Monday, January 25, 2021

Traveling Into The Matrix Of Darkness

Video From People

In The Valley Of The Kings

Hidden Treasures Awaiting To Be Found And Uncovered

Treasures Locked Away In Tombs Of The Kings Of The Ancient Land,

The Forgotten Tombs Of Mighty Kings

Buried And Long Forgotten With Treasures Not Seen By Humanity

Kings Of The Ancient Days,

Entombed And Forgotten, Buried Alive


Come And See

Kings Being Uncovered,

Come Alive Again


Their Ancient Treasures Revealed To Humanity

Come And See,  Come And Hear, Come And Learn



Hello, This Is Pastor Deborah

Come And Travel With Wilber And I

As We Enter Into The Darkness Of Ignorance And The Matrix Of Control In The Lives Of Precious People

Through Out The World.

Hear Their Cries For Help As The Darkness Grows Heavier and Thicker And Death Is Near

Come And Hear The Questions From Out Of  The Slavery Of Bondage And The Desire To Learn 

These Are Precious People That Pastor Deborah And Wilber Have Meet Along The Roads They Are Traveling.

It Is Always A Great Honor And Privilege To Be Welcomed Into Someone’s Spiritual Life And To Be Able To Speak Words Of Spirit And Life To Them.

The Following Are A Few Of Wilber’s And Pastor Deborah’s Wonderful Experiences In Bring Spiritual Light, Freedom, Healing And Agape Love Into The Spiritual Lives Of Precious Humans.

These Wonderful Interactions Come From Emails Sent To Pastor Deborah Seeking Help, Information And Light For Themselves And For Others.

Enjoy Listening And Watching The Videos

So You Too May Learn,

Hear Their Testimonies,

Hear Their Hearts Searching For Answers.

There Is No Identifying Information So They Will Remain Protected In A Veil Of Confidentiality.

  But Their Emails And Pastor Deborah’s Answers Are Very Helpful To The World Of Humanity

Especially To All Those Still Plugged Into The Matrix Of Darkness/ Ignorance


Held In Spiritual Bondage/Captivity

By Unseen Chains And Long Forgotten Words Of Covenants/Oaths Take Long Ago By Ancestors.

So, Come And See

The Light Of Agape Love And It’s Light Of The Ancient Hidden Treasures

That Have Been Waiting To Be Spiritually Revealed To You.

These Will Be Audio Videos Of Their Emails And Other Forms Of Communication To Pastor Deborah Including Spiritual Communication So You The Hearer Can Also Hear The Words Of Spirit And Life Pastor Deborah Spoke To Bring Ancient Entombed Spiritual Kings Out Of Their Tombs Of Ignorance And Bondage.

So, Allow Your Spirit To See And Perceive Words Of Spirit And Life.

Each Video Will Have Be About Three Different Entombed Kings And How Ancient Eternal Light Came Into Their Tombs, Into Their Lives That They Are Living Still Plugged Into An Unseen Matrix Of Ignorance.  Listen And Hear Pastor Deborah And Wilber Open Up The Ancient Doors Of Their Tombs, 

And Bring In The Light Of The Ancient Kingdom of Heaven Into Their Spiritual Hearts

Pastor Deborah





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