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The Pew Story


This story is about FASTING the Lord’s Way NOT man’s way according to

Isaiah 58 : 1 – 14

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1  Cry aloud Isaiah, spare not, lift up your Voice like a Trumpet, and Show My saved people their spiritual transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

But I thought we don’t sin anymore?

Aren’t they all washed away because of the cross?

Verse 2    Yet they seek Me/The Most High God daily, and delight to know My Ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God;  they ask of Me/Isaiah the Ordinance of Justice; they take spiritual delight I approaching to Me/Their God

Verse 3  Wherefore have we fasted, say they, and you/God see not?  Wherefore have we afflicted our soul ( we did lent, we fasted food and stuff for the whole month of January, we fast when we need to get a breakthrough with you or you to answer our prayers or to live a fasted life of food for more miracles of healing etc. And you/God take/have not knowledge of all this we have done/are doing?


( Look God, what I did for you, I fasted to find out what your are going to be doing this year, or to heal more people, to have more miracles)

Verse 4   Behold, you fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness:  you shall NOT FAST this day, so to make your spiritual prayers petitions/Voice be heard on High

Verse 5      Is it/Your Way of Fasting as you do such a fast that I/The Most High God have chosen?  A day for a man to afflict his soul?  Is it/fasting to bow down his head as a bulrush and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him?  Will you call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the Lord ?  

Yes we do!!  Isn’t this what you told us to do through Moses

Aren’t we doing it right?

Verse 6   NO YOU ARE NOT!  Is Not This The Fast that I/The Lord have chosen?

To spiritually loose the spiritual HANDS OF WICKEDNESS off of yourselves, and others, to UNDO the HEAVY BURDENS that you and others HAVE TO CARRY, and then to let the SPIRIUTALLY OPPRESSED go spiritually FREE, and so that you BREAK EVERY YOKE!

To help you in spiritual understanding what The Lord’s Kind of Fast is the following story will help you to see what this kind of fasting looks like.

In Becoming “spiritually free” of man’s denominations, religion and even “myself” a YOKE of spiritual BONDAGE/SLAVERY was broken spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically free/loosed from/fasted off of something I did not even know I was bound to/yoked to/burdened with/oppressed by/and having a band of wickedness on me according to The Most High God which by the way is the only opinion that counts, not mine, not a Pastors, not a Preachers, Not a government, Not a Political Party, Not a Culture, Not Tradition, Not Rituals, Not The Market Place, No ONLY THE OPINION of The Heavenly Father Alone!

Well, on a beautiful Resurrection/Easter morning at about 10 minutes before the start of the 11:00 am church service, I went to my usual assigned PEW to sit in my usual place on the PEW.  As a part of the Church’s Revival Personal Prayer Ministry Team, I was required to sit on a designated PEW in the balcony so if any member of the team was needed during the service, the ushers would know where we were so they could get our attention immediately for Personal Ministry.

So, I went to my assigned PEW of which I had been sitting in for over 4 years and GUESS WHAT??

There were two ladies with a baby and a child sitting right in MY SPOT ON THE PEW !!!

I immediately went to an usher and asked What Happened because my assigned seat for the Personal Ministry Team was Taken!!!!

He said that The Ministry Team Coordinator told him to put the ladies there!!!!

WHAT, my own Coordinator/spiritual Authority/Leader!!!!

So, I said to myself,


At this time, I did not know how to respond.

Was This Satan Doing This Through My Personal Ministry Coordinator to get me OFFENDED?


Was This God, The Most High doing this for my and His Spiritual Purposes?


So, I went to another building that was for overflow and went on with the Resurrection Services.  I did sit on the Personal Ministry Team’s Pew in that other building. I prayed to God The Most High to help me to know the spiritual Truth for the matter/mystery of THE PEW.

Was This a spiritual attack from Satan


Was This From Him, The Lord God?

Well, a day went by – NO WORD FROM GOD about the PEW EVENT.  Two days went by and NO ANSWER FROM GOD.  But on the third day I got my answer!

It came in the MAIL!!!!

I had received a newsletter from the Evangelist of The Revival services and he had written down Words from The Lord he had received for himself and for all the church of Christ.  He stated in his letter that God The Most High had called him to live a life of being a PILGRIM on the earth and to be unattached to everything and everyone except Him.  The following are the exact words from the newsletter that The Most High used to ANSWER MY PRAYER to Him about WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE for the putting of the two ladies, a baby and a child in MY SEAT ON THE PERSONAL MINISTRY TEAM’S PEW ON RESURRECTION MORNING.

The Evangelist has now gone on to be with The Lord and is in Heaven and I know he will not mind if I use his exact words of his answer from The Most High God to help you spiritually understand what the nature of the FAST, God the Most High is speaking about in these scriptures. So because of this Evangelist’s restlessness in his own spirit and his prayers to God for himself and guidance and direction about staying longer at the Revival and putting down roots for a long time or to prepare to leave and travel the world as he had been doing to reach the world for The Kingdom of Heaven, I RECEIVED THE ANSWER TO MY VERY OWN PRAYER!

”  Live unsettled.  Don’t sink too deep into the soil of this earth.  Keep your head up and your feet moving.  Stay Alert.  Be Sober.  I am coming, the Day of My Return is at hand.  LOOSE YOURSELF OF ANY TIES THAT BIND.  IF YOU DON’T LOOSE YOURSELF, I’LL HELP YOU!”


So He/God Himself helped me to be LOOSED/FASTED OFF of the OPPRESSION of this Heavy spiritual BURDEN/BONDAGE/WEIGHT of me with THE PEW I was to sit on for the Personal Ministry Team when I was attending a service.  I didn’t know that I had become IN BONDAGE TO A PEW, OPPRESSED BY THE NEED TO SIT THERE ALWAYS.  I had no spiritual clue about this BONDAGE/YOKE OF OPPRESSION and that I was spiritually attached. I knew I was angry for being displaced, but I believed I was to be sitting there as I was ordered and as apart of my volunteer ministry duties of the Personal Ministry Team.

But He Did Knew!!!

I was then told through this letter from the Evangelist from the Words of God Himself that He wanted me to LIVE FREELY/UNATTACTED/UNBOUND BY YOKES/UNTIED/UNWEIGHTED by HEAVY BURDENS OF OPPRESSION.


Both of us, the Evangelist and I were told to keep our feet moving and to follow His Pillar Of Fire and His Cloud of Glory as they moved across the land.  I immediately knew this was my ANSWER! 

It was God Himself who had arranged for the ladies to sit on MY PEW SEAT ON THE PERSONAL MINISRY TEAM’S PEW on Resurrection/Easter morning to spiritually loose/fast me/unfasten me from 


I had no idea I was spiritually BOUND/TIED/OPPPRESSED with a HEAVY BURDEN to a church PEW!!

I could not see the SPIRITUAL FETTERS OR CHAINS in the spirit that had me, that weighed me down so I was NOT FREE ( but I never even considered this or looked for them ) and I thought/beleived I was JUST BEING OBEDIENT to my Personal Ministry Team’s Coordinatior and the church’s authorities as a member of the Personal Ministry/Deliverance Team by sitting on the Team’s assigned PEW every Revival Service, Every Conference, Every Regular Church Service.

I was suppose to sit there every time I came to Church!!!

But God The Most High told me through the Evangelist’s newsletter, I had become SPIRIUTALLY BOUND/OPPRESSED/UNMOVABLE/TIED/BURDENED with HEAVY SPIRIUTAL WEIGHTS by the PEW and had to be spiritually LOOSED/FASTED OFF OF/SET FREE OF/UNBOUND/UNTIED if It and everything that I was Bound to WAS NOT LOOSED OFF OF ME/FASTED OFF/GIVEN UP/CHANGED in my life and spiritual life in order to do His spiritual ministry for Him in the Spirit and in the natural to reach the precious spiritual children of the Night/the Kingdom of Darkness with and for Agape Love.  I had to have no strings holding me down, no oppression of heavy weight pressing on me, even if I did not know they were. Boy was I spiritually IGNORANT!!


The Most High God also told me that when I was in a Revival Service an representing the Personal Ministry Team, I was allowed to sit on the Personal Ministry Team’s Pew in the Main Sanctuary, but NEVER AGAIN on any regular Sunday Service or any other Regular Church Service!!!

I would have to go to another building and sit in the overflow and watch the Sunday morning service on a large TV screen.

So I Had My Answer!!

It Was God Himself!!!

I knew if He was spiritually behind this event, then there was no reason to argue with Him or disobey Him because He saw things I didn’t and was trying to get me where He spiritually needed me to be FREE!!!

So, I began doing just what He had instructed and directed me to do about the PEW and His spiritual plans for me to BE FREE/FASTED OFF all Chains of Oppression and it’s Wickedness/Off of all of The Heavy Burdens of Bondage. So, my Freedom was happening, even though I had no idea I was a Slave/Tied by Unseen Chains/In spiritual Bondage and Oppressed by A Weight that was unknown to me.

I was NOW FASTING THE LORD’S WAY, Off of the True Weights and Bondages Of a Spiritual Nature of Oppression.  Not as the church or any man had taught me.  I was TRULY ON A FAST, BUT IT WAS THE LORD’S WAY!!  I learned that The Lord Desired for me to be spiritually LOOSED OF THE BANDS OF THIS WICKEDNESS I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT!

Of course, I had no idea where I was going to be going, for I was going without the security of an assigned seat/place/Pew to be sitting in on REGULAR CHURCH SERVICES, I was going out into the vastness of the unknown with ONLY THE VOICE AND DIRECTION OF GOD AS HE LED ME FOR HIS KINGDOM OF HEAVEN’S PURPOSES. 


I was going/obeying/traveling/being loosed from/fasted off of unseen spiritual burdens/breaking chains of slavery to a PEW/To A Church Service/becoming Unfettered/Unchained/Untied form the UNKNOWN spiritual chains to a PEW!!  I am sure that there was much more to this spiritually, but The Most High God didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask.

I Had My Answer To My Prayer, I Knew It Was Him Who Was Behind The Pew Event

So, I Just Obeyed!!!

During this time, as I sat in the overflow building, people on the Pew and others in the Main Sanctuary began to notice my absence from the PEW and that I was not in my assigned seat on Sunday mornings anymore therefore I must be 

Back Slidden!

Something Was Wrong With Me!

Not On Fire For The Lord Anymore!

Not Going After God Anymore!

Because I was NOT SEEN on the Personal Ministry Team’s assigned PEW on Sunday mornings for Regular Church Services any more. I learned from others that the Team was beginning to wonder about me and my walk with God, But no one called me or talked with me or asked me what was going on with Me!!!  No, no one!!!

Yet, all the time, I was just over in another building on the campus attending the Sunday morning church service and worshipping, praising, and being taught as they were ( I hope they were ) they just did not see me

But God Did & He Was Pleased!!!

I met many wonderful people in the overflow building during this time and was just as happy as ever.  I was becoming a FREE, UNDBURDENED PILGIRM/TRAVELER following the Pillar of Fire and The Pillar of Smoke of the Holy Spirit and The Spiritual Leading of The Most High God. Little Did I Now That This Was The Beginning of Many Freedoms to Come so I and The Lord would Be Unhindered, Unbound and Free To minister as He need me to, when He needed me, and where He desired me to go.  

So, This Is What Fasting Is To The Lord Most High God

And What It Looks Like.













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