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The Ruby Slippers, Healing The Dreams of A Broken Heart, The Journey Home



Hello again, this is Pastor Deborah and this is the final Blog Post of

Healing The Dreams Of A Broken Heart.

The Other two Blogs are Entitled

1.  Follow The Yellow Brick Road


2. The Three Companions.

  These have been written and created for Rachael Grant, A Life Coach at the following Link following and will be placed on her Website’s Blog From Pastor Deborah as a Quest Blogger.

Rachel’s Blog Posting is entitled  

Return To Your Genuine Self Blog Post


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Pastor Deborah is Honored to Have had the privilege of being a Guest Blogger for Rachel in the area of


The Journey Home.




So far in these 2 Blog Posts we have spiritually followed Dorothy and her dog, Toto into the Dark Dreams of Her Broken Heart, deep into the Strange Land of Oz.  We learned that Dorothy’s Broken, fearful and angry heart took all her deep emotions and feelings, memories into her Dark Dreams of Her Heart.  The Dark Dreams came from a Trauma during a Tornado, a whirlwind of destruction.

We spiritually landed with Dorothy and Toto in the strange land of her Dark Dreams, A Land Called Oz.


A Land of strange colors

Strange People


Bad Witches



Good Witches


 A Yellow Brick Road



Three Very Strange Companions



An Emerald City To Find




And A Way To Healing And Restoration Out of The Land Of Oz


From The Dark Dreams of Her Broken Heart



And The Ruby Slippers





How was Dorothy and Toto going to get home, she knew she couldn’t go back the same, in a Whirlwind – A Tornado.



So, Dorothy’s Heart Had Hope and She now had 3 Companions for the Journey to help her through the days of fear, uncertainty and her homesickness.



Dorothy’s heart had fallen into deep darkness and had brought all of her fears, worries, anger, torments, rejection with her into her dark dreams of the trauma. Dorothy’s small Lite of Agape Love, was blown out by the wind of the Trauma and the event of the Whirlwind, The Tornado. Her Wisdom and Hope had sunk down into the Darkness as well as her Courage and her Love for others had turned into something ugly and green and was being manifested in her dream Land of Oz in the personality and color of the Evil Witch.



Dorothy’s small candle had been blown out by the Darkness and the Winds of Trauma, and would need to be lit again.


So, Agape Love Provided Dorothy’s Heart With The Three Companions to Help her on her Journey Home,

Back To Kansas, Back To her life in the other world, one not of her Dark Dreams of Her Heart



So, Dorothy was told to go to The Great Emerald City of Oz and find The Great Wizard Of Oz and maybe he could help her to get back to Kansas.




So, from The Gentle Voice of Glenda, The Good Witch came the counsel/guidance

Follow The Yellow Brick Road


And Don’t Take The Ruby Slippers Off For They Must Be Very Powerful



So, Off Dorothy went, Wearing The Rudy Slippers To The City of The Wizard of Oz


Now, To Pick Up Dorothy’s Story of How Her Broken Heart Found It’s Way Home, Out of The Dark Dreams of The Land Of Oz.

Yes, Dorothy and her Three Companions after many attacks by the evil Witch even through the Field Of Poppies


Made It To The City Of The Wizard of Oz


Who was This Wizard of Oz, Glenda, The Good Witch Spoke about to Dorothy?

Could he help her to Get Back Home, Back To Kansas?

So Dorothy and The Three Companions Took Off To Find The Emerald City

And when they arrived, the cleaned themselves up and made themselves ready to go and meet the Great And Powerful Oz


And Came the Instructions to Find The Road Home, 

Go and Bring Back The Broom Stick of The Wicked Witch


What, Bring Back The Broom Stick of The Wicked Witch!!!

How?  Where Was She?  How could this get Dorothy Back To Kansas?

Go into The Dark Forest and Find Her High Place And Bring Back her Broom Stick


So into the Dark Forest Dorothy, Toto and the 3 Companions Went



Then came the Flying Monkeys of The Evil Witch!




And They Kidnapped Dorothy and Toto and Took Them off to the Witch’s High Castle

And Left The Three Companions in the Dark Forest.




And Now The Companions had to become all that was always hidden in them


Agape Love


For Dorothy needed the Help of These Companions to get free of the Evil Witch and Get Home To Kansas


The Internal Fight Within Dorothy’s Broken Heart, Fearful and Wounded Heart Had Come




Was Dorothy’s Heart Ready?  Were The Companions ?  Was Her Desire To be Healed and To Return Home Strong Enough To Fight?

Dorothy had been kidnapped, captured and taken to the Evil Witch’s Tower and locked in a room with an Hour Glass and The Sand Was Running Out


A Death Sentence Was Pronouced, And Time Was Running Out!

The Three Companions Arose Up Into Their True And Hidden Gifts That They Were and Had Always Been


Agape Love


Dorothy’s Freedom Was On The Way and Her Heart Needed To Find That Hope Of Freedom For Itself

Dorothy’s Heart Had To Believe That She Could Be Found and Freed even locked behind a Powerfully strong Door in the Witch’s Tower

Dorothy’s Heart Had To Arise In Hope, Wisdom, Agape Love For Freedom/Healing, Courage and Fight To Be Free of It’s Imprisonment.


Dorothy’s Broken Heart was Trapped and Surrounded by The Witch’s Army and Feeling Overwhelmed

Outnumbered, Fearful and with NO WAY OUT!


But The Three Companions Were There,


For They Were To Be With Dorothy’s Broken Heart No Matter What, To The End

Lending To Dorothy’s Broken and Wounded Heart all Their Gifts For Which They Were Purposed

To Help Dorothy In Her Dark Dreams of Her Broken Heart and The Fear Of Death Because The Were The Unseen Gifts of Agape Love From Dorothy’s Hidden Heart

These Companions Were There For Dorothy’s Broken Heart for Their Duty and Gifts were To Help Dorothy no matter what the conditions were surrounding the Heart and the nearness of death that was present.

So, When The Three Companions Rose Up and Became What They Always Were


Agape Love


A Way of Escape, Freedom With The Help of These Gifts, These Companions of Agape Love

Was Found, But Then the Chase was on.

The Evil Witch


Wanted to Kill Dorothy and get back the Ruby Slippers of Power

The Wicked Witch hated Dorothy was a Dark Manifestation of The Fear of The Evil and Hateful lady from Kansas, named Ms. Gulch who wanted to take the dog Toto away.

Dorothy’s Heart Took this great evil person into the Dark Dreams of Her Broken and Wounded heart into The Land Of Oz with her when the trauma gave in the form of a mighty whirlwind, a Tornado



Now in the darkness of the Witch’s Tower Stood Dorothy and Toto, The Three Companions


The Evil Witches Army of Wicker Creatures


The Evil Wicked Witch herself


And The Powerful Ruby Slippers

Why Did The Wicked Evil Witch want the Ruby Slippers so bad?

They had been on her sister’s feet when Dorothy’s house fell on her in Oz and killed her and Glenda, The Good Witch transfer the 

Ruby Slippers

To Dorothy’s Feet and told Dorothy not to take them off for they must be very powerful as was seen when a green light of power came out and shocked the wicked witch.

What made The Ruby Slippers so powerful and desired by the wicked evil witch?

Were they her property?  Or were they Stolen from the rightful owner?

What Power did The Ruby Slippers Possess?


Now, in the darkness of the witch’s tower

The Power of The Ruby Slippers Began To Manifest

Agape Love Rose Up and Began It’s Hidden Power that was hidden in the broken and wounded heart of Dorothy

Now came forth out of the darkness The Three Companions


Agape Love




Dorothy was now face to face with The Enemy of Her Wounded and Broken Heart

The Manifestation of Fear and Loss

The Evil Wicked Witch

And The Enemy of Dorothy’s Heart Began Speaking

For It was right in front of her


The Words Began, Death Near, What would Dorothy’s Heart Do?

No Wizard of Oz, No Glenda The Good And Powerful Witch, Just Dorothy and Her Heart’s Three Companions

Now came the Attack, But Because Dorothy was protected by the POWER OF THE RUBY SLIPPERS,


The Witch could not attack Dorothy directly, so she attack the Companion of Wisdom and set fire to his arm!


In Dorothy’s Broken and Wounded Heart, Agape Love for another who was helpless and in danger of dying, Dorothy’s heart found the hidden courage that was always there, and supplied by the Companion of a Lion,

and found a bucket of water. and threw it on the arm of the scarecrow to put the fires out.


But without knowing it, the water hit the Enemy of Dorothy’s Heart, The Fires of Hate manifested in and through the Wicked Witch in the Dark Dreams of Dorothy’s Heart.

Through The Agape Love for another, one of the Broken and Wounded Heart’s that had stood with it, walked with it in the Long and Dark Dreams of The Broken Heart,

Dorothy’s Broken Heart found it’s lost Courage and Agape love for not only itself for another.

The Water Of Life,

The Water That Looked Just Ordinary, The Water That Had Hidden In It the Power and Ability to Melt A Witch Like Lemon Drops as Dorothy had sung about and desired to happen in her heart.





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