Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Hallway Closet


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known As Pastor Jan At The Time

Written By An 18 Year Old Multi-Generational Satanist Who Was Introduced To The Lord Jesus Christ At The Age Of 14 By Pastor Deborah and Became Pastor Deborah’s Spiritual Child

At The Time Of This Poem Was Written, The Writer Was Still Being Held Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically Captive In The Unseen Chains Of The FAMILY

Written From Jail For Trying To Follow Christ Jesus And Trying To Get Free

August 2002


I Have A Place That I Run To When I Need Shelter Away From You

No One Knows, Or Cares To Ask

Why I Run And Grab My Blanket And Razor

Headed For The Radio

Running Towards The Hallway

Lock The Door!!


I’m Trapped Among The Silence

I Can Hear Your Footsteps

But You Don’t Know Where To Find Me

181/2 Years Old

Still Doing It This Way


I Feel Safe Under The Stairway


Locked In A room With 4 Things In My Hand

Spent Two Days In My Hiding Place

Until You Left The House Again


Go Down To My Room

Find My Stuff All Burnt And Scattered


Once Again, I Have To Start Over

But To You

That Doesn’t Matter, You’re In Control

You Gotta Keep The House In Line

For You To Feel Normal

You Gotta Take It Out Of Me

And My Stuff


But, That Is Ok Now


Cause Now I’m Growing Up

And When The Scars Are Mended

I’m Going To Mess You Up

By Ignoring All Your Threats

Your Intimidations, Accusations

By Finding People Who Will Help Me


So That I Never Feel Trapped Again


And My Son, You’ll Never Know

That’s The Way It Ought To Be


The Hiding In The Hallway Closet Is Officially Over For Me


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