Sunday, September 22, 2019
Words Of Encouragement

The Colors of The Hidden Rainbow

July 2019


When one looks through the hidden eyes of the spirit that are clear and full of Hope, The spiritual heart can see the Colors of The Hidden Rainbow, beautiful and radiant.  Colors that are spiritually hidden when one’s spirirual eyes are filled and clouded with dark storm clouds of darkness and fear is swirling all around one’s soul as in a whirlwind of destruction.

When one lives with a mental illness or has a loved one suffering with this unseen disease/illness everyone’s eyes of their spirit have become darkened with the storm clouds of this disease and it’s winds of fear, it’s winds of destruction and the eyes of the spirit can not see the HIDDEN colors of the HIDDEN RAINBOW of Agape Love and Hope.

One has to climb up high above the storm clouds, rise one’s spiritual thoughts and feelings high above the dark clouds of the storm. One has to climb to the summit of the highest mountain, high above so the eyes of one’s spiritual heart can see the clear skies and the Rays of The Hidden and Glistening Light.  Only when one ascends high above one’s own thoughts of fear and darkness can these Hidden Colors be seen coming through the silent tears of a soul.

Let your spiritual eyes of your spirit believe that there are Clear skies of Great Beauty just above the layer of Darkness of Mental Illness and It’s Destruction it brings to one’s soul. Allow your spiritual heart to soar above with the mighty eagles and soar on the winds of Hope and Agape Love.  If you need help, a mighty eagle will come and fly you above  for sometimes we have no strength left to fly high above by ourselves. Others will help you to soar on the wings of mighty eagles above the dark clouds of the storms of a mental illness, they will help you to see what is high above the darkness of illness and disease, of abuse of any kind, of despair and hopelessness.

The Hidden Colors of A Hidden Rainbow are there, come and fly on the wings of mighty eagles and see what has always been there for you to find and see. Fly Little One Fly, High Above The Storms of Darkness and their Whirlwinds of Destruction in your soul and it’s hidden man of the heart.

The Hidden Colors of The Hidden Rainbow are waiting for you to be touched and see their glory beauty of healing, Love and Hope for your spiritual heart and it’s soul.

Pastor Deborah

Spiritual Care Volunteer Pastor

Lakeview Center, Inc.

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