Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Tapestry Of Me


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known As Pastor Jan At This Time

Written By A Multi-Generational Satanist After They Had Accepted Jesus Christ As Savior And Lord

Written By A Heavy Metal Singer Who Satan Took In After The Church Of Christ Rejected Him



Let’s See

Have You Ever Been Inside Of Me?


Have You Ever Been That Close To Me?


Ever Given Me A Chance To Reach Out To You?


Ever Lifted A Finger ( Besides The Bird ) To Help Me?


So How Can You Expect Me To Just Open Up To You?

Like What Would You Do If You Lived In My Shoes?

Probably Couldn’t Handle It,  All The Blood And Gore


You Think Your Life’s Just So Pretty?

But You Just Don’t Live Till You Have Tasted A Piece Of Me!

Won’t You Listen To Me?


Get Up, Come On

Get Down With Sickness, The Sickness Inside Of Me

See Now?

Can’t You See?

I’m Trying To Open Up To You.


Breathe The Violence

It Is Significance To The Light

If You Have Ever Known Anyone


How Do You Sleep When You Live With Your Lies Inside Of You?

You Try Different Things All The Time To Drown It Out


What Do You Want To Do With Me?

I Don’t Wanna Be Innocent

Would You Come, Share My World?

Come, Bring Me The Joy I Lost When I Began To Lose You!


You Broke My Stone Cold Heart

Freakin Tore It Apart

When You Left My Hole,  You Left Me Alone

Trapped So Low In The Dark!



Can You Understand Everything That I Am Saying?

I Am Broken!

But Still Not Humble

Don’t Want To Go On Especially Now.

Since I Can’t Have You


My Dear, You Really Hurt Me

Now, Sweet Revenge is A Great Fantasy

I’ll Cast My Spell To Torment You, Rape You In Your Dreams


Like The Fires Of Hell Continue To Do Me

Let The Demons Rip You Apart

Tear Your Spirit Into Shreds


Set You On Fire

Drag Your Pathetic Self To Hell


So Now You Wonder Why I Get So Mad?

Cuz Now You Want Me Back What You Miss So Bad

When You Know You Have Lost The Best Thing You Have Ever Had


Took Me For Granted

Now, It’s A Little Late

Do You Have One Last Request Before I Kill You?

Again I Will Let You Feel What I Felt

Like Your Heart Being Ripped Out, Kicked And Assaulted

Molested And Sodomized Against Your Will

Raped And Beat,  Stretched And Torn

Put Out For All To See On Public Display

Taste The Unnatural Demonic Presence That Dwells Deep Inside Me


He Said, He Begged, He Cried, He Lied

He Was Beat Black And Blue

You Lied To Us!


Can’t Believe The Madness That Surrounds The Sweet Little Game We Call LIFE

You Say, Go Get Your Game Face On, It Is Time To Play


How Can You Sleep When You Live In The Utmost Darkness?

A Place Where Fear And Rage, Torment And Insomnia Rule Your World


Let Your Self Go

Breathe In This Lovely Poison

Dream Away The Pain

Let The Spirits Take Their Toll On You

Let The Demons Find A Place In You

Like They Do In Me

Let The Dragon Breathe Inside Of Your Head

It’s Raging Fires Burn Holes Inside Of Me

I Can Never Be, I Can Never Be



All Innocence, All Innocence 

Has Been Forever Lost

Don’t Try To Change Me


Didn’t Know You Could Even See Me,




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