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A Who, Or A What?





The Forever Person


Is It A Who?  Or A What?


Hello, Pastor Deborah here again and this spiritual teaching brings deeper concepts and thoughts to re-new one’s own ideas and beliefs of


The Forever Person of the 3 Part System of The Natural Physical Body, the Soul with it’s 2 levels of consciousness – the one of current awareness and the deeply hidden sub-conscious heart and mind who is a person itself, The Hidden Person of the Heart and then of the Deepest level of the 3 Part System of all 3 Parts is the Spiritual Part of the system,






In this spiritual teaching, new yet ancient concepts will be re-introduced to you, and your 3 part system that every human is a 3 Part System of


 A Physical Body of The Dirt, The Natural World of The Earth

The Hidden Mind of the Heart, The Sub-Conscious Mind of the Soul


The Spiritual Part of This 3 Part System,

The Spiritual Person, 

The Forever Person

And In The Beginning, All Three Were One

1 + 1 + 1 = 1

What ever happens to one part of the system, happens to all!  

What one part feels and experiences, these are transferred and affects the other parts for all are


Married as One Flesh

Bonded In Unseen Chains of Slavery, Captivity

Tied By Ancient Words 

One Messenger, One Voice, One Heart, One Mind, One In Purpose

But Was This Always The Original Arrangement?

Was This Always The Original Purpose?


Yes, This Being/Creature was always designed to be a 3 part system


The Original Arrangement Was Different from what is now Ruling the 3 part system due

Rebellion and Slavery

A Lack of Understanding

Looking Only With The Natural Eyes

Not Knowing the Power of One’s Words

Ignorant of The Purpose of The System and How It was To Be Ruled

Not Knowing the Purpose of One’s Life

Not Knowing The Role of The Helpmate, The Soul

for The Forever Person



The Highest and Most Supreme Part of this 3 Part System was originally designed and created with the Purpose of

Kingship and Rulership


The Forever Person, 


The Spiritual Being Created and Purposed To Be A Spiritual King of It’s 3 part system


Then over the Earth and The Creatures of It 


Over all that Gets Out of It’s Place and Rebels


The Forever Person



was one of Great Majesty and Honor.  It was created/brought forth/birthed out of The Creator’s Womb of Life of Creation, Out from It’s Source, Out from the deep image and likeness of It’s Father/Source – It’s Creator

The Forever Person

Was Created to have and be a True Image and Likeness of It’s Creator



One with the Same Qualities and Characteristics

One with The Same Nature and Essence

One with the Same DNA and Genes

One with the Same Gifts of Power and Authority, Dominion and Rulership

One Of The Realm of The Eternal Spirit

This New Creation was an Offspring of a loving heart of a Father and Mother that desired to have a family and children and were overflowing with Agape Love for each other and all of creation.

The Creator, The Source, The Father, The Ever Flowing Fountain, A Well-Spring of Agape Love Itself


The Forever Person

This first Offspring born out of the Womb of Eternal Life Itself,


Was Created in the Womb of Fire of Where Eternal Spiritual Life Existed,

The Very Heart and Mind of the Creator of Life Itself.




Then this Eternal Spiritual Creation, This Child of It’s Spiritual Father and Mother was Breathed, Sent, Placed into a Suit of Clothes of The Dust of The Earth and the Dust of the Earth became living through the life and connection through a Silver Cord of Life and the Dust was able to Move and have warmth.

The Forever Person

A Child It was when it was birthed, not fully matured and with all Wisdom and Knowledge as The Angles of This Creator Had. Why would The Creator Create this Creation, The Being, The Child in a way that it would need to gain Knowledge, Be Trained, Be Educated, Be Disciplined, Be Governed By A Parent and Teacher for The Creator?

  This Teacher was Called The Governor of The Kingdom of Heaven and an Ambassador of The King of the Kingdom of Heaven and A Parent Figure of The Creator, The Father and Mother. 


This Teacher was a Holy and Righteously Aligned and In Legal Relationship with the Creator and King of Kingdom of The eternal Land, Realm, Heaven.

  His Title, Name and Nature was A Holy Spirit, The Teacher and Parent of the Newly Created Spiritual Child, 

The Forever Person!



The Word – FOREVER  – means as an adjective 

1. Eternity, Without End



a spiritual being with The Very Breath of The Spirit Of Life In It and was a Spiritual Being of the Realm of The Eternal Spiritual Realm, The Kingdom Of Heaven.


A Spiritual Being,

Created As A Spiritual Image and Likeness of It’s Spiritual Creator, It’s Father – God and It’s Mother – Agape Love

A Spiritual Being,

 A Child Created in The Exact Image and Likeness of It’s Father, The Great I Am, The King of The Kingdom of Heaven

So, a spiritual child was Birthed out of the Eternal Womb of Its Mother, Agape Love filled with the Seeds/genes of It’s Father, 

The Great I Am!


And Into the Realm on The Earth, 

 Spiritual Children Who Would Be Spiriutal King’s,

The Spiriutal Rulers of The Spiriutal Government of Heaven on Earth


This New Spiritual Creation, Created In The Image and Likeness of It’s Creator, It’s Source and Maker

This Eternal Child, This Spiritual Being Was Given a Name and It’s Nature Was


A non-gendered spiritual being, glowing in spiritual glory, full of The Light of Righteousness, and Having The Spiritual Governor

of the Kingdom of Heaven Within It’s Deep Spiritual Mind and Heart.




The Offspring, The Fruit of The Womb of Spiritual Life Itself

Came forth into the World on Earth and was placed into a Suit of Clothes,

Called Dirt of The Ground, Dust of The Earth.

A Spiritual Being Covered With Humus, Dirt of The Ancient Earth



The Eternal Light of The Spirit of Life, The Glorious Shinning Rays of Glory and Holiness, Rightly Connected To It’s Source and Kingdom Shinning out from the Center of This Spiritual Child, This Spiritual Image and Likeness of It’s Source, It’s Father And Mother



The Spiritual Glory of Authority and Dominion of The Kingdom of Heaven

Full of The Holy Governor of The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Fullness of Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge, Power, Life and Agape Love


A Beautiful Clean and Spiritual Body Shinning out from the center of this spiritual being.

Yet, even in this Glorious Spiritual Condition, This Spiritual Being was


Innocent, Unknowing Of Evil, Just A Little One,

Needing to Grow in Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding

Needing to Learn Discipline, and Obedience to It’s Father

Needing to Work and Learn, To Learn How To Govern and Shepherd The Garden

Needing To Learn How To Walk and Talk With It’s King and Father


A Child,

The Forever Person,

A Spiritual Being Of The Eternal Light of The Kingdom of Heaven

A Spiritual Child of The Light Of Truth and Glory, Of Holiness and Righteousness


A  Spiritual Prince Growing To Be A Spiritual King Of The Kingdom of Heaven

A Spiritual King

of The Eternal Kingdom of Heaven Of Glory, Holiness, Mercy, Justice, Agape Love, Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge, Compassion, Forgiveness, Righteousness, Justice, Power, Healing, Grace and Blessings.



A Child Spiritually Anointed with The Oil of Rulership and Kingship

With the Oil Of Joy and Gladness

But, still just a child, in need of a spiritual tutor and teacher,

The Great Governor of The Kingdom of Heaven


This Spiritual Being, This Child of The Kingdom of Heaven would need a Helpmate to help It in the Realm of the Natural/ The Realm of The Dust of The Earth.  This Helpmate was to help this Unseen and Hidden Spiritual Being to learn of the Earthly World

So Came Forth out of The Spiritual Man’s Heart,

The Soul

A Help Mate



to the Spiritual Being in the Realm of the Natural World of The Seen World of The Earth

The Soul

A Consciousness/Awareness of the Biological Brain and a hidden person, of the Heart and Mind of The Soul of the Realm of The Natural, The Earthly World of the Seen



Through the 5 Senses that also would help the newly created spiritual being to be aware on it’s surroundings and the realm of the earthly world for the for connection to this relam It was to Rule and Reign over as a Spiritual, Unseen King of The Kingdom of Heaven

The Forever Person


The Soul

The Helpmate



An Earthly Consciousness Component with 2 Levels

The Conscious Awareness


The Sub-Conscious Person

The Deeply Hidden Soul, The Hidden Person of The Soul

That would receive all of it’s knowledge, wisdom, words, concepts, ideas, precepts, understanding, pictures, and training and teaching from the 5 senses of the physical body of


The Ears

The Tongue, Taste, Appetites 

The Nose, Smells, Odors

The Touch of The Entire Body, Of Pleasure or Pain



This 3nd part of this newly created being from the Kingdom of Heaven

From the Realm of The Spiritual, The Eternal

Was now complete with it’s Helpmate and it’s 2 levels of Awareness and Consciousness

The Helpmate,

The Part of The Forever Person that would assist through the Physical Body and It’s Awareness of the Earthly Realm

Which was to be the Helpmate, The Righteous and Faithful Servant for and to the

The Forever Person

Three In One


Who Was Three

A Spiritual King

Who Would Spiritually Rule and Reign a Government/a World on The Earth


The King and It’s Kingdom of Heaven


The Forever Person


Filled from deep within and in fullness with the

Light of the Governor of the Kingdom of Heaven, 

The Forever Person’s Spiritual Teacher and Tutor

to help this Spiritual Child Grow up and mature into the Spiritual Fullness of A Glorious and Mighty King of the Kingdom of Heaven


Who was 3,

Just Like His Creator,

It’s Father and Mother


One That Was Many

One That Was Eternal

One That Was The King of a Mighty Kingdom

One That Was The Creator of All That Was,

Purposed To Be A Mighty Father With Spiritual Children – A Family who would be created in His Image and Likeness

One Who Had All Authority and Domini0n 

One Who Had Great Power And Abilities 

One Who Had A Mired Of Angels, The Host/Army of Heaven To Serve The King and It’s Kingdom

One With Eternal Life Itself


With Everything and Everyone Under It’s Feet, In The Kingdom of Heaven

Who Gave His Son, His Offspring, His Child – Man The Exact Spiritual Gifts and Power in The Governor of the Kingdom of Heaven

A King Itself, 


But At It’s Birth into the World on Earth,



Just Still a Prince


under the Teacher and Tutor of Governor of The Kingdom of Heaven



The Forever Person


First came from the very heart of Agape Love in the very deep thoughts of The Agape Love Himself.


Then The Heart Of Agape Love Decreed and Declared About and To This Child,

The Forever Person

What His Nature and Purposes Would Be

What He Was to Be Made Of and By What Pattern

So This Creator Said To Himself, Decreed To all Creation and To The Law of The Spirit of Life

Let Us Make Man, The Forever Person, Our Child, Our Offspring

In Our Image and After Our Likeness!


Webster’s Dictionary Defines The Word



1. A Representation of the form and features of someone or something

2. An optically formed representation of an object made by a mirror or lens

3. A mental picture of something imaginary

4.  To make a likeness of something, to reflect, to depict vividly

The Word



1.Effigy ( look alike ), portrait, print, appearance, likeness

2. Form – having the shape of, the contour of something, manner determined by etiquette, features, appearance

3. Image – a representation of the form and features of someone or something, likeness

From out of the DNA, The Father and Mother of Creation came the 

The Forever Person

A Royal Child,

A Prince who would be King of A new Land,

The Earth for the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven

By The Royal Decree/Law of the King of Heaven and Creation Himself

When The King of Creation Spoke, His Words Were Placed Above Even Himself and Above all Others

No Other Words Could or Would Ever Change the King’s Decreed Words of Life and Purpose of His Creation

The Forever Person

The Decrees, Written Down in The Ancient Books In The Law of The Kingdom

Words That Would Stand For Eternity and Beyond

Words That Would Guide The King’s Heart At All Times

Words That Would Always Be The Heart of A Father and Mother for their Children

Words That Not Even Others Could Ever Change, Not even through Death Itself



Words that would travel through the ages of time to be planted and brought forth out of every age of darkness so this King’s Word’s of Decree would never be unfruitful, never defeated, never subverted by anything or any creature.

Words of Kingship, Rulership, Authority, Dominion, Power, Wisdom, Knowledge and Agape Love 

Spoken out for all Creation to hear and see

Words From the Creator Himself

Words That Created 



The Forever Person

Let Us Make Man, In Our Image and After Our Likeness


Let Them

Have Dominion over the Earth and all the creatures on the earth


The Forever Person

Will also have control, authority, rulership, dominion over their own 3 part system

of Physical Body, Soul with it’s 2 level of consciousness – The Self- Awareness and the Sub-Conscious hidden heart

A King and Ruler over the Physical Body and It’s


Lust of The Eyes

Lust of The Flesh, It’s Appetites

The Pride of Life


All That Come Into this territory and land of this creation called

The Forever Person


Done, Written Down In the Ancient Books of Eternity

Eternal Words Decreed, Spoken, Law

Set In Stone, Set For All To Hear and Know

Commanded By The Voice of Agape Love, The Voice of The King of Heaven

The King and Creator of Creation Itself

Words That Even through long ages of darkness, being forgotten, perverted and full of unrighteousness, 

Yet The Law of Life and Creation Itself

The Law of The Kingdom of Heaven Stands For All Eternally and Unchangeable

Even Into the Eternal Ages to come, With a New Earth and New Heavens

The Decreed Words Of The Kings of The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Written and Law


These Words of the Authority and Dominion of 

The Forever Person

Was Done, Spoken and Written

Posted and Recorded

To all of Creation and It’s Creatures of Heaven



A Son was Created, Sent into a Physical Body in this new land, this colony of Heaven on 


My Creation, Called Man

The Forever Person

Shall Be As I AM, A King and Lord

Made In My Image, After My Likeness

and Have ALL My Legal, Royal, Power of Kings of The Kingdom of Heaven


My Spiritual Children,

My Kings by Their Right of Birth From Me,

My Very Image and Likeness, High Above All of Creation Itself

And Their Inheritance, Will The Kingdom of Heaven Which I Have Prepared For Them

My Kingdom of Heaven Ruling and Reigning The World/The Government System for The Seen World from The Unseen Realm of My Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, Through My Kingdom of Power, The Kingdom of God


The Kingdom of Heaven,

My Spiritual Children’s Spiritual Inheritance

Held In Trust for My Spiritual Children Until They Grow and Develop

Staying under My Teachers and Tutors Until They Are Released As Adults, Mature In My Spiritual Knowledge/Light and Wisdom As Kings Ready to Rule and Reign

Growing Up and Into My Fullness, As Son’s Of Me, The Living and True God of All Creation

The Forever Person

My Spiritual Creation That I would Lose, Be separated from For A Season To The Darkness of Another Kingdom,

But Through A Re-Birth By My Agape Love and It’s Great Sacrifice, They Will Be Birthed Again For All Eternity


The Forever Person

My Image and After My Likeness

Anointed and Filled With Glory and Righteousness


My Spiritual Offspring, Made From My Own Nature and Essence

Growing Up Into My Character.



Learning How To Demonstrate and Manifest My Power and Authority, My Dominion over All Life and Creatures

Becoming Full of My Very Own Heart of 

Mercy, Compassion, Kindness, Goodness, Agape Love

Healing, Deliverance, Patience, Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge and Glory


The Forever Person

My Priest Unto Me, Shepherds of My People, Voices For Me To the World and All Creation

Even In their Times of Captivity and Bondage

I will Always Reach Out To Them in and through My Light of Agape Love

I will never stop loving them, reaching out to and for them, searching for them in The Kingdom of Darkness/Ignorance and I will never leave them alone.  I will speak to them in their dark dreams of the night, through my creations of life, through books, and movies and songs of the heart.

The Love of My Heart, Spiritual Children Who May Only Believe They are A What and Have No Memory of Me.

Living As A Tail of The Soul, Living In Darkness/Ignorance of Me and Themselves, living With Broken Minds and Hearts and Spiritually Fragmented Into Many Others To Survive Abuse and Terror of The Fear of Death, 

Yet, I would help them to live and escape through my Gifts of Imagination and Agape Love.

I Would Not Leave Them To Suffer Alone and Without Help

Even In their long ages of brokenness and slavery

 I will Remember My Words of Agape Love For Them

My Heart’s Desires for Them and Me, A Spiritual Family, Kings with A Kingdom

The Forever Person



My Eternal Spiritual Child, King’s Of My Kingdom of Heaven, Lord’s of All of Creation

Rulers Over All The Works of My Hands and King’s and Lord’s With All Authority and Dominion

Royal Spiritual Children

Never To Be A What, But Always a Who

















































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