Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Violations Of Innocence


Written By A Precious Young Person Who Accepted Jesus Christ As Their Savior And Lord

And Renounced Satan And Their Life Of Satanism

But Is Still Trapped In The Life Of Multi-Generational Satanism.

This Person Is One Of My Spiritual Children And Is Loved So Very Much.  They Struggle Daily To Walk With Jesus Christ And To Overcome All The Works Of The Dragon In Their Life.

August 2001


My Mind Has Been Violated!

Excuse Me For Venting

But Why Should I Keep Apologizing

For The Way I Feel

It’s Normal Now


So What’s The Big Deal?


I’m Tired And Sick

Sick Of Being Abused

And Mainly Sick Of You


Always In My Face,

Always Jumping On My Case

Just Leave Me Alone

Let Me Live My Life

Let Me Just Give You Up For A Change


I Can’t Hold On To What I Want

When I Am Stretched So Thin

It’s All Too Much To Take In

These Thoughts In My Head Make Me Sick

I Can’t Hold On

It’s So Unreal


The Futures Too Far

You Always Push Me Too Much

I Kept Everything Inside

The Times I Loved You, Will Eventually Be Just A Memory

So, You Can Find Another Place To Feed Your Greed

While I Find Some Place To Rest

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