Thursday, February 27, 2020

Prayer For Spiritual Deliverance, Freedom & Healing


To Spiritually Fulfill

Isaiah 61 & 62

Isaiah 62   Verse 10

Authorized King James Version



Send Forth Your Spriitual Presence To Spiritually Go Through,

To Spiriutally Go Through The Demonic Spiritual Gates Of This Walled Spriitual City 

Of This Spiritual Jericho 

And Spiriutally Prepare Your Spiritual Way For The Spiritual People Of This Spiritual City/Land/Territory,

Spiritually Destroy The Spiritual Walls Of The Mighty Spiriutal Jericho As You Did In The Days Of Old

So That Your Mighty Agape Love Can Spiritually Walk Right In

Spiritually Cast Up, Spiritually Cast Up Your Spiritual HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS

Spiritually Gather Up The Demonic Spiritual Stones That Spiritually Cause These Precious Spiritual Little Ones To Spiritually Stumble And Fall, Thus Spiritually Unable To Make It To Your Spiritual HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS In The Spiritual Darkness.


Spiritually Raise Up Your Spiritual Standard/Banner/Flag Of Your Majestic And Powerful Agape Love

For The Spiritual People To Spiritually See And Follow

Spiritually Light The Spiritual Way For Them With Your Sweet Spiriutal Presence As Rays Of Light Shinning Out For Them To See,

Spiritually Help Them Father, For They Spiritually CANNOT Do This By Themselves,

Make A Spiritual Way For Them

Spiritually Bind Everything Of Satan And His Demons That Would Spiritually Stop Them From Spiritually COMING INTO YOUR WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL PRESENCE

Then Father,

Spiritually Pour Your Spirit Of Agape Love Upon The Words That I Speak And Spiritually Even Come And Speak To Them Yourself!

Spiritually Let There Be An Spiritually OPEN HEAVEN Where I And You Cand Spiritually Do Your Spiritual Ministry For Your Spiritual Glory And The Kingdom Of Heaven.

Spiritually Touch Them In Powerful Spiritual Ways That They Have Never Spiritually FELT BEFORE,

Spiritually Bring Down Your Spiritual Blanket Of Glory

Bring Spiritual Deliverance, Freedom And Healing To These Spiritual Slaves Of The Spiritual Kingdom Of Darkness For Your Spiritual Glory And Your Name’s Sake.

Spiritually Fulfill Your Own Spiritual Words OF Isaiah 61 & 62 In Their Spiritual Lives And Their Seed

And Spiritually Birth New Spiritual Little Ones Into Your Spiritual Family And The Kingdom Of Heaven

May You Be Spiritually Glorified Here In This Spiritual Territory/Land That Satan And His Darkness And Death Have Spiritually Held In Bondage/Captivity.

Spiritually Let Your Spiritual Will/Purposes/Desires Be Spiritually Done For Your Spiritual Glory And For Their Spiritual Deliverance, Freedom And Healing


In The Precious Name Of Christ Jesus, The Son Of Agape Love Himself




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