Thursday, July 02, 2020

Inheritance, Global Tele-Ministry Spiritual Teaching, #1, For Pastor Henry of Kenya, Africa

Join with Pastor Deborah as she teaches on Inheritance. Join with Pastor Jouball Henry of Miguri County, Kenya and others as they learn about the depths of Inheritance . This is Video 1 of a 3 part series on Inheritance. Part 2 will be COMING OF AGE and Part 3 will be RECEIVING THE INHERITANCE.

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Scripture References include
1. Proverbs 25 : 2 – King James Version
2. Deuteronomy 29 : 29 King James Version

To continue to learn more go to the following Playlists of The Hidden Kingdom’s Channel
1. Global Tele-Ministry
2. The King & Kingdom Series
3. The King’s International Spiritual Care University of How To Help People The Lord’s Way
4. Mental Health & The Forever Person

All Videos are also on 4 Podcast Platforms accessible from web site of Agape Love, Love Is Here

For further study –
1. Study ancient Adoptions
2. Rings of Family’s
3. Rights of Children
4. Legal Adoptions of Rome
5. Current Legal Rights and Rules of Inheritance and Trusts

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Global Tele-Ministry, Isaiah 61, Verse 6, Spiritual Teaching with Pastor Deborah

Join with many others from around the world in a study of Isaiah 61. Listen to Pastor Deborah as she spiritually reveals the deep spiritually hidden messages of Truth behind the words of Isaiah 61, Verse 6. Hear more about the Heart of a loving Heavenly Father from His own words through the ancient Prophet Isaiah. Hear more about His great love for all humanity and the glory He will receive through humanity’s freedom, deliverance and healing. Learn that He will Name you a Priest of Himself, The Lord to reach out to the world of Gentiles and help them to become a mighty Tree of Righteousness shinning out for others to see.

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Tele-Ministry, Repair The Waste Cities, Isaiah 61, Verse 4 Pastor Deborah Teaching

Join again with Pastor Deborah and others as she teaches on Isaiah 61. Hear more of Verse 4 about what Tree of Righteousness will be doing on the earth for others, helping them to repair the Waste Cities, the desolations of many generations. Hear about that the spirit of a human is as a city to the Spirit of The Lord and how it needs repairing to the high places of The Kingdom of Heaven and that it is a King. Hear a prayer for yourself and to begin repairing one’s own waste cities of one’s spiritual heart/mind of one’s spirit.

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How Is A Word Created, An Episode of The King and Kingdom Series of Spiritual Teaching

Come and listen to Pastor Deborah’s Podcast Teaching about Words and the Power they have in our 3 part system of Physical Body, Soul and The Spirit – The Forever Person. Hear ancient truths/light about HOW A WORD IS CREATED. Learn and grow. Pastor Deborah

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