Monday, January 27, 2020

Agape Love, The Greatest Gift




By God The Most High Himself

Agape Love Is My Way

Agape Is My Path

Agape Love Is My Reason

Agape Love Is My Gift

Agape Love Is My Power

Agape Love Is Pure/Clean

Agape Love Is Here, Now

Agape Love Can Heal You

Agape Love Is For A Humanity


Agape Love Gave Itself Fully And Completely To Save/Redeem/Reown All Humanity Again

Agape Love Created To Be In Spiritual Hearts Of All Humanity

Agape Love Gave It’s All It Had, Itself

Agape Love Made A Way

Agape Love Is Full of Glory Riches and Treasures Beyond All Comprehension

Agape Love Was Sent Across Space & Time

Agape Love Stepped Out Of Eternity And Into Time

For You, Dear One And For All Humanity

Agape Love Was Expressly Reflected To All From Inside All My Words Of Spirit & Life

Agape Love Spiritually Took All Upon Itself, It Spiritually Bore/Carried All Of Humanity’s Sins of Rebellion For All Of Eternity Upon Itself To Take It To A Cross And To Be Punished Through Death

Agape Love Was Nailed To A Cross To Spiritually Bridge A Great Spiritual Divide Between Myself and My Spiritual Children, All Of Humanity

Agape Love Spiritually Unlocked A Spiritual Door That Was Spiritually Closed And Locked Between Me and All Of Humanity

Agape Love Said,

”  Father, Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do!”

Agape Love Said,

” Father, I’ll Pay The Price They Owe, I’ll Go For Them, Take Me Instead!”

Agape Love Said,

“It Is Finished!”

Agape Love Made A Spiritual Way When There Was No Way.

Agape Love Made A Spiritual Show Openly of The Spiritual Defeat Of Satan, Of Sin, Of Death and The Taskmasters of This Separation – The Demons of Hell, Of Death and The Grave.

Agape Love Sits On His Heavenly Throne Of Grace/Agape Love For All To See And Worship

Agape Love Spiritually Desires That Not One Of His Lost Little Spiritual Ones Of Humanity Be Spiritually Lost To Him, No Not Even One!

Agape Love Desires Dry Spiritual Lands Of The Spiritual Hearts of Humanity Become As His Spiritual River Of Living Waters/life Flowing Freely And To All, Over Flowing And Running Over To Others. 

Agape Love Spiritually Pours Out It’s Glorious Waters Of Spirit And Life From His Throne Of Grace In The Kingdom Of Heaven

Agape Love Spiritually Flowing Freely From The Kingdom Of Heaven To A Spiritual Heart Of A Human

To Spiritually Reach His Spiritually Lost And Spiritually Dead To Him Spiritual Children In A Spiritually Distance and Dark Kingdom of Ignorance

Agape Love Will Spiritually Sustain, Nourish, Deliver, Heal, Comfort, Grow & Guide The Spiritual Heart Of a Human

Agape Love Will Never Spiritually Forsake His Spiritual Children, Never Leave the Spiritual Heart

Agape Love Is The Only Way Back To The Original Relationship With The Father

Agape Love Is The Alpha & The Omega,  The Beginning & The End Of All Things

Agape Love Is The Price I Paid For You, For All Humanity To Come Home To Me and My Kingdom Of Heaven

Agape Love Is The Victor Over All It’s Enemies, Over Sin, Over, Death, Over Hell, And The Grave

Agape Love Is And Always Will Be The Spiritual Conqueror

Agape Love Is The Deliverer

Agape Love Is The Healer, Restorer, Rebuilder Of The Ancient City of A Spiritual Heart and It’s Soul

Agape Love Is Spiritually Rich/Full/Over Flowing Of Never Ending Life and It’s Fruit 

Agape Love Is Me, The Heavenly Father Himself, For I Am Agape Love Itself!

Agape Love, Is My Nature, It is Your Spiritual Father and Mother, The Bond Of The Family Of God

Agape Love Spiritually Forgave All Humanity Long, Long Ago, From A Cross and Even Before Time Itself Began

Agape Love Went The Great Distance, Spiritually Finished It’s Race, Spiritually Crossed The Finish Line

Agape Love Did It All, For All, For All Of Time!

Agape Love Is Me, God, The Most High, The Heavenly Father, The Creator Of All Things

Your Only Love Your Spiritual Heart Will Ever Need

Your Only Spiritual Father & Mother That Is Your True Spiritual Parents, The Source Of Your Spiritual Life

Agape Love, Me Your Heavenly Father, Your Everything

Agape Love, I Myself Paid The Price To Redeem You Back Fully Because I Loved All Humanity That Much

I, Agape Love Had To Come Back For You For My Love Could Not Allow You To Be Dead To Me Any Longer, For My Love Had To Have You Back

I, Your Heavenly Father and Mother Took The Judgement And Wrath Of The Laws of The Kingdom Of Heaven, The Punishment for Humanity’s Rebellion From My Son, Adam Long Ago Which Was Passed On To all Humanity In the Genes of The DNA Of Adam For all Humanity were in seed form in the loins of Adam at the time of the Rebellion and the fall from the High Place of being My Royal Children 

I, Agape Love Did All For You and I so We Could Spiritually Become One Family Again, A Child With My Spirit Of Agape Love Living On The Inside Of One’s Spiritual Heart and Life again as I desired for our relationship to be from the ancient days of the beginning.

So, Little One, Spiritually Rejoice, Dance, Be Happy

All Is Spiritually Well Between Us Now

My Spiritual Light/Truth Have Spiritually Come To You

Please Open My Greatest Gift I, The Heavenly Father Have For You

Unwrap My Box

Find My Spiritual Gift Of Agape Love If Have For You, To Give To You Freely

Open Up My Wonderful Agape Love, For It Carries My Fullness of Myself

Agape Love Carries With It Eternal Gifts I Desire For You, Little One To Have

Let My Spiritual Agape Love Shine My Light Of Spiritual Truth Into Your Spiritual Heart and Then Out To Your Soul

The Voice Of Agape Love Itself

The Heavenly Father Himself


John 3 : 16 -18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 16   For God, The Heavenly Father so loved the World/humanity and it’s original desires for it on the earth, that He spiritually and physically gave His only spiritually begotten Son ( Christ, the spiritually anointed Son of God, The Spirit man in the physical body called Jesus ), so that whosoever spiritually believes in Him should not spiritually perish ( be eternally spiritually separated from the Heavenly Father, first into Hell and then into the Lake of Fire ) But would instead have spiritual everlasting spiritual Life/His Agape Love and It’s Holy Spirit/Truth/Knowledge of Himself, Agape Love-The Heavenly Father Himself.

Verse 17  For God spiritually sent not His spiritual Son into the dark spiritual world to spiritually condemn the world,  Why?  For they/all humanity were already spiritually condemned. But, instead that the world of humanity spiritually through Him might be spiritually return/redeemed/saved from their condition of darkness of Himself and His Agape Love.  But when humanity spiritually believes not in this Agape Love and It’s Gift of Lift Through The Son of The Heavenly Father, They will remain spiritually condemned in the darkness/the ignorance of this Agape Love and It’s Gifts of Life.

Why?  Because he has Not Spiritually BELIEVED in the Name of the Only Spiritually Begotten Son of the Living God, The Word of God Himself. His Image and Likeness, His Very Own Heart.

John 8: 12

Authorized King James Version

Verse 12   I am the spiritual Light/Truth/Knowledge for the dark/ignorant world of a human’s spiritual heart, and he that spiritually follows Me, Agape Love shall Not Spiritually Walk in spiritual darkness/ignorance, but shall have the spiritual Light/Truth/knowledge of the Most High God and His Heavenly Kingdom in and through the Holy Spirit.

John 8 : 31

Authorized King James Version

Verse 31   If you spiritually continue in My spiritual Word, Then are you My Spiritual disciples indeed, and you shall spiritually know the spiritual Truth and The spiritual Truth shall make you spiritually Free of the spiritual Slavery/Bondage to Sin/Rebellion and It’s consequences of Death/Spiritual Separation from Himself/The Heavenly Father

John 1 : 1-14

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1  In the spiritual beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and The Word was God

Verse 2   The same was in the spiritual beginning with God

Verse 3  All things were spiritually made by Him/The Word;  and spiritually without Him was not anything made that was made.

Verse 4   In Him/The Word was Life/The Knowledge of God/The Holy Spirit/The Kingdom of Heaven; and the Life was the Light/Truth/Knowledge of me

Verse 5   and The Light/Truth/Knowledge shines in the spiritual darkness/ignorance;  and the spiritual darkness/ignorance spiritually comprehended/understood It/The Light/The Spiritual Knowledge of God not

Verse 6   There was a man sent from God, whose name was John

Verse 7  The same came for a spiritual witness, to spiritually bear spiritual witness of the spiritual Light/Truth/Knowledge of God in Christ Jesus, that all spiritual men through Him might spiritually beleive.

Verse 8   He was not that spiritual Light/Truth, but was spiritually sent to spiritually hear spiritual witness of the spiritual Light/Truth

Verse 9   That ( Christ ) was the true spiritual Light/Truth/Knowledge/Counsel which spiritually lights/shins unto every man that spiritually comes into the world

Verse 10   He was spiritually in the world/with the people, and the world/the people were spiritually made by Him, and the world/people spiritually knew Him Not

Verse 11    He spiritually came unto His own people, and His own people, and His own people spiritually received Him not

Verse 12   But as many as spiritually received him, to them gave He spiritual power to become the spiritual Sons of God, even to them that spiritually believe on His Name.

Verse 13   Which were spiritually born, not of blood, nor of the will of men, but of God

Verse 14   and The Spiritual Word was made flesh, and dwelt/lived among us ( and we spiritually beheld His spiritual Glory, The Glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father ) Full of Grace and Truth;  The Heavenly Father brought forth His Agape Love to bring His Agape Love of Himself to spiritually go behind the spiritual enemies lines and walls of defense. Agape Love is a spiritual special operations stealth solider. It goes deep into the spiritual Kingdom of Darkness and confronts the Darkness/ignorance of the Controllers of That Matrix of Control with It’s Fruits of Itself.

Agape Love Has Been Sent To Spiritually Fulfill The Words of Isaiah 61 & 62 and To bring It’s Words of Spirit and Life to spiritually Broken and Fearful Hearts of all Humanity so that each spiritual heart can spiritually partake of 

The Spiritual Fruit Of His, The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love

Where Spiritual Hope Is Give

Where God’s Holy Presence Abides, His Garden Of Eden

Where God’s Heart/Mind/Image and Likeness Is Spiritually Made Known

Where Spiritual Light/Truth Shines Out Freely For all The Spiritual Heart to Receive and To Pass On To It’s Soul The Glorious Rays of Agape Love

Where a Faithful Holy Teacher is Given to Live In/Dwell In/make His Home In and It Can shine out freely for all the Spiritual Heart Can See and Hear the Voice Of Agape Love and The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Planted and Begins to Grow and Rule The 3 part system of a human.

Where Mercy Is new through Agape Love every morning

Where The Peace Of Agape Love Flows Like A River Eternally and Joy Is Eternal

Where The Banner/Flag/Standard of Agape Love Is Planted and Flies over all the Spiritual Land of the Human Spiritual Heart As A Reminder of It’s Ownership In The Kingdom Of Heaven for all the Heart to see and then the Soul to come to know and be renewed in this Light.

Where There Is nothing spiritually impossible with the Heavenly Father

Where There are spiritual Riches and Glory abound beyond comprehension

Where one’s True Spiritual Identity is Restored and Renewed According To The Image and Likeness of It’s Source, Agape Love, The Heavenly Father and Mother of The Spiritual Heart of a human

Where one’s original Homeland, County, Nation is and one’s Royal Family Lives

Where One’s Heavenly Father and Mother are

Where Agape Love is The Royal Law of The Kingdom/Territory/Land Of a the Nation and Land of a spiritual Heart of a human and then desires to be in all humanity’s hearts and rule the earth from the unseen spiritual heart of a human.


The Greatest Gift Of All

1 Corinthians 13: 4-13

Authorized King James Version


Agape Love spiritually Suffers Long

Agape Love is spiritually Kind

Agape Love spiritually Envies Not

Agape Love spiritually Vaunts/Lifts Itself Up Not

Agape Love Is Not spiritually Puffed Up in Pride

Agape Love Does Not spiritually Behave Unseemly

Agape Love spiritually Seeks Not Her Own Way

Agape Love Is Not Easily spiritually Provoked

Agape Love spiritually Thinks No Evil

Agape Love spiritually Rejoices Not is spiritual Iniquity

Agape Love spiritually Rejoices in the Spiritual Truth

Agape Love spiritually Bears/Endures/Carries On Itself on Behalf of others all spiritual things

Agape Love spiritually Believes All spiritual things are Possible

Agape Love spiritually endures all spiritual things done to it

Agape Love Never Fails

Agape Love spiritually Never Ends

As for spiritual Prophecies, they will spiritually pass away

As for spiritual Tongues, they will spiritually cease.end

As for knowledge, It will spiritually pass away

For knowledge is spiritually Imperfect and our spiritual Prophecy Is Imperfect

But when the PERFECT comes, the IMPERFECT Will Pass Away

When I was a child I spoke as a child, I reasoned like a child

When I became a man, I gave up childish ways


For now we spiritually see in a mirror dimly,

But THEN spiritual face to spiritual face

Now, I spiritually know in part, but then when the spiritually PERFECT comes I shall spiritually understand fully,

Even as I have been fully spiritually understood






Agape Love Created To Be In The Spiritual Hearts, Souls and Physical Body Of Humanity

Agape Love Gave It’s All

Agape Love Made A Spiritual Way In The Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance Of A Spiritual Heart

Agape Love Spiritually Stepped Out Of Eternity and Into Time 

Agape Love Spiritually Said To Itself Before Time Existed,

Father, Spiritually Forgive Them For They Spiritually Know Not What They Spiritually Do

Agape Love Spiritually Said,

Father, I’ll Spiritually Pay The Spiritual Price They Spiritually Owe, I’ll Spiritually Go For Them, Take Me For Them!

Agape Love Spiritually said,

It Is Spiritually Finished!

Agape Love,

The Spiritual Beginning & The Spiritual End.

Agape Love Brings It’s Self As A Free Gift To Be Shared and Opened

No Strings Attached, For It Has Traveled Far, Through Space and Time

It Made A Spiritual Bridge For All Humanity To Cross Over On To Me, The Father Of Heaven

Agape Love Spiritually Provided The Spiritual Key To Spiritually Open The Locked and Hidden Spiritual Door Back To One’s Family, Back To The Kingdom Of Heaven and It’s Identity as a King.

Agape Love Comes Bearing Gifts of Love, Joy And Peace To all Humanity From A Loving Father and His Son, The Living Christ – Jesus 

Agape Love Offers Itself To All Of Humanity, Freely As A Gift

Then Humanity Will No Longer Be Spiritually On The Spiritual Outside Looking In, A Spiritual No Where Heart

Agape Love Is Here Now, Near Unto You This Day

Your Heavenly Father, Agape Love Himself.










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