Friday, March 31, 2023

Sis Nina ( Ex Muslim ) from a Middle East Gulf Nation with a Series of Videos about her Testimony











Why Muslim’s scared of reading Holy Bible?
What are the road blocks that prevent Muslim’s to reach to Jesus of Bible ?
Muslims knew only the counterfeit fake Muslim Issa in quran , the name have no meaning at all.
Do you hear any Muslim talking about Muslim Issa to Christians? No, never because of the embarrassing and funny stories said about Issa in quran.
Who is this Muslim Issa?
Instead Muslims say they love Jesus and they are more Christians than us as part of their agenda to say Taqiya lies to Christians
. Look at this Ex Muslim Christian Girl , came with a simple hand drawn chart presentation. She explained it in a very simple way from her life experiences make this presentation more authentic , convincing and genuine. So the Educated Smart Muslims here seems alert of this video after heard the Truth. Sure they will go back to check with their holy books or do sincere research for confirm this girl’s argument. Yea the Truth will hurt and set them Free from the clutches of deception.
Dear Muslims , there is no sex and marriage in the heaven of Jesus Christ. If somebody offer you eternity sex with 72 virgins , 24/7 erection , 70 years of orgasm , 80000 little child boys , just for one muslim man? Sure this offer is not coming from true living God of Bible and that is never be a real place too. That place is a typical fantasy dream of a desert Bedouin of 6th century Arabia. Tell me where is one virgin boy for my muslima?
Look at this little girl , Ayesha, 6 year old child wife of a 53 years old man is confirms & told you all that fantasy sex addiction of mohammed and this cult Islam. Only a low IQ , brain washed Muslims can believe this stuff.
Simply Islam is fully revolving around with that 72 virgins sex mania.
So this video is uploaded only for educating Christians and also to my educated smart Muslims . Christianity is for SMART and Educated Muslims. Why Christians could not share our Joy and real Peace in Christ to our Muslim brothers and Sisters? Please let them also rejoice in the presence God’s Love , forgiveness , God’s Mercy and Grace of Salvation in Jesus name. God Bless You.
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