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The Dreams Of Mickey

June 15, 2019


Good morning Little One, are you ready to hear more of the Mickey Story?  Yes, Sir I am.  Good.

Do you remember where Mickey was?  Yes, Sir.  He had commanded the broom to go to the Fountain of Water and Fill The Buckets up with water and take the buckets of water and FILL UP THE MAGIC POOL of water of The Supreme Sorcerer.  Then Mickey commanded this MAGICALLY ALIVE broom to THEN KEEP DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN!  Yes, Sir I do.

Good – And that the BROOM which had MUTATED due to Spoken words and MAGIC and became alive with Arms and Legs.  Yes, Sir and it was ordered to JUST KEEP OBEYING The COMMANDS of Mickey to Keep filling up the buckets with water and emptying the water in the Supreme Sorcerer’s Magic Pool of Water. Right? Yes, Little One, Right!

Mickey’s heart was so please with itself, for it had now BECOME A MASTER AND NOT A SLAVE!!!  He was important and that made himself so happy and so pleased with himself even if THIS POWER AND BECOMING A MASTER WAS STOLEN AND GOTTEN ILLEGALLY!!!

Now Mickey’s heart, his deeply hidden man of his heart was so pleased with himself, that he would do as he had seen his Master do, sit in his chair, relax and take a nap. So, that is exactly what Mickey did!  Mickey’s heart was so pleased with itself and the Power it now had.  But Mickey did not care or even think that This Power and The Hat of Magic He had WERE GOTTEN BY STEALING!!  Mickey HAD STOLEN The Hat and It’s Power!!!  The hidden man of the heart didn’t care for it only wanted to feel better, important, valuable, powerful and it did not care if it had to STEAL THE POWER or that it was USING THE POWER ILLEGALLY and WITHOUT PERMISSION.  It only cared to SATISFY ITSELF and make itself FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY, FEEL LIKE A MASTER, FEEL IMPORTANT, FEEL POWERFUL and not as it had been feeling.

Mickey’s heart was now feeling SATISFIED, FULL OF JOY AND POWER.  Stolen Power, Taken Illegally, but that DID NOT MATTER TO THE HIDDEN MAN OF MICKEY’S HEART, it only wanted to SATISFY itself no matter what!!

Feelings of Great Peace and Slumber came after the GREAT HIGH THAT CAME FROM THE STOLEN POWER.  The Drug of POWER was now providing a PEACE WITHIN it’s own heart that Mickey had not ever experienced as a slave, a disciple.  But now as the MASTER WITH POWER, his heart could rest, be a peace with itself for now He was reaping the Great Benefits of Power – Great Peace!!

Now, Mickey could Rest, Drunk on Power and It’s Benefits, Satisfaction of making something else obey.  So, Mickey became drowsy, sleepy and slumber came.  Mickey was sitting in his Master’s Chair, still wearing The Hat of Magic of another, Stolen Power and Illegal Possession.

Little One, Yes Sir,  Do you know what happened next?  No, Sir except Mickey just went to sleep, right?  yes, but something else began to happen, Mickey began DREAMING.  Do you know what DREAMS are Little One???  Are they what you do when you sleep? Right?  Yes, Little One.  Sir, Yes, Am I Dreaming this walk and talk with you now?

No Little One, you are not dreaming this.  When someone does DREAM, their precious spirit ( like me, yes like you ) steps into the Realm of The Spirit and has spiritual adventures and experiences, one’s spirit may not know that it is in this Spirit Realm, but it is.  The little spirit begins to see the spiritual realm and experiences it’s possibilities and great power that is out there.

When one is dreaming, Little One, it happens when the biological brain and it’s consciousness are not interfering with the spirit and it’s experiences.   Dreams are one’s spiritual thoughts, images, symbols, pictures, feelings of your spirit.  Many call DREAMS Visions of The Night – Dark Visions.  I speak to most human’s in these DARK VISIONS of the night, in DREAMS when the physical body is resting and can not interfere with my Communication and Contact with the Spirit.  But, DREAMS can occur in the day time, If I desires to contact you, the spirit you, I can over ride you conscious awareness if necessary.

Some call this contact, communication, DREAMING as DAY DREAMING, A SECOND SIGHT, THE THIRD EYE.  It is an experience that is NOT CONNECTED TO THE EARTHLY WORLD.  Some people also call this, JUST MAKE BELEIVE, FANTASIES, ONE’S IMAGAINATION.  But these EXPERIENCES are REAL, Right Sir???  Yes, Little one They Are.  For The Realm of The Spirit is a Real Place.  Please Tell me more about this Spirit Realm, Sir, ARE WE IN IT NOW where we are??

Yes, Little One we are.

I will tell you a little, for there is so much to learn.  First, This Realm of The Spirit is a REAL WORLD.  It is NOT MAKE BELEIVE or Just One’s Imagination or a Fairy Tale.  No, Little One, The Spirit Realm, is the Realm I live in and the one we are in now together.  It is everywhere, all around everything and everyone.

Is it very big?  Yes, Little One, It Is Very Very Big.  Where Is It?  All around you and me all the time.  It is like a world that is the same, yet very different than the earthly world.  It is A World that is Hidden from earthly eyes and senses, yet it can be opened up if I allow it to be seen.  It is a world of spiritual creatures, beings, Light, Power and where Words are A Source of Blessings or Bad Things.  It has all kinds of colors, beauty and yet there is apart of this realm here on that is Dark, Evil and Where Bad Things Live and Rule In. This Realm Is Eternal, It has no time as you know it, Little One.  It has colors as you have been learning glisten or they can be filled with darkness and death.

Little One, no one can see it or find it with their earthly eyes or senses.  It can only be seen and understood by the Spirit Revelations I provide to the human spirits if they seek it. I try to help all humanity to see it, believe in it, learn about it from stories, fairy tales, parables, science fiction, in movies, and by personal stories of personal experiences of those who have experienced this realm and see it. Many Use Evil and Darken Ways to Connect with This realm, and some discover it when their spirit leaves their body for many different reasons, Like having abuse happen or a fearful experience or even a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE.

But Sir, We are in it now, right?  Yes.  Is that why the creatures and flowers talk, and sing and glitter and glisten with light and colors?  Yes.  They, Little One are all living Creatures with my Spirit of Life in them.  They Reflect My Glory, My Agape Love, My Riches of Spiritual Life, My Creative Power and Most Of All, Me in My Fullness.  But Sir, Captain Hook, he is real, right?  Yes.  He is in the spiritual world on the earth and hovers above from his High Places of Rulership. Is he up here with us?  No Little One, He is not.

Little One, know this you are still in your body of dirt on the earth and you must learn about this realm of the spirit.  Ok?  Yes Sir, but I am tired now and can stop?  I just want to go and listening to the Singing Flowers and Play.  yes, Let us go, Little One.

Your Heavenly Father.

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