Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Apprentice

Saturday April 27, 2019

Little One, Wake Up, For It’s Time To Walk and Talk.  Ok, Sir.  I Want To Tell You A Wonderful Story That All Littles Ones Must Learn And Even Those Who Are Not My Children Yet.

When One Is Spiritually Young In Ones’ soul Due To Due Lack Of Spiritual Education, Knowledge, Wisdom and Have Not Been Properly Under Tutors and Teachers Until Spiritually Released By The Teacher, The soul Still Makes Decisions Based on it’s Feelings.

This Story Is About A Young One Named, Mickey Who Was A Student, A Disciple of A Great And Powerful Sorcerer/One Who Speaks And Powerful Things Happen That Are Supernatural and Spiritual.  Micky was Still Very Young both in his biological age and his spiritual age. Mickey was a student, an apprentice of this powerful Teacher and still was lacking knowledge and experience with the Spiritual Powers that the Master Minister in and through.

Micky as 99.9 % of my spiritual children and of those who are not my spiritual children have a soul that is feeling that all they do is just work and they feel like just a slave for another.  The soul feels under valued, not appreciated, and feels like it is nothing!

This Soul due to it’s feelings, becomes tempted to find a way to make itself feel better.  The Soul of a young one is easily tempted to TAKE MATTERS INTO IT’S OWN HANDS to bring value, appreciation and happiness to itself that are not coming from the Tutor/Teacher.

When a Soul Feels like is just a slave, not even accepted as equal to the Master, Then the soul seeks opportunities to make itself feel better, move valued, and important/

So, in this spiritual condition of the soul, Mickey was ready.  So one day as he was doing his regular duties, work, job of serving the needs of his Teacher/Tutor Mickey Saw Something So Powerful he had never seen before.

What was that Sir?  Little One, The Teacher spoke Words of A Powerful Spell that changed a bat into a butterfly in the book.  A life was transformed! A Life that was one thing, a bat became a beautiful and gentle butterfly. Rays of Light started shinning out from the butterfly and Mickey was AMAZED!

He had never seen such power before from the Teacher and his soul decided that it was going to do so things with Words of Power when it had the chance.

And What happened, Sir?  That I will talk about later with you so I can relate more of the Power of Words to you and what happens when one is not ready to conduct powerful spiritual work. Ok.  Later Today, Yes.

Your Heavenly Father.

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