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Isaiah 61 Verse 8, Part 4 I, The Lord Hate Robbery For Burnt Offerings, Global Tele-Ministry Video

Hello again from Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Tele-Ministry Spiritual Teaching Video Series on Isaiah 61. We are in Verse 8, I Love Judgement, I Hate Robbery For Burnt Offerings. Join with Pastor Deborah and many others as she teaches deep spiritual truths out of this Word of Spirit and Truth.

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All Scriptures References are From The Authorized King James Version of The Bible

1. Isaiah 61, Verse 8
2. Proverbs 25 : 2
3. Jeremiah 17 : 10
4. Ezekiel 28 : 1 – 19
5. Genesis 1 : 26
6. Psalm 62 : 10
7. Job 31 : 7
8. Luke 12 : 15 ( The Gospel’s )
9. 1 Timothy 6 : 7 ( New Testament )
10. Job 1 : 21
11. Proverbs 27 : 24
12. Ezekiel 31 : 18
ended with Verse 15 of Ezekiel 28 : 1 -19, will begin with Verse `6 in Part 5

Videos to Watch to Help Include

1. Voice In The Light
2. The Inheritance Series and Introduction
3. Playlist called Story Time

Movie talked about
1. The Black Panther
Walt Disney Production
Marvel Hero
Chadwick Boseman

2. The Matrix Trilogy – Neo Anderson

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Inheritance, Video #2, Coming of Age, Global Tele-Ministry of Pastor Deborah

Join with others from Kenya and Pastor Henry of Miguri County and learn more about Inheritance, Coming of Age. Listen to Pastor Deborah as she spiritually teaches about a spiritual topic that is so important, How to receive the blessings and promises of God by coming of Age and meeting the requirements of the Promises.

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Scripture References from King James Bible
1. Proverbs 25 : 3
2. Deuteronomy 29 : 29
3. Genesis 1: 26
4. Genesis 21 : 10 – 12
5. Genesis 3 : 13 – 15
6. 1 Corinthians 15 : 50
7. Matthew 16 : 15 – 20
8. 1 Corinthians 2 : 14
9. Romans 3 : 20
10. Exodus 30: 32
11. Galatians 3 : 29
12. Galatians 4 : 1 – 4
13. Galatians 5 : 13 – 26
14. Galatians 5 : 1
15. John 8 : 32
16. Romans 6 : 1 – 7

Stories to Read on web site in the section, Prayer & Fasting, Volume 2
1. It’s Time
2. Dr. Doolittle and Narnia

Other Playlists to watch
1. Story Time in The Garden
2. The King and Kingdom Series
3. The Forever Person
4. Setting The Captives Free
5. Leadership Development

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Tele-Ministry, Repair The Waste Cities, Isaiah 61, Verse 4 Pastor Deborah Teaching

Join again with Pastor Deborah and others as she teaches on Isaiah 61. Hear more of Verse 4 about what Tree of Righteousness will be doing on the earth for others, helping them to repair the Waste Cities, the desolations of many generations. Hear about that the spirit of a human is as a city to the Spirit of The Lord and how it needs repairing to the high places of The Kingdom of Heaven and that it is a King. Hear a prayer for yourself and to begin repairing one’s own waste cities of one’s spiritual heart/mind of one’s spirit.

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And They Shall Raise Up The Former Desolations, Isaiah 61, Verse 4, Tele – Ministry of Pastor Deborah

Join again with Pastor Deborah as she works through Isaiah 61 with others. She teaches in the Spiritual Garden to many from nations who Agape Love has drawn to hear Words of Spirit and Life. Learn more about the spiritual mess the human spirit got itself and the earth itself and all of creation into long ago through disobedience from an ancient ancestor, Adam. Learn more about the goals of The King and The Heavenly Father with all of humanity and even with the earth and it’s living creatures themselves. Hear a prayer to welcome back again into one’s spiritual deep heart, The Spirit of The Lord God and The Kingdom of Heaven and so you can begin to Raise up the former desolations of one’s own self, and the earth itself

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Lifting of the Veils of Flesh, The Jordan Refugee Camps, An Invitation, The Global Tele-Ministry of Pastor Deborah

Join with Pastor Deborah as she journeys spiritually to the land of Jordan and into the refugee camps spiritually at the invitation of the ladies of the camps. Hear Pastor Deborah bring Good Tidings of Freedom, a spiritual circumcision for the spirit, Hear the Heavenly Father himself as He speaks and meets with precious spiritual children and loves on them from behind the veils of flesh and brings them out of the miry clay and into the light of freedom and light.

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To Give Them The Oil of Joy, Tele – Ministry, Isaiah 61, Verse 3,

Join once again with many others in the spirit and hear more about The Spirit of The Lord from Isaiah 61. Learn more about what It was bringing and who was to bring it. Learn deep words of spiritual truth about the Oil of Joy, The Oil of Anointing For those who were spiritually mourning in great torment, loss, grief, vexation and pain for the riches of Joy and it’s eternal rewards of The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Crown of Kingship. Hear a prayer to have this Oil of Joy come into your spiritual heart and anoint you with it’s shinning oil and it’s fragrance of healing. Come and Learn.

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Proclaiming Liberty/Freedom of the Opening of The Door of The Prison To Them That Are Bound

Join with Pastor Deborah as she provides another Tele-Ministry Video from Isaiah 61. Hear more about the Spirit of The Lord, It’s Oil of Anointing, It’s purpose for being sent to the world of humanity. Learn about how through this Spirit of The Lord’s Words of The Oil of Gladness, Liberty and Freedom is Proclaimed that The Door of One’s Prison of Darkness and Ignorance, of Slavery and Captivity, of the Fear of Death is Open and one can come out and step out into the Light, for the world is bigger than one knows. Hear a prayer for yourself to step out of the Darkness of a Prison for the Door Is Opened.

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Global Tele-Ministry, Podcast, Binding Up The Broken Hearted -Pastor Deborah

Join with Pastor Deborah as she provides another Global Tele-Ministry Teaching on What Binding Up The Broken Hearted means. What in the spirit of a human needs Binding Up? What is Binding Up? What Is a Broken Heart? Hear Personal Stories of what a Broken spiritual heart is and how it was bound up by Agape Love. Learn more about Binding Up and how it is needed when the heart, the mind, the emotions and the thoughts of the Heart, the deep heart of the spirit has been fractured, broken, dissociated, and needs binding up, healing and restoration and then what is the ultimate goal of for this believing heart from it’s brokenness.

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