Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Join Wilbur, The White Chicken as He And Pastor Deborah 

Venture Out Into the World of Social Media 

As He Travels Into The World And Meets Humanity





Dear Moses, Uganda, A Nation of Africa  

The Genesis Man Video

May 22, 2020

Listen to a Video Email that Pastor Deborah has sent to a wonderful man, Moses in Uganda, A Nation in Africa. Moses lives in a small village near the Mountain of Rwenzori and the rivers are flooding and landslides are occurring. Pastor Deborah received his request for prayer during this time. So, Pastor Deborah was led to send him this video with spiritual help of a powerful King. May you also learn and become the Genesis 1:26 King yourself and speak to the land, and repent of the shed blood of innocent ones all the back to Adam. Watch, learn and grow and then Speak and do.



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