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Basic Care, The King’s International Spiritual Care University- Ancient Heart, Lucifer , Part 3

Hello and Welcome again to another Course in The King’s International Spiritual Care University. This Video is another teaching in the Basic Courses of Learning How To Help People The Lord’s Way. In this Video, Basic Care, Ancient Heart – Lucifer’s Heart of Beauty.

This is part 3 of the Classes, Ancient Heart. In Part 1 & 2, Pastor Deborah taught on Heart of The Heavenly Father out of Isaiah 61 & 62.

Now this video begins the Lessons of the other Heart that one must know and study to help people The Lord’s Way, Lucifer whose Heart started off as a Beauty and a Faithful and High Cherubim/A Flaming Angel in the High Service of The King of The Kingdom of Heaven who through It’s Beauty which was given to it, blinded his Heart and He became an ADVERSARY to God in his thoughts, desires and deep thoughts, named SATAN.

This Class/Lesson Part 3 begins teaching on who this Ancient Heart was and about it’s creation and beauty.

All Scriptures used in the Lesson are from The Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible
1. Isaiah 61 & 62
2. John 4 : 23 -24
3. John 5 : 24

Bibles Mentioned in Lesson
1. Authorized King James
2. Bishops Bible of England
3. The Geneva Bible of England

Study Books Mentioned
1. Strong’s Concordance
2. Webster’s Dictionary

Movies Mentioned
1. The Gospel of John
2. The Matrix Trilogy

Church Mentioned
1. Brownsville Assembly of God, Pensacola, Florida
2. The Brownsville Global Revival 1995 -2000

Persons Mentioned
1. George Mueller of England

Personal Stories of Pastor Deborah mentioned
1. What Is The Desire of My Heart?
2. I don’t eat that food or watch TV! Words of Pastor Deborah’s Spirit

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Love Pastor Deborah

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