Thursday, May 28, 2020

Love Is Here, A Love Story Of Agape Love – The Multitudes, Volume 1


Open The Book,

Read And Hear, 

See And Understand, 

Allow Light From Another Kingdom To Shine On Your Spiritual Heart & Soul

And Help You Re-Discover Treasures Of Another Kingdom That Have Been Hidden Right In Front Of You

Until You Were You Ready To Discover & Receive, To See And Know The Hidden Revelations.

Come & See



Unless Otherwise Indicated, All Scripture Quotations In This Book Are From the Authorized King James Version Bible

No Copyrights To This Book, All Are Free To Use And Reprint, No Permission Is Required

Free To Use According To

Matthew 10: 7-8

Red Words Of Christ Jesus Speaking To His Spiritual Disciples

Verse 7  And As You Spiritually Go, Spiritually Preach/Declare/Proclaim Spiritually Saying,  The Kingdom Of Heaven Of Heaven Is At Hand/Here Now ( So Watch And See It Work )

Verse 8  Heal The Spiritually Sick, Spiritually Cleanse The Spiritual Lepers, Spiritually Raise The Spiritually Dead, Spiritually Cast Out Spiritual Devils:  Freely You Have Received ( The Knowledge, The Authority & Dominion ) SO FREELY SPIRITUALLY GIVE!


May You Spiritually Be Renewed In Your Spiritual Heart/Mind And Then Spiritually Converted In Your Soul.

May The Spiritual Light Of Truth Pierce Deep Into The Darkness/Ignorance Of Your Spiritual Heart/Mind.

May The Spirit Of Truth Spiritually Reveal The Spiritually Hidden Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of Heaven To You.

May Your Spiritual Eyes Of Your Spiritual Understanding Be Spiritually Opened

May Your Spiritual Ears Be No Longer Spiritually Dull Of Spiritual Hearing Of The Words Of Spirit & Life.

May The Waxed Grossness Of The Spiritual Veil Of The Flesh Be Separated Circumcised Off Of Your Spiritual Heart/Mind

And May You, The Real You, The Spirit Person Living In The Dirt Body, Living In The Unseen Realm, Be Spiritually Separated From/Divorced From Your Flesh Of Your Soul.

May Your Spiritual Candle Be Lit And Shine Brightly In The Darkness For You To See More Clearly and For Others To See.

May You Spiritually Become A Great TREE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and SPIRITUALLY BEAR Much Sweet And Majestic FRUIT Of Agape Love For All Mankind To TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD!

Come & See For Yourself And Taste That Agape Love Is Good!


Table Of Contents


The Multitudes – Volume 1


1.  Letter Of Spiritual Introduction

2.  Dedication

3.  Acknowledgments

4.  Forward

5.  From Slavery To Freedom Poem

6.  Satan, Watch & See Poem

7.  Prayer For Spiritual Freedom Deliverance & Healing Of A Territory


Part 1

8.  Dear Precious Little One

9.  Dear Spiritual Child Letter

10.  You Have Been Found Poem

11.  Spiritual Adoption Certificate

 12.  Spiritual Shepherding/Parenting Responsibilities

13.  Come & See


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