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Welcome & Greetings From Pastor Deborah



Welcome to Pastor Deborah’s Kingdom, The Realm of The Spirit. Come On In through the door into the Garden of the Spirit. Welcome to the web site and it’s many spiritual stories, letters, and teaching videos. Join with others from around the world as you step into the realm of the spirit, the realm where Pastor Deborah does the ministry of Agape Love, Love Is Here. Travel through the many different sections of the web site and allow Agape Love to touch you and bring healing and light. Love Pastor Deborah


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You Are Invited to A Live Video Premier Each Wednesday With Pastor Deborah at 1 pm Central Standard Time in America on the Ministry’s Youtube Channel, The Hidden Kingdoms


Join With Pastor Deborah each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Central Standard Time in America for a Video Premier of a New Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Video Teachings. You will be able to live Chat with Pastor Deborah in the Chat Box.  She will be available for questions and prayers.  Look forward to watching each newly released Video of Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Teaching Ministry with you and getting to meet you and Chat with you Live on Youtube.

Love Pastor Deborah



Spiritual Teaching Of Hebrews 4 : 12


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Pastoring, An Educational Series

Lesson #1

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Coming in 2021

A New Leadership Development Series

The Heart of Leadership

Becoming A Shepherd

Topics Will Include

* The Dreams of a Child

* The Fields of Another’s Sheep

* Shepherding In The Strangest of Places

* Faithful in Bad Times

* Times of Great Testing

* The Years of Despair and Waiting

* The Great Challenge

* Then Comes The Day of Discovery and Leadership

* The Days of Shepherding A Nation and Many Other Nations


Each Topic will have many Video Teachings and will be released weekly on Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Youtube Channel, The Hidden Kingdoms.  Please Subscribe to be notified weekly in 2021 as the new topics are uploaded. All video teachings will be placed in the section of Tele-Ministry on the web site and in the Spiritual Teaching Video Library Section to watch over and over.  Also each Video will be released out as a Podcast to the many different Platforms which are accessible from Agape Love, Love Is Here’s web site. 


Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Tele-Ministry looks forward to having new disciples/students and re-turning disciples/students from all around the world in Leadership Development Class with Pastor Deborah.  Pastor Deborah will be praying for you to come and spiritually hear, perceive, understand, learn and grow spiritually and to re-new your soul in the Words of Spirit and Truth.

Love Pastor Deborah

October 2020




In 2021

A New Spiritual Teaching Series of Educational Videos

 Helping People The Lord’s Way

Deliverance, Healing and Freedom

Spiritual Teachings on How To Set Captives Spiritually Free From Unseen Spiritual Enemies


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Topics To Be Presented Include

*  The Spiritual Need of Deliverance

Spiritual Warfare 101 –

Basic Spiritual Warfare Understanding

* The Spiritual Enemies and Their Kingdom 

* The Spiritual Captives and Their Need Of Deliverance

* The Weapons of Spiritual Warfare and Training For Use

* Generational Spiritual Warfare

* Fruit of The Kingdom of Darkness

* The Spoils of Victory 

* Practical Biblical Examples 


Join with others around the world and learn how to help people the Lord’s Way as Pastor Deborah learned over many years of teaching, studying and ministry.  All videos will be uploaded to Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Youtube Channel, The Hidden Kingdoms.  Please subscribe and you will be notified when a new Video is uploaded.  Also, all videos will be on Agape Love, Love Is Here’s web site in Setting The Captives Free Section, also in The King’s International Spiritual Care University and in The Spiritual Teaching Library Section.  All will be uploaded as a Podcast to several Platforms which are all accessible from the web site.  

Love Pastor Deborah

October 2020



Come and join the others from Nigeria and the wonderful students of the Master Class Initiative by Founder

Babatude Adekanmbi

and learn about becoming a leader within oneself and then to others and then to one’s nation.

The Series is a collection of 12 Videos on Leadership Development for oneself, for others and for leading a nation.

The Video will be released each Monday for watching and learning.


Watch the Welcome and Introduction Video to learn more about the classes

All Videos will be on Agape Love’s Youtube Channel of, The Hidden Kingdoms in the Leadership Development Playlist.  If you subscribe to the Channel, you will be notified of each new video that is uploaded.  Also, all Videos of The Leadership Development will be placed on the web site of www.agapeloveishere.org in several places.  Look in the section titled Ancient Treasures for Leadership Development and in the Ministry Section under Tele-Ministry.  Please feel free to send Pastor Deborah comments and questions either by email to pastordeborah@agapeloveishere.org or leave the question in the comment section of the video and Pastor Deborah will respond.

Enjoy, Learn, Develop and Then Lead.

Love Pastor Deborah



Matthew 18: 14

Authorized King James Version

Verse 14   Even So, It Is NOT THE SPIRITUAL WILL/DESIRE/PURPOSE Of Your Heavenly Father Which Is In Heaven,

That EVEN ONE Of These Spiritual Little Ones,

You Dear One,


Hello and Welcome


Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here


Click To Listen To Pastor Deborah Welcome You To Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here



I Am Pastor Deborah, The Senior Pastor/Shepherd, Teacher, And Ambassador Of Agape Love Ministry Church, Love Is Here

We Are So Glad YOU Have Stopped By Today To Learn About The Church And It’s Agape Love Ministries And How YOU May Find, Discover, And Understand What YOUR Precious Heart Has Been Seeking For A Long Time;

An Ancient Land, A Forgotten Kingdom, Where There Is No Trouble, And The Troubles That You Do Have, Melt Like Lemon Drops


Where Your Heart, Which Is Broken And Wounded

Can Be Healed And Mended So That You Can Be About The Divine Purpose That Lies Ahead For You.

We  Have Been Waiting And Praying For YOU To Find YOUR Way To Us. We Have Been Prepared Through Many Years Of Education, Training, Testing, And Spiritual Experiences For Loving YOU With An Unknown LOVE Called Agape.

This Church And I Have Been Sent To Help YOU FIND What YOUR HEART IS SEEKING, What YOUR HEART Has Not Yet Found,

And TO ANSWER The Unanswered Questions That YOU Have BEEN ASKING

WE Have Been Placed On The Road Of YOUR LIFE As A Light Shining Out Into The Darkness, As A Land Of Rest & Safety, Renewal, Restoration, Healing, And Most Of, All Discovery And Freedom.  An Ancient Land Far, Far Away, But Is Here Now, Even Now It Is Close To You To Show YOU  Who And What YOU Really Are And What YOUR Real Identity Is.

So Welcome. Come In and Visit With Us For A While. Rest YOUR Weary Spirit, Soul And Physical Body.

Come And See.

Come And Learn

That There Is A Real Land/Kingdom Where The Blue Birds Fly,

 Where YOUR Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops,


YOUR Broken Heart Is Mended And Restored

To A New Heart That Is Healed And Renewed To Love And Where YOU Can Live A Life Of Agape Love.


Come And See,

Come And Fly With Me


The Bluebirds To An Ancient Land

 A Land Far, Far Away,

But Here Now

Where Agape Love Can Be Poured Into YOU


It Flows Freely As A River, Gently And Forever.

No Physical Travel Is Required,


YOU Don’t Have To Know The Way.

I do,


I Have A Very Sure And Faithful Guide Who Has The GPS Coordinates.

WE Will Not Get Lost


Have To Be Redirected.


WE Will Fly A Straight Path Following

The Light Of Agape Love And It’s Bluebirds,

 To An Ancient Kingdom,  To A Land, You Have Heard Of, Once Long Ago, An Ancient Land, A Forgotten Land 

Come And See.




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