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Mickey, Swimming For His Life

August 2, 2019

Good morning, Little One.  Good morning your Majesty.  Little One are you ready to walk and talk with me today?  Yes, Sir – I am, I am looking forward to it.

Great – Remember where we left off with Mickey?  Yes Sir, I do.  He had just had a great idea to stop The Broom – CHOP IT UP!!!  Yes He did! And what happened?  The one Broom broke up into thousands of BROOMS – An Army!  That is Right.  Good memory, Little One.

And the BROOMS just kept getting water in their buckets and feeling up the Magic Pool of the Great Socerer.

Now – Things got worse for Mickey.  The water was getting deeper and deeper and Mickey had to begin to SWIM FOR HIS LIFE! Mickey had to SWIM FOR HIS LIFE – and He struggled to stay afloat in the Deep, Swirling Water – Mickey was treading water furiously to keep himself above the water.

Oh, dear, your Majesty – Mick was in terrible trouble, wasn’t he?

Yes, dear one, He was.  For when a HEART is one that STEALS POWER from  rom another to make itself feel






and deceives itself with dreams of GREATNESS and POWER, Bad Things Begin to happen.  What was STOLEN and BECAME unauthorized POWER to Satisfy a Hidden Heart’s Lust and Desires.  It will STEAL and Not be Authorized. Deception sets in and will Bewitch it’s on self and then have GREAT DREAMS OF GRANDUER about itself. Then DARKNESS of Reality sets in and covers the Heart’s eyes of sight.

What did Mickey go, Your Majesty?

Well, by chance – The Sorcerer’s Book of Spells floated by and Mickey climbed on top of it.  He began turning the pages as best as he could, for he was desperately looking for a spell that would STOP the ENCHANTED/BEWITCHED BROOM.

Did he find one Sir?  No, Little One he did not.  Do you know how hard it is to be so fearful of dying and having the world swirling around you -Your mind roaring in great fear and the waves of water roaring and splashing around you.  Mickey was desperate to find solutions right in the midst of the raging storm, the winds of fear and death roaring loud in the ears and mind of Mickey.  

What happened?  That Little One will be the next story on our walk.  But know this, When one’s Hidden Heart STEALS SOMETHING of another for ITSELF – The Object of the DESIRE OF THE HEART that was THOUGHT AND BELIEVED to be good for it and the desire to have it WAS SO STRONG and POWERFUL to have it.  This OBJECT that is LUSTED AFTER with a FIERCE and DARK Desire, A Deep Sickness Develops in the Heart and BAD THINGS HAPPEN. 

Everything is touched/afflicted by the DEEP LUSTING of the Hidden Heart and It’s Desires to satisfy Itself above all.  The Hidden Heart becomes Blinded to this Sickness and Disease of the Heart and Will not even be aware of it until The DISEASE spreads out into the real world and causes troubles for everyone and everything.

The Lusts of The Hidden Heart Bring With them seeds of Fear and Trouble and possible death.  Wow, I have to really think about this part of the story about Mickey.  Yes, Little One, you do.  Ok, I will.  Let’s Keep Walking.

Your Heavenly Father








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