Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Welcome To The Spiritual Garden Of Eden


To The Spiritual Garden of Eden on Earth


The Spiritual Garden of The Agape Love Of The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth


Hidden In The Realm of The Spirit

Guarded By A Flaming Sword and A Powerful Cherubim

A Garden of Peace and Love, With A Majestic Shepherd Always On Watch

The Spiritual Garden of The Very Presence of The Agape Love

The Very Glory and Majesty of Life and Love Itself

The Spiritual Garden on Earth of The Living Trees Of Righteousness and Life

The Spiritual Garden Of Peace Flowing Like a River


The Spiritual Garden of Sweet Glorious Living Fruit Free For All To Taste and See

The Spiritual Garden Where All Creatures Are Living By and Through Agape Love

All Are Spiritually Invited By Royal Invitation To Come And See, Come and Join The Others


The Garden of Eden, The Spiritual Garden Created Long Ago By It’s Creator for all humanity To Live In

All are spiritually Welcome and Invited to Come and See

The Garden Is Waiting For You To Come

The Royal Kingdom Awaits You To Sit With All of Creation At The Banquet Of Agape Love and Life

All of Creation Is Waiting For Your Coming

The Living Creatures Have Waiting To Meet You and To Love You For So Very Long

Come and Meet Them All

The Shepherd Is There, High on The Hill

The Teacher Is Teaching, and The Light Is Always Shinning Out Into The Darkness


Come and Dance with The Flowers For They Are Singing Their Songs of Love For You

Come and Dine on The Living Water and The Living Bread and Wine


Come and Let The Presence and Glory of Agape Love Touch Your Wounded Spirit and Breath Life Back Into Your Spiritual Heart and the Eternal Candle of Agape Love Is Re-Lite

Come and See for All Creation Awaits You Coming and Desire To Meet You and To Love You


Come, Your Majesties, You Royal Ones and Learn About Your Ancient Homeland,

The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Almighty King,

The Great I Am, The Loving Heavenly Father, The Creator and Sustainer of

Garden of Eden.







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