Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Mind Raper


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known By Pastor Jan At This Time

Written By An 18 Year Old Person Who Was Born Again In Christ Jesus And Who Was Born Into A Life Of Multi-Generational Satanism

Born Into A Chosen Blood Line

Born Into A Life Of Horror And Death

Born To Be A Bride Of Satan

Born To Be A Queen Of Her Black Forest Clan

Born To Be A Satanic High Priestess

Born To Be A Satanic Breeder For The Next Generation Of Children Of Satan

Born To Marry Her Biological Father, A Satanic High Priest And Programmer

Born To Rule Others and To Kill All That Do Not Obey

Born To Be A Mind Controlled Slave/Living In A Matrix Of Controlled Programming

Born To Be Tortured Beyond Comprehension And To Live A Life As Many

Born To Be A Spiritual Slave

Born To Serve Satan And His Demonic Hordes Of Evil Spirits

Born To Be Forever In The Kingdom Of Darkness And Die And Go Rule In Hell


The Mind Raper Has No Physical Shape Or Form

It Exists Only In People’s Heads

It Can Rape You At Anytime

In A Split Second, With No Warning And Boom, Your Dead


You Could Be A Seemingly Innocent Victim

You Could Be At Work Or At Play

It Will Attack You In The Daytime, Or At Night

Under The Full Moon’s Light

It Will Always Leave Reminders To You

Of Where It Got You Last


All It’s Victims, Wear It’s Scars

Some Where Hidden In Their Past

Some Will Take The Madness To Their Grave

Some Will Lash Out At Innocent Prey

But All Of His Victims

Day To Day Fight Their Minds From Being Raped.


It Will Rape You In Your Sleep

It’ll Rape You While You Drive

It’ll Rape You In The Shower

It’ll Make You Want To Die


It Will Attack You At Your Job

It Will Shut Your Body Down

Make You Cower To The Floor

He Makes You Feel Like A Dirty Whore!


The Mind Raper is Not A Game

He’s Nothing To Be Played With Or Taken Lightly

The Mind Raper Rapes Me Every Day!

What It Is To My Understanding

Is A Demon Or Figure

That Attacks Your Mental Status


Once It Has A Grip On You

It Doesn’t Like To Let Go!


It Chokes The Living Breathing Life Out Of You

The More You Fight Him, The Tighter It’s Grip Gets

Like A Snake, It Makes It’s Way Through Your Veins

It’s Poisonous Venom Sends Out Shock Waves To Trigger Off Nightmarish Memories


He Plays Those Hellish Mind Games,

Tearing At You Like A Million Razors In Your Flesh


In The End, After It’s Attack

It’ll Leave You Kicking And Screaming, Tied Down To A Bed In Jail

Or In The Mental Institutions


Speaking From Experience

I’ve Been Raped All My Life!


It Doesn’t Always Have To Be A Penis To Get Raped With In My Eyes

18 years Old This Writer, Did You Expect Somebody Older?


Our Generation Suffers And Deals With Things You People Can’t Imagine

I’m Just Trying To Help The World


You Better Understand

But Really Cannot Explain Why I Keep Struggling And Keep Holding Onto Life.


It’s Something That Put In Me And Not Even Satan, The Mind Raper Can Take Away

And Every Day

I Fight My Mind From Being Raped

I Feel Like I Must Fight, So Others Can Make It Out

Everyday Is A Battle

Even Freedom Has It’s Price!


I Should have Been Dead And Gone Many Years Ago

For Some Reason, I’m Still Breathing!


And With That Breath In Me

I’ll Never Remain Silent About This Ever Again

If The World Don’t Like It

I’m Not Writing To Them Anyway

It’s Not An Attention Seeker,

It’s A Daily Thing For The Ones That Know


For Them I Write

For Them I Fight

For Them I Pray

The Mind Raper’s Children

I’m Giving Voice To The Silent Cries Of The Children Of The Night




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