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The Multitudes, Volume 2, Audio Books, Part 15 of Pastor Deborah and Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Spiritual Teaching Ministry

Welcome again to The Audio Book, The Multitudes, Volume 2, Part 15. Continue to learn about yourself, humanity and what happened to us. Learn more about our fallen hearts into the darkness of the soul and how it effects us, others and the world around us on the planet. Continue to spiritually grow in spiritual revelations and knowledge and pushing back the darkness of ignorance.

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Also watch the many other Audio Books on The Multitudes in Volume 1 and 2.
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Please look up on website the article entitled…

It is about graven images

Also, study the Bohemian Grove and It’s Worship of an Great Owl
Also study the history of Statues, Monuments, Gods and Goddesses.
Much to learn

Also you can watch other videos to help you spiritually learn on Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Youtube Channel of The Hidden Kingdoms. Please subscribe so you can be notified when new videos are uploaded. Also, all videos are on the web site in the many different sections.

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The Multitudes, Volume 2, Part or Episode 2

Welcome again to another Podcast of The Multitudes, This Episode is Volume 2, Part 2, It is about the a love called Agape and how it has traveled to find you and all humanity and to pour itself out into the deep spiritual hearts of everyone. Learn about it and it’s gift it sent to earth and how the gift gave itself for you and for it to be reconciled back as family and back in the land called, The Kingdom of Heaven. Love Pastor Deborah

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Isaac’s Heart of Love, Episode # 26 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to a young man’s heart as He reached for Agape Love and Found it. This young man was born into multi-generational Satanism and found he Love of A Mother and The Love of The Heavenly Father. This young man wrote poems out of his heart to Pastor Deborah and who now is living in the Land called The Kingdom of Heaven. Healed and Free of his earthly life of being a powerful High Priest, a King of His satanic Clan, Filled with Demonic Spirits, Fragmented in His Soul’s Mind and Spiritual Heart. But found the Key to Freedom and found the Love of A Spiritual Mother and Agape Love touched his heart and SET A CAPTIVE FREE.

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Walk Through The Ancient Gates, Episode #1, Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Enter into the Ancient Kingdom of Heaven as learn about Setting Spiritual Captivies Free from Hidden and Unseen Spiriutal Strongmen and Darkness/Ignorance. Here about SETTING CAPTIVES FREE of Darkness and Captivity. Listen to their Silent Cries and Their Heart Cries for Love. Learn that A Powerful Love has come to set them free. The Kingdom of Heave has come to them and is here now, TO SET SPIRITUAL CAPTIVITES Free.

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The Ruby Slippers, Healing The Dreams of A Broken Heart, Episode 3 of 3

Listen to the final Episode of Healing The Dream of A Broken Heart and how Agape Love and A Heart’s Desires were the Power to bring healing and restoration to a Broken and Wounded Heart. Learn about how companions of a Broken heart are there for the Broken Heart and will be with it and help it to be restored to it’s home of Agape Love, Health and The Land where Fear Of Death was overcome. Hear the final Episode and learn how Dorothy’s Broken Heart comes out of it’s Brokenness and It’s Deeps Fear are melted as Lemon Drops and Agape Love Rises Up out of the Darkness to bring a way Home, For Dorothy had to learn she had never really left home, but was in a Dream Land of Oz. Love Pastor Deborah

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Kingdom Hope Connection Radio Interview With Pastor Deborah, 9/18/19

Listen to Pastor Deborah’s Brief histroy with Felicia Clayborn of Kingdom Hope Connection. Pastor Deborah is interview about her Global Teaching and Outreach Ministry and How she journey from helping people as a Mental Health Counselor to a Global Pastor partnered with many around the Globe. Hear about the Agape Love Ministry and The Heart of Pastor Deborah to take this Love into the world and travel the by the roads and ships of social media as well in personal ministry in her community with the homeless and in an Acute Mental Health Unit of the Local Community Mental Health Center. Hear Words of Encouragement for oneself and how one can step out on the road and into ships on social media and minister the Agape Love of a Father to others.

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What Is A Word? A King And Kingdom Series Podcast by Pastor Deborah

Listen to another spiritual teaching of Pastor Deborah about the 3 part Kingdom of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body and What a Word is. Hear how a Word has an image, a likeness and a nature and character and it’s desire to Rule the Land of a human’s Land of spirit, soul and physical body. Hear some more of Pastor Deborah’s personal stories that will help teach you about the lesson and the Power of A Word in one’s life. Enjoy another King and Kingdom Series Spiritual Teaching. Love Pastor Deborah

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Human & Sexual Trafficking, From The Realm Of The Spiritual, The Introduction

The Introduction to a new section on Agape Love, Love Is Here. It will spiritually provide spiritual lesson about the spiritual effects of human trafficking and sexual trafficking on the FOREVER PERSON, The Spirit. This section will bring spiritual knowledge about the spiritual conditions of spiritual bondage, captivity, slavery, unseen spiritual chains, the spiritual conditition of a broken heart and the places where a spiritual heart goes for safety and how the spiritual breaks itself into many to survive the abuse, the fear and the rejection of love and acceptance. Then one will learn about the freedom, deliverance and healing needed for the spiritual heart. Come and Learn. Bring your notebooks and pens and get ready to take notes.

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Partner With Us

The Audio Introductin to The World To Become A Partner and Allie of Agape Love, Love Is Here to Bring Spiritual Freedom to Humanity from the Unseen Enemies of Love, Joy and Peace. All are invited to Join in the Unseen Battle to set nations Free of The Matrix of Control and Restore and Healing Spirits, Souls and Physical Bodies of Humanity. An Invitation to Come and Join with others who are seeking to Help People Be Spiritually Free, Have Peace In Their Souls and Healing In Their Physical Body.

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The Multitudes, An Audio Book, Love Is Here, A Love Story OF Agape Love, Volume 1

An Audio Book, The Multitudes, Volume 1, Introduction. Come and Go One an Unexpected Journey that will change one’s spiritual life and the life of it’s soul. Come and re-discovery hidden Treasures out of The Royal Treasures Chest of The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Riches of Spirit & Life. Come and Hear, Come and See and Then Come and Believe. Listen as Treasures are brought out of a Spiritual Treasure Chest of Agape Love and It’s Wealth of Glory and Spiritual Wealth for the spiritual heart and it’s helpmate, the soul.

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