Tuesday, April 07, 2020

You Have Been Found


Inspired By The Heavenly Father Himself





You Spiritually Felt The Draw Of Something You Knew Not

You Spiritually Listened To Spiritual Words That You Could Not Understand

You Spiritually Fought And Fought Against The Spiritual Pull

Yet, You Were Spiritually Drawn By Something & Someone You Spiritually Knew Not


You Spiritually Kept Listening, Watching, Thinking

And Then You Spiritually Knew

You Spiritually Needed What It Was That Was Drawing You

Calling You, Speaking To You In The Darkness

Then You Found The Hand In The Dark

And Reached For It

And It Found You


Now, You Spiritually Know That You Have Been Found In The Darkness

You Have Been Spiritually Heard

The Other Spiritual Hand Is So Big

So Strong, So Warm, So Soft

And It Has A Voice Of A Mother/Shepherd


Your Spiritual Heart/Soul Feels Safe Now,

You Feel As A Child Again, Safely Cuddled In Safe Arms Of Agape Love

You Feel The Spiritual Touch Of Agape Love Without The Pain Or Fear

You Feel A Spiritual Touch Of Him Who Says He Loves You, Just As You Are

You Like The Spiritual Touch Of His Hands And The Words Of A Mother’s Voice Of Agape Love

You Spiritually Need The Hands To Hold You And The Words To Love You


Yes Sweetie, You Have Been Found!   Yes, You Have Been Found!

Yes Sweetie, You Have Been Found!  Yes, You Have Been Found!

Love To You

From Your Spiritual Heavenly Father & Your New Spiritual Mother



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