Friday, March 31, 2023

Rays Of Light School and Orphanage, Uganda, Pastor Moses and A Tribute To God, The Heavenly Father and Christ Jesus, His Son


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Pastor Moses’s Testimony

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To Pastor Moses For Completing Part 1 of My Body Is My Body 

A Global Child Abuse Training Program

Course Certificate – PART 1 Bwambale Moses



Part 1 




Part 2




God Grace and Love For The Orphans




I surrender To The Lord,  Pastor Moses


Defilement,  A Threat To Children


Defilement An Evil Act 


No One Like Jesus

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If It Don’t Feel Right, Don’t Do It


No To Secrets


It’s My Body


Jesus, The Only Way To Heaven


Youth Conference With Pastor Moses in Uganda,  March 2021




Chasing Corona Virus Away


What Do You Do If You Want To Grow





These Videos Were Sent To Pastor Deborah To Show The Love Of The Heavenly Father and His Son, Christ Jesus for orphans through His Servant Pastor Moses, Uganda


Pastor Moses – September 1, 2022 from Uganda, Africa


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