COMMAND THEM was in the WEARING OF THE HAT OF MAGIC?  

Good question, Little One, A Very Good question.  Let me help you to spiritually understand.  Ok.  

Little One,  things which came into life by WORDS OF POWER AND AUTHORITY even if the MAGIC WAS STOLEN and DID NOT LEGALLY BELONG TO Mickey were brought to LIFE by THE POWER OF MAGIC that was of ANOTHER REALM, World, the Realm of POWER and Spirit.  So, THE HAT OF MAGIC’s was FULL OF a POWER of another REALM, THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT.  That is were we are now, right?  That is right, Little One.

Little One, when the Rightful Owner of the POWER of this Realm SPEAKS to that which was ILLEGALLY Created by the POWER of this Realm, SPEAKS with Legal Authority and Righteousness, THE WORDS OF POWER HAVE THE ABILITY TO Stop, Change, Nullify, End what was ILLEGALLY Created and Under the Influence of THE POWER.  

So, is that how the Mighty Sorcerer could SPEAK AND STOP THE WHIRLPOOL and THE WATER AND THE BROOMS?  

Yes, Little One, That is How.  But Sir, I thought the Hat was the Power to Change things when the one who was wearing it Spoke, Things happened Magically?  Yes, that is what everyone believes, but IS NOT TRUE!  The HAT WAS ONLY AN EXTENSION of the CENTER OF THE POWER which only resided in the VERY LEGAL AND AUTHORIZED OWNER of the POWER, the very heart and mind of the ONE WHO HAD BEEN TRAINED, EDUCATED, SUPERVISED, TUTORED AND RELEASESD by his Teacher and was Legally Given the Legal Authority to Have and Use the Fullness of the Power, even the Power that was ILLEGAL AND STOLEN BY ANOTHER.

The HAT OF MAGIC was an extension of the POWER and the POWER was still within the HAT, but the POWER BECAME PERVERTED by UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, BY AN EVIL HEART’S DESIRES and thus would PERVERT THE COMMANDS. 

Sir, was the HAT like a WAND of a Wizard or Witch?  yes, Little One.  It is just an instrument of the Extension of The SOURCE OF THE POWER and was just a VESSEL through which the POWER FLOWED.  Is that what a Sword is?  Yes, Little One, a SWORD too is just an extension of the arm, but more importantly of the heart and the mind of the One who has the Sword in his possession. POWER CAN BE DECEPTIVE AND CAUSE ONE TO BEGING TO THINK EVIL AND DO UNRIGHTEOUS ACTS OF BEHAVIOR.

Are Magic Potions also, like The Hat?  Yes, Little One they are.  What about a Gun?  Yes, The Same, A Knife?  Yes, A Plane? Yes, They all HAVE POWER and can be used and directed and ordered by the heart and mind of the one who possess them to do RIGHTEOUS OR UNRIGHTEOUS things for SELF GLORY OR Helping Of others. 

When one desires POWER, they must be AUTHORIZED, TUTORED, TRAINED, EDUCATED and SUPERVISED by Legal and Authorized Teachers/Supervisors until they are LEGALLY RELEASED to use the POWER FOR GOOD and NOT EVIL.

Oh, my – Let’s stop for today, your Majesty.  This is new to me to spiritually understand for my mind believed something else was true. These new concepts and ideas are so new for me to think about.  Yes, Little One they are.  But I am telling you now so you can ponder and process these new concepts.  These stories are part of your new spiritual training, and tutoring  to become a Powerful spiritual one yourself, A Powerful Righteous Ruler over My Kingdom on Earth. When I have you spiritually educated, trained, have new concepts living in your new heart and mind and have been under my supervision and then released to become THE POWERFUL LEADER YOU HAVE BEEN BORN TO BE, a mighty Ruler over all the POWER AND AUTHORITY I have for RIGHTEOUS AND LEGAL USE for humanity.

Oh, my. Sir, I am not ready to do all that yet, I am JUST A LITTLE ONE, A CHILD.

Yes, Little one JUST A CHILD YOU ARE NOW, but by walking and talking with me daily, you are becoming an ADULT in your ideas, concepts and beliefs of this new spiritual life.  So, just keep walking with me and talking to me and stay on this course and you will grow as I have desired for you to do.  But, for a long time, you will think as a child and I will be your Teacher, Tutor and Guide.  So, let’s walk, Little One and be together on this fine day and travel along.

Your Heavenly Father.





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