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Rahil Patel | Former Hindu Priest | The Witness 20- Searching For The Light of Truth




Found By Love

November 2017


The story of Rahil Patel, filmed in the Palm Gardens in Surinam. Also available as book in English (2016, ‘Found by Love’) and Dutch (2017, ‘Gevonden door LIefde’). Soon also in Polish.




June 2019


Rahil Patel – Devoted to the Hindu scriptures and committed to his faith’s rituals and practices, Rahil Patel was a model priest. He was a brilliant academic and a captivating speaker for one of the most affluent Hindu organisations in the world. Yet for all his success, Rahil felt a hunger in his heart and a longing for peace. Hoping to find a loving god who could meet these needs, Rahil intensified his meditations and his study of the Hindu scriptures. But nothing seemed to work – until he had an unexpected encounter with the risen Jesus Christ. Finally he found the love he had been looking for. It was the beginning of a surprising journey in which he experienced both painful stripping away and inner healing, leading to a freedom he had never known. WATCH | LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Website: Facebook:… Twitter: YouTube:… #TheWitnessConclave #TheWitness2018


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