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Spiritual Care, Humpty Dumpty, Healing A Broken Heart

July 2019





Humpty Dumpty

Sat On A Wall

Humpty Dumpty

Had A Great Fall


All The King’s Horses


All The King’s Men

Couldn’t Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again!

Hello and Welcome again to another Featured Article by Pastor Deborah who has just been appointed to be an Global Goodwill Ambassador of America for My Body Is My Body and still is The Pastor of The Market Place Church, Agape Love, Love Is Here.  This Featured Article is going to discuss the concept of WHAT IS A BROKEN HEART, WHAT DOES BROKEN MEAN, WHAT HEART NEEDS TO BE MENDED/HEALED, HOW DOES ONE HEAL THE BROKEN HEART?

Come once again and read and listen to spiritual concepts about that you are more than what you believe you are. That you have 3 distinct parts of spirit, soul and physical body.  This Article is to begin to help you to ponder and think and research for yourself a concept that the spiritual part of you also needs to be healed from your childhood abuse of any nature or trauma that are still effecting your life in all three parts of you.

As a spiritual Teacher, it is my purpose to begin with Words and Their Definitions.  Webster’s Dictionary defines the Word BROKEN as

1. Without Something

2. Separated Violently into parts; damaged or altered


Webster’s Dictionary defines a BROKEN HEART as

1. Overcome by grief or despair


Webster’s Dictionary defines the Word HEART as

1.The hollow primary muscular organ of vertebrates which circulates blood throughout the body

2. The emotional center, such as love, hate, consideration or compassion


Webster’s Dictionary defines the Word HEARTACHE as

1.Emotional grief, sorrow or mental anguish.


To help you, the reader or viewer spiritually begin to see and understand a BROKEN HEART please hear some silent cries of a BROKEN SPIRIUTAL HEART that it cries and  that may not heard by others

  1.  The Spiritual Voice of my enemy has oppressed me and in their anger, they hate me.
  2.   My Spiritual Heart is Sore Pained within me and the Terrors of death are fallen upon me.  
  3.   Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me and horror has overwhelmed me.
  4.   And I say to myself,  ” Oh That I had wings like a dove, For then, would I fly away and be at rest.
  5.   Then, would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness
  6.   I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest
  7.   I have seen violence and strife in my heart and day and night these go about upon the walls of my hidden spiritual heart.
  8.  Mischief/Trouble/Anguish and sorrow are in the midst of me
  9.  Wickedness is also in these and go about on the walls of my spiritual heart.
  10.  With wickedness, comes in deceit and guile and they do not depart from my heart.
  11.  Shame and Reproach/Dishonor have been my spiritual clothes from the beginning
  12.  My heart has been in battle with an enemy much stronger than my heart of a little one – for my enemies are many and I have been overcome and taken prisoner to these and become entombed in the darkness of a cell with no one to visit me.  No Rays of Light to shine on me.  No good food to eat and no cool and clean water to drink – I could only lay in my own waste and sleep with the night creatures of darkness
  13. Their Words were as drawn Swords and deeply struck my little heart as a child clean through

The BROKEN HEART , where do we find it?  Can we see It on X-Rays? Find it through Psychological Tests?  By our Talking and Talking?  Did This HEART REALLY BREAK INTO MANY PIECES?   If my HEART WAS WHOLE ONCE, WHEN WAS THAT?  If my HEART HAS BEEN BROKEN, AND IS IN MANY PIECES AND FRAGMENTS WHERE ARE ALL THE PIECES?  HAS SOMEONE TAKEN MY PIECES/FRAGMENTS and put them somewhere?  Have The Pieces, my Fragments been buried in Time and under the Dirt of Flesh and Dust?

But, I don’t know what my HEART was when It was WHOLE, When was that, How old Was I? Was It Ever Whole?  I was too young to know – and when the darkness of Fear came, I began FALLING, FALLING and I HAD A GREAT FALL!  I TRIED TO escape and not FALL, but I FELL OFF OF MY HIGH PLACE OF BEING ON THE WALL OF BEING SAFE, HAPPY, INNOCENT, WHOLE

( I THINK ), FULL OF JOY and Loved.

Some part of me, FELL OFF OF A WALL WHERE I WAS INNOCENT, SAFE, HAPPY, FULL OF JOY AND LOVED I THINK, That I know for sure. Now,  I am laying on the ground and there are lots of people around me/us all of my many pieces and  they are trying to put me back together again, so I can get back on the wall where I had been.  I am watching these wonderful people trying so hard to PUT ME BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.  I can hear them trying with all their skills, with all their many different ways to PUT ME BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. They seem to get some of my many pieces back together and then they feel happy and so do I, and then I FALL APART AGAIN, THEIR GLUE AND STRAPS DID NOT WORK!  

I was BROKEN INTO PIECES, SO MANY FRAGMENTS and I CAN’T MOVE, CAN’T PUT MYSELF BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. I could only hear all my other parts of me, my fragments crying and sobbing.  I could not see anything of myself for I was just laying there motionless, unable to move myself, frozen in place, and just laying as I FELL.  My eyes could only look in one direction but I was BROKEN.

I HAD BEEN ONE AND WHOLE with a body of arms and legs, thoughts and dreams, desires and happiness, value and distinction, I was HIGH ABOVE THE WORLD, I had a heart of joy and I could help myself.

 But now, THE BROKENNESS has scattered me from myself and I can not FIND MY MANY PARTS OF MYSELF to put ME BACK TOGETHR AGAIN, and now I AM SO BROKEN, FRAGMENTED I am alone with just my thoughts from this part of me.  I have no help from myself, no arms to pick myself up with or to grab another’s hand, I have no legs or feet to walk and gather myself BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Even my mind is BROKEN INTO PIECES AND SEEMS TO BE SCATTERED that just getting all my thoughts together again to HELP ME BE WHOLE AGAIN AND BACK ON THE WALL seems impossible and so disjointed and confusing.

I can hear the other parts of myself, crying out for help to be PUT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. But no one can see the other parts for we are all stuck in a position with NO VISION AT ALL  Some of my parts/fragments are laying face down in the dirt, some are laying with their face to the sky and the sky is blinding them, others are laying on top of others and NO ONE CAN SEE ANYTHING.

Some parts of myself have been so BROKEN that only dust remains and others have been thrown away as garbage.  

Yet, all of me, my NOW BROKEN SELF is STUCK ON THE GROUND, BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED and STUCK IN THIS POSITION unable to MOVE.  Stuck I am, Unable to move, ISOLATED from all my parts of me, lonely and scared, frightened and desiring to BE WHOLE AGAIN, ONE AGAIN, BACK TOGETHER AGAIN as One, Healed from the BROKENNESS, THE FRAGMENTATION of myself , DESIRING TO BE ONE AGAIN.


But How?

All The King’s Men/The Wise Ones of The World

Have Tried and Couldn’t!

And All The King’s Horses/The Strength of The World

Have Tried and They Couldn’t!


Oh, they all tried to PUT ME BACK TOGETHER AGAIN with all their WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and STRENGTH. but they could not even find all my PIECES for some had been stolen and taken away, and others taken and put away in storage containers for later.  So, I am SCATTERED, BROKEN INTO MANY PIECES, FRAGMENTED – NO LONGER WHOLE OR ONE within myself.

I have been, or rather we all, All of myself and it’s FRAGMENTED PIECES have been waiting for so very long to BE WHOLE AGAIN.  Each part of myself is so LONELY, and I HAVE NO TOGETHERNESS within myself any more. Even my MEMORIES are FRAGMENTED AND SCATTERED and their is nothing holding myself together as one anymore.  I want to BE ONE AGAIN within MYSELF!  I want to go HOME, BACK ON THE WALL, BE ONE AND WHOLE AGAIN. Won’t somebody hear me crying out to them, won’t they see I am BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED? 

I Need to BE WHOLE again for WHEN I Was on the Wall and Whole, I sort of knew WHO I WAS. I knew Where I was and what I thought I was to be doing. I sat on a High Mountain, A Mighty Summit, I sat on the Wall.  I was in my Place, but NOW, I HAVE FALLEN FROM THE HIGH PLACE AND NOT ONLY FALLEN, BUT HAVE BECOME BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED INTO MANY.

Oh, all THE KING’S MEN AND ALL THE KING’S HORSES tried so hard to PUT ME, HUMPTY DUMPTY BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, but they couldn’t.  They tried so hard and were so patience and kind and encouraging, but I would sort of be together again, THEN MY PIECES FELL APART AGAIN. These precious helpers tried so hard, but they didn’t even know that many of my pieces had become as dust and powder and now were just mixed in the dirt and they couldn’t even see the difference.

Then they didn’t know what PIECES WENT WHERE, for they had NOT CREATED ME  and therefore they could not figure out WHAT PART OF ME WENT WHERE, OR WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE WHOLE.

They didn’t know and they tried with all their strength, with all their wisdom and knowledge, Yet I REMAINED BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED, I WAS NOT WHOLE AGAIN, and when any stress or movement came I FELL AGAIN BACK INTO MORE PIECES ON THE GROUND.

Many tried, time and time again, they even tried to make new pieces for me to replace the missing pieces and the one’s that had disappeared completely, – but I REMAINED BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED.  So, the King’s Men and The King’s Horses put we on a cart and took me to a place for safe keeping, a place of storage until later when they could figure out how to help me become WHOLE AGAIN.

So, here I am, My Heart BROKEN into MANY FRAGMENTS, PIECES MISSING, Lost Some, Just Gone Forever – and the Rest of MY BROKEN HEART waiting in the cold storage places, JUST WAITING in the Cold and The Darkness.

Well, during this time, I hear only the many PARTS OF MYSELF, THE FRAGMENTS crying with unheard cries, tearless tears and calling out in silent voices for help. Yet, no one is listening for our silent cries, or seeing our sadness in our eyes, or even know if we are crying out for help. 


So, I just accept the fact that I will FOREVER BE BROKEN, FRAGMENTED with MISSING PIECES OF MYSELF that will be FOREVER GONE and to learn how to live in a NEW PLACE, IN THE COLD DARKNESS OF Storage, No Light or Joy anymore, no Purpose or Sitting on a High Place above the World, Sadness and Loneliness as my only companions, No Purpose, No Love, No Value, No Beauty, Just BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED INTO MANY MANY PIECES, NEVER TO BE WHOLE AGAIN!

I guess I will Just have to learn how to MANAGE this new condition of Myself even though I am in so many Pieces – at least I can talk to some of them, Other pieces/parts of myself.  I can hear myself even though I am BROKEN, AND FRAGMENTED, all my parts are crying out, each part of me has a voice.  I can hear the parts of me crying and whimpering in there HOPELESSNESS AND GRIEF.  Through the tears of sadness and brokenness I know I in my BROKENNESS I have LOST MY HONOR AND GLORY, I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY PURPOSE IF I EVER KNEW WHAT THAT WAS, and now all I have is shame, dishonor, sadness, grief, loneliness and complete hopelessness.

I do remember some long lost and now forgotten memories of A Voice that had been telling me that I was to become a Mighty One, To Be Whole and Helping Others Become WHOLE AGAIN who have ALSO FALLEN OFF THEIR WALLS AND ARE BROKEN INTO SO MANY PIECES AND FRAGMENTS.

I have some little images of what I was suppose to be and do, but I can’t really remember it at all, the fullness of those memories must be stored in some one of my many BROKEN PIECES, FRAGMENTS. I know now, in this condition, I will never really know what I was really to become or do. Those memories are lost to me, and hidden somewhere in the PIECES AND FRAGMENTS.

When I was on the wall, in my Wholeness, In my Place I could HEAR THE LIVING FLOWERS OF ANOTHER REALM, THE REALM OF THE HIGH MOUNTAIN singing to me their AGAPE LOVE SONGS TO ME.

I could HEAR their sweet Voices singing to me of The Creator’s Agape Love for me, sitting on the Wall.  The Wall, The High Place of The Summit of A Mountain is where I lived BEFORE MY FALL.  I was always in the Realm of The Spirit, High Above The Issues of Below of Fear, Of Death and Of The Earth.  I lived in WHOLENESS, I think, not sure for I was really just born on the wall and don’t even know how I got there or really what I was to do on the wall or why I was even there.  But on the wall I was!

I wonder if the Singing Flowers know where I am now?  I know they couldn’t find me here in this cold and dark places and surely not in my BROKENNESS AND WITH MISSING PIECES for I don’t know where even my ears are or my mind so I know I couldn’t hear any singing. Anyway, they would NEVER FIND ME WHERE I AM AT NOW!




I wonder if I can remember any of their songs they sang to me when I sat on the Wall?  Do I have any memories of the Light and Glory that shinned out of the Songs, out of the music when I lived on The Wall, before my Fall. Maybe I just took their SONGS for granted and didn’t really listen to them or believe them.  The Music was nice, it made me feel good, but Now, I NEED TO HEAR THEIR SONGS OF AGAPE LOVE to me to help me to live in my BROKENESS, MY FRAGMENTED STATE of me, in my BROKEN HEART.

Can my memory remember The Singing Flowers, The Garden of Life where they lived, The Sweetness of The Music of Agape Love That was sung to my Heart while I sat on the Wall. Could I even remember any of their songs? In what PART OF MY BROKEN HEART are these Memories of Their Songs of Agape Love To me.  I can’t remember them at all.  Could I remember their Beauty and soft gentle voices and remember their Sweet Fragrances of Agape Love?

But any memories I had of these Days are gone, lost in the BROKENNESS AND Hidden IN THE FRAGMENTS. I don’t know where any of these memories are now.  They are lost to me, NEVER TO HEAR THEM OR REMEMBER THEM AGAIN.

If I can’t find them in my BROKENNESS, IN THE FRAGMENTS and hear them again singing to my heart their Agape Love Songs to me, I will be truly lost and FOREVER IN THE GRIPS OF A BROKEN HEART, The DARKNESS OF FALLING FROM A HIGH PLACE, FALLING FROM WHERE I SHOULD BE, A LIFE OF LOSS, The Forever state of BROKENNESS AND A FRAGMENTED Heart.  The FOREVER STATE of One who Was Whole and One, and Who Is Now BROKEN AND MANY, MANY YET ONE. 



Shh, What Is That?

What Is That Fragrance?

Do I Know These Sounds, The Smells?

Where Are They Coming From?

Hey everybody, DO YOU HEAR THOSE SOUNDS? Do you smell that?  Yes, What is that?  We don’t know. Shh, Listen, there seems to be faint sound, Shh, everybody quiet. Is that what we think it might be?  Is that the SOUND OF THE FLOWERS SINGING from the Garden?  Is it them?  Shh, Let’s Listen. there seems to be faint sound, Shh, everybody quiet.



To us?  But we ARE SO BROKEN, FRAGMENTED.  How could They STILL SING TO US LOVE SONGS in the shape we are in?  How did they FIND US HERE IN OUR DARK PLACES OF OUR BROKENNESS AND FRAGMENTATION? Shh, Just Listen.  Can everyone FEEL the MUSIC and Hear The Words?  THEY FOUND US! CAN WE HOPE AGAIN?  We are not alone anymore!  Shh, Listen, We are NOT FORGOTTEN ANYMORE, even here in our DEEP BROKENNESS AND FRAGMENTATION!

Look there, a LIGHT is coming – What Is It?




  It is not a What, But It is A Who!!! It Is the Shepherd of The Garden, of The Singing Flowers It has found us down here in the dark place all broken and in pieces.  What is happening to us – We are becoming WHOLE AGAIN!!!  But I can still see myself in it’s BROKENNESS, I CAN SEE MYSELF FRAGMENTED BELOW.  What is happening to me, to us?  We seem to be RISING UP out of THE BROKEN PARTS AND COMING TOGETHER WITH OURSELVES! We are coming back together, ARE WE BEING HEALED?  ARE WE BECOMING ONE AGAIN?  

How can this be, I can see my BROKEN PIECES AND FRAGMENTED Self DOWN THERE IN THE DARKNESS. But, I am RISING UP,  going up, I seem to be getting healed.  Yes, said the Voice of The Shepherd of The Garden, For Agape Love does not put ONE BACK WITH IT’S BROKENNESS OR FRAGMENTED PARTS FOR they will always be weak and will NOT BE ABLE TO HOLD UP THROUGHOUT ALL ETERNITY. But I Bring Forth NEWNESS, WHOLENESS from out of BROKENNESS AND FRAGMENTATION.  Agape Love Healing’s Is One of Newness, A Better You.

I, The Shepherd of The Garden bring to you, Ancient Memories of your Life as It was to be, designed to become sitting on the Wall.  The old memories of THIS FALL from the WALL will be washed away from your MEMORY so that THE FALL AND IT’S EFFECTS will have NO POWER OR AUTHORITY over your hidden heart and THIS FALL AND THE BROKENNESS AND FRAGMENTED heart will fade into the dark mist and be forgotten.

This Agape Love that the Flowers are singing to you about to you, is to your new whole spiritual heart for you are no longer BROKEN, FRAGMENTED But you now ARE A NEW HIDDEN HEART, ONE AGAIN, NEW AND FRESH.

Now come back with me and let me set you BACK ON THE HIGH MOUNTAIN, THE WALL, high above the earth, Whole and Healed. You mean we can go back to the Wall and Be Healed and Whole again?  Yes. 

For what WAS BROKEN, only The Light of Agape Love Could Heal The Broken Heart, for your BROKEN HEART was in the REALM OF THE SPIRIT.  Now, The New Whole and Healed Spiritual Heart will with  it’s Healing, It’s Wholeness, It’s Newness of Life will shine this light, this new condition, out to the other hidden heart ( the mind and the sub-conscious heart/the hidden person of the soul’s heart ) and then this healing and wholeness will be shinned out into the physical body to bring healing and wholeness to it as well.

Rest now, Little One as I Place your spiritual heart back on the Mighty Wall of The High Mountain and you remember NO MORE THE LONG YEARS OF YOUR BROKENNESS and FRAGMENTATION for that Season is Over, Rest now, Sit Here for I have created a NEW WALL FOR YOU one made out of Light of The Realm of Agape Love.

Sit again and Listen to The New Songs Of The Singing Flowers of Agape Love To You. And See now who else is sitting with you on The Wall, For the Living Creatures of The Garden of Life have come to sit with you and Listen to the Songs Of The Flowers For they too sing songs of Agape Love to the Living Creatures.  Also now if you start to Fall off the Wall again, Agape Love Has some mighty hands to catch you and keep you from FALLING AND BEING BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED.

Rest now, believe you are NEW AND WHOLE NOW, in your deepest hidden spiritual heart. Sit now and Listen to The Flowers Singing to you their songs of Agape Love, Joy and Peace. Yes, you can smile again.  Yes, you are No Longer BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED, No longer in the darkness of loneliness, sadness and grief. 

Are those Butterflies?  Yes, Little One they are.  They too are from the Living Garden of Agape Love the Same Garden the Singing Flowers are From.  Shepherd, yes, Little One.  Are those Bees?  yes, they are.  They won’t sting me will they?  No Little One, they will not.  For they too are from the Living Garden as the Singing Flowers and they too spiritually recognize you as their Mighty One that they are to serve for they spiritually recognize that you are a Royal Child and will one day be a Shepherd of This Garden they live in.  I am a Royal Child?  Yes, you are little one and all of spiritual creation knows that, but in you BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED STATE you could not believe this or even conceive of this Truth.  Your Pain, Brokenness, Fragmentation, Your Loneliness would not allow you to see and believe this about yourself.  So, you had to be recreated WHOLE AND HEALED so you could believe this TRUTH about yourself and the Garden.

Now, you are the New and Whole Spiritual Heart you were always meant to become and not who you turned out to be BROKEN AND FRAGMENTED FROM A MIGHTY FALL FROM YOUR HIGH PLACE and hidden in the dark cells of BROKENNESS AND FRAGMENTATION, in your LONLINESS and WITHOUT HOPE

All the Living Creatures of Agape Love have been spiritually waiting for you to be PUT BACK TOGETHER, MADE WHOLE AGAIN, ONE IN YOUR SPIRIUTAL HEART and put BACK ON THE WALL, THE HIGH PLACE of the Realm of The Living Garden, The Realm of The Spirit.

Can I say hello to the Bees?  Yes, of course you can.  Hello, little bees – Is that Bee speaking to me?  Yes. Their Voices are tiny, but you can hear them.  Little One, all the Living Creatures of The Living Garden of Agape Love speak, sing, move and love you so very much and have been waiting for you to return BACK TO THE WALL so they could serve you and sit with you.

Look around Little One, and see all the Living Creatures that will now be with you HERE ON THE WALL, on the Mount of The High Summit and NOW YOU HAVE BEEN RETURNED TO THE NEWNESS OF YOUR SPIRIUTAL HEART, you have been returned to the LIVING GARDEN of Agape Love. Enjoy the Garden of Agape Love, and all of it’s Living Creatures. The Dark Days of YOUR BROKEN HEART OF THE SPIRIT is over and YOUR SPIRIUTAL HEART IS WHOLE AND HEALED BY AGAPE LOVE and It’s Light.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah









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