Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Multitudes, An Audio Book, Volume 3, Part 1, Agape Love, The Greatest Gift

Welcome again to another Audio Book of The Multitudes, This Is Book 3, Part 1 – Agape Love, The Greatest Gift. Join with many many others and hear loving Words of Spirit and Life from the Heavenly Father of The Kingdom of Heaven to all humanity. Learn more about the heart of a loving Heavenly Father and HIs Eternal Gift of Agape Love in Christ Jesus for all of humanity.

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All Scriptures used are from the Authorized King James Version
1, Matthew 10 : 7 – 8
2. Hebrews 4 : 12
3. John 3 : 16 – 18
4. John 8 : 30 – 31
5. John 1 : 1 – 14
6, Isaiah 61 and 62
7. 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 13

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Thank you,
Love Pastor Deborah

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The King and Kingdom Series, You Magnify Your Word Above Your Name,

Join again with Pastor Deborah as she teaches another Episode of The King and Kingdom Series, You Magnify Your Word Above Your Name. Learn about how God makes His Words Law, A Crown that he places above His own Head. Hear why He has done this and how He himself submits to His Own Words which are Law even unto Himself. Hear a Prayer to uproot and have deliverance on Words that have been planted in the spirit and grown up into lawless fruit.

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Join Steph as she speaks her heart about how a work situation has deeply impacted her mental health, her marriage and her love of others. Listen to the cries of a soul and heart under attack by a pack of wolves that seek to destroy her from being a Voice of Triumph and helping others. Hear the plans of spiritual enemies who seek the destruction of a heart of love through many many attacks on the soul and hoping to reach the precious heart of love and the heart’s witness of hope and recovery. Learn how the enemy of love and hope attacks over and over, how they ensnare and trap, how they deceive and then laugh when a soul falls for their empty words of love and help. Learn and become wise.

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Mental Health and The Forever Person, NAASCA Article, Spiritual Care an Equal Partner

Mental Health and The Forever Person’s Podcast. Enjoy the Featured Article written for The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse on the History of Spiriutal Care and Mental Health. Learn about the Intersection of Mental Health and The Forever Person through the histroy of humanity, even back into the ancient days on earth. Mental Health and The Forever Person have always been apart of each other’s lives and intersected through out time.

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Mental Health and The Forever Person, Episode 1, 1+1=1=1

Listen to Pastor Deborah’s New Podcast Show, Mental Health and The Forever Person. Come and learn some new math, 1+1+1=1 and learn about yourself, and others as you hear about the intersection of The Physical Body, The Soul and It’s 2 Consciousnesses, and The Forever Person of The Realm of The Spirit. Listen to Episode 1 of the New Podcast Series and begin to understand yourself and others. Enjoy the Teaching on Mental Health and The Forever Person.

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Mental Health and The Forever Person Podcast Introduction

Listen to the Introduction of the New Podcast Show of Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here, Mental Health and The Forever Person. Journey along with Pastor Deborah as she explores the intersection of Mental Health and the Forever Person and how all 3 parts of the system of Physical Body, soul and the Forever Person which are called a human are affected my abuse, trauma, emotions, sickenesses, diseases, illnesses and the hidden effects on the Forever Person of the Realm of the Spirit.

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