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My Best Friend


This story is about taking Tests and Failing and Then Recovering as you will read

I Failed This Very Important Test


I was able to Recover Myself through the Agape Love of God The Most High and The Gift of Discerning of Spirits to Redeem myself and close a spiritual Door I had opened myself to Satan and his demons.

My spiritual failure of the Test was due to my SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE of the Word of God.

This Test occurred in a church service on a Sunday morning and I was not the only one of The Heavenly Father’s spiritual children to FAIL IT!!

This Sunday morning, The Pastor/Preacher was speaking about

The Holy Spirit of God The Most High

Everything sounded good and right in line with The Word of God

I spiritually agreed with the words of the Pastor/Preacher and my spirit -the real me – was happy for it was being spiritually fed and nourished, or so I thought it was getting Truth and Light!

Then at the end of the Sermon, The Pastor/Preacher asked how many of us wanted 

The Holy Spirit to be Your BEST FRIEND to raise your hand???
So I Did!!

Sounded spiritually good to me!!!

Then the Pastor/Preacher asked all those who RAISED THEIR HAND to come forward to the front of the church and

Receive The Holy Spirit


So, I Went Up Front To Get The Holy Spirit As My Best Friend!!

Now please know that I already spoke in the Prayer Language of and through the Holy Spirit.

I was already on the Prayer Team of A Church Revival and on a Personal/Deliverance Ministry Team and I moved in all the Spiritual Gifts of The Holy Spirit as needed especially the Gifts of 

The Discerning of Spirits

The Words of Knowledge

The Words of Wisdom

Yet, I got up out of my seat and went forward to the front of the church


To Be Closer, more Intimate with The Holy Spirit so



Well up front I went with many others from the congregation

We were all asked to repeat a prayer to have the Holy Spirit come

( Come From Where?  Come How? Come?)

( But I thought He Was Already In Me?)

and be our BEST FRIEND

So I Did, I Prayed The Prayer!


The Very next spiritual thing I felt/discerned was an invisible spiritual arm around my spiritual shoulder!!!

I knew spiritually through The Gifts of The Holy Spirit that this spiritual arm was a 


Because of the Gift of Discerning of Spirits and because of my spirit disliked the presence of DEMONS and would become sick at my stomach when they were near me, and yep I felt spiritually sick at my stomach.

You see, I/the real me – the spiritual being – is spiritually very very sensitive to all Spirits of the spiritual realm

Human Spirits

Demonic Spirits

God and His Holy Spiritual Angels

Christ’s Spirit, The Holy Spirit Himself

So whenever me/the spirit me gets around a 

Demonic Spirit

An Unsaved Human Spirit

A Carnal/Baby Human Spirit of God

My spirit is so vexed, I get spiritually and physically sick at my stomach when the spiritual Gifts of The Holy Spirit are in spiritual operation in my spirit.  This spiritual Gift of The Holy Spirit is not vital in doing the spiritual ministry I was called to do, so It became spiritually operational.

Of course I do not spiritually control when the spiritual Gifts of The Holy Spirit are to be in spiritual operation and neither can I activate them for myself or others.  Not that Power is only in the Hands of The Heavenly Father, The Most High God for only He knows when the Gifts need to be spiritually operational in my spirit. Then it is the Role of The Holy Spirit to bring the Gifts into spiritual operation in my spirit.

Well, guess what my stomach felt?

Yep, Sick!!

I said in silent prayer to The Heavenly Father,

I have spiritually danced With The Holy Spirit, talked to Him, been close to Him and He NEVER SPIRITUALLY MADE ME SICK AT MY STOMACH!!!

And all I heard from the VOICE OF THE LORD WAS

Familiar Spirit!!!

I said,

Father, What is a Demonic Familiar Spirit doing with his arm around me???
How could one get so spiritually close to me to touch me??

And the VOICE OF THE LORD said,

You raised your hand and came forward and wanted the Holy Spirit to be your BEST FRIEND and that IS A LIE from the Pits of Hell!!

For The Holy Spirit is NOT HERE spiritually to be YOUR BEST FRIEND


Your Spiritual Comforter and Teacher!!

Jesus, My Son, My Living Word IS TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!!

So because of your spiriutal IGNORANCE of the spiritual ROLE of The Holy Spirit in your spiritual life, you spiritually opened up a spiritual DOOR to spiritually ALLOW a DEMONIC FAMILIAR spirit to spiritually come to your spirit who would then spiritually DECEIVE your as YOUR SPIRITUAL BEST FRIEND


Well, I confessed my sin by Spiritual Ignorance for spiritually accepting The LIE from the Preacher/Pastor and then I REBUKED the demonic FAMILIAR SPIRIT and asked The Heavenly Father to spiritually wash and cleanse my spirit – me – from it’s spiritual touch and to close the spiritual Door to it!!

Then I immediately went to the back of the sanctuary to a book table and saw a book the Preacher/Pastor had written about The Holy Spirit and it’s spiritual ROLES IN OUR LIVES.  I looked through it and NO WHERE IN HIS BOOK DID IT STATE THAT

The Holy Spirit of The Lord Most High was HERE TO BE MY BEST FRIEND!!!

Well, sad to say, that many of God’s precious spiritual people that day spiritually RECEIVED A SPIRITUAL DEMONIC FAMILIAR SPIRIT into their spiritual lives believing IT WAS THE HOLY SPRIIT OF GOD, THEIR BEST FRIEND!!!

Did the Pastor/Preacher purposefully speak these words of LIES AND DECEPTION to spiritually open a spiritual DOOR to allow a demonic FAMILIAR SPIRIT into the spiritual lives of The Heavenly Father’s precious spiritual children in church that morning?  Of course not!

But because of the own Pastor’s/Preacher’s spiritual IGNORANCE/MISUNDERSTANDIN of the spiritual ROLE/PURPOSE/RELATIONSHIP/DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITES of The Holy Spirit in a ” REDEEMED SPIRIT BEING” and the powerful PRESSURE from the Pastor/Preacher to the congregation to be MORE IN TOUCH WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, and a spiritual heart/s desire of just as I desired TO BE SPIRITUALLY CLOSER TO GOD THROUGH A SPIRIUTALLY CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPRIIT AS ONE’S BEST FRIEND, we including me, through our own spiritual IGNORANCE/LACK OF TRUTH/KNOWLEDGEA spiritually OPENED a spiritual Door that spiritually ALLOWED A DEMONIC FAMILIAR SPIRIT, A Demon, A Devil to spiritually come into our spiritual lives who would spiritually deceive us as OUR BEST FRIENDM THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!

Spiritual IGNORANCE/a lack of Truth & Knowledge of the spiritual Word of God, a well meaning Preacher/Pastor, a good sermon, a spiritual heart full of desire to be spiritually closer to God The Most High, following the Herd in Obedience to the Pastor by raising a hand and then going forward at the leading of the Preacher/Pastor to SPIRUITALLY RECEIVE my spiritual heart’s desire of

Having The Holy Spirit as MY BEST FRIEND

I and all the others spiritually opened a DOOR to the Kingdom of Darkness and It’s UNHOLY FAMILIAR DEMONIC SPIRITS to spiritually enter my spiritual life and this newly desired SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP with The Holy Sprit as MY BEST FRIEND would have been one with ANOTHER SPIRIT!

A Demonic Familiar Spirit!

Because of my SPIRITAL IGNORANCE/LACK OF TRUTH & KNOWLEDGE of the ROLE, PURPOSES of the HOLY Spirit in a spiritual being’s spiritual life as a Holy spiritual TEACHER AND NOT MY BEST FRIEND, I did not spiritually get what I wanted and truly desired, which came from a SPIRITUAL PLACE OF SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE/LACK OF TRUTH & KNOWLEDGE

Of Which I Already HAD!!!!



This demonic FAMILIAR SPIRIT would have spiritually taken the PLACE/ROLE/PURPOSES/DUTIES of the TRUE Word of God in my spiritual life and would demonically comforted me and would draw me away from the TRUE BEST FRIEND THE WORD OF GOD HIMSELF and lead me closer to Satan’s ways of more IGNORANCE AND SIN!

I would have a demonic spirit as

Best Friend


I Would Not Have Even Known It!!!

I would become because of my heart’s desire to be closer to the Holy Spirit be come closer to a demon spirit and what would I receive from this DEMONIC FAMILIAR SPIRIT?

Spiritual Gifts of Course!

Words of Spiritual Knowledge



Healing Anointing

Demonic Prayer Language


Strong Discerning of Spirits

Words of Satanic Wisdom

Supernatural Physical Strength

Gifts of Teaching, Creating

Gifts of Power

Gifts of Preaching

Psychic Powers

And So Very Much More!

I would have a OPEN DOOR to other demonic spirits and even to SATAN himself!!

To All Occult Practices

Communication with Unclean Spirits

Mind Reading

A Demon Spirit Guide

Relaxation & Mediation Practices

False Tongues

Influence Over Others

Protection and Wealth, Power and Influence

Demonic Blessings

Not What My Spiritual Heart/Soul So Desired No Not At All!

I would have been pouring my spiritual heart out to a DEMONIC FAMILIAR SPIRIT and would have NEVER SPIRITUALLY KNOWN WHAT WAS REALLY SPIRIUTALLY HAPPENING to me and Why my prayers were never being answered according to the Word of God.

I would have become a Spiritual Vessel/Home/Instrument of Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness and I would NEVER EVEN KNOW This was spiritually happening to me!!

I would become SPIRIUTALLY INEFFECTIVE AND FRUITLESS for God The Most High and His spiritual purposes on earth for The Kingdom of Heaven.

All this due to my SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE about The Holy Spirit and The Word of The Most High God

How many times is the Word of God misunderstood through Dark Lenses of 


The Flesh

The Lust Of The Eyes

The Lust Of The Flesh

The Pride Of One’s Soul Life



Different Faiths of Belief in A Higher Power

Political Party

Sexual Identity






Lack Of True Spiritual Revelations


Sin/Rebellion Nature

Lack of Reading, Gaining Knowledge

One’s Precepts, Principles, Ideas, Thoughts

I learned valuable lessons this day at church

I FAILED a major test and recovered and would take the same test again in the future and I WOULD PASS IT THIS TIME!

Thank you Spirit of Truth for Spiritual Truth and Knowledge.


















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