Sunday, July 05, 2020

White Robes

Written To Pastor Deborah, Who Was Known As Pastor Jan At The Time of The Letter

Written By A 16 Year Old Born-Again Human Spirit Still Trapped In A Family and Their Life Of Multi-Generational Satanism and Who Was To Marry and Bring Forth Children With Her Biological Father Who Was A Great High Priest, A Powerful Mind Control Programmer and Who Was The King Of The Black Forest Clan And Who Was The Brother Of Her Mother

December 2000


I’m Freezing Cold Inside

Chills Running Down My Spine

We’re All Dressed In Long White Robes

It’s Winter Solstice Time

Got These Painted Smiles On My Face

Trying To Make It Look All Fine


I’m Grieving Myself To Death

A Little Boy Just Lost His Life

We’re Not Supposed To Feel

But This Guilt Is About To Kill


Another Soul Was Lost

In This Mess Of A Life I Live

This Is Getting Old

My Life Is Just So Dark And Cold

Maybe It’s Just Not Meant To Be

How Could Anybody LOVE Somebody LIKE ME?



I’ve KILLED So Many Times


Even Before I Turned 17

Helped To Steal Precious Lives

For My Own Personal Gain


But Now, I Can’t Feel Anything

Nothing But All This Pain

These Demons Inside Are Slicing Through My Brain

Guess I’m Just A Loser

I’m A Loser, Yeah

Maybe Death Will Ease My Pain

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