Wednesday, October 21, 2020

To Appoint Unto Them Who Mourn In Zion, Global Tele-Ministry Podcast of Pastor Deborah

Join again with Pastor Deborah in another Global Tele-Ministry Video and hear more the Words of Prophecy from The Kingdom of Heaven through The Ancient Prophet Isaiah and Why It was Anointed with the Spirit of The Lord to do powerful and wonderful things on the earth and in the spiritual hearts and minds of humanity. Learn more about the Appointing, The Giving, The Free Gift of The Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven’s Spirit of The Lord into the deep Spiritual Holy of Holies, the desired New City of Peace, – The New Jerusalem in the deep secret place of the spiritual heart and mind of the Spirit of each and every human. Here a prayer for yourself and watch the Appointed Spirit of The Lord come in and bring the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Government into the deep heart of your spirit.

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