Sunday, July 05, 2020

The First Sacrifice


Written To Pastor ( Jan ) By A 16 Year Old multi-Generational Satanist After The Night Of Her 1st Born Son’s First human Sacrifice Who Turned 4 Years Old

July 1999


Hey, Jan What’s Up?  Well, yes okay 1st of all I know you can tell I went last week and yes I saw my son perform his 1st sacrifice ritual.  It’s good to see ALL THE HARD WORKS/ABUSES/TORTURES finally beginning to pay off.  On the other hand, yes it bothered me.  I see what he’s going thru and I don’t like it  ( anymore ).  

Well, I am not gonna go into gory details about it but they started with worship, the usual.  Then they had us move into a larger room and I saw Owl and my son and he was dressed in a normal sacrificial robe, which bothered me a little ( It was like the Abraham/Isaac thing).  He was a beautiful little boy with all his jewels on.  They had him lay on a cement altar and I seriously thought he was gonna die that night.

Instead, for about an hour, there was 3 ladies hovering over him and Chanting spells over him.  Then while this was going on a lady turned to me and said she’s glad to see me and that she knew I would not disappoint her ( we were in her house.)

Anyway, they proceeded to pick him up.  He then walked to the high priest and 3 others who were standing by him.  They said some things in Latin and the high priest brought a bowl thing filled with dog’s blood from an earlier sacrifice that night and raised it with a blessing.  Then carefully poured it onto my son’s head and body.  Blessing him and giving him a new satanic name.

Then he turned my son around and the coven cheered and it was a celebration.  Then around 2:30 am, the sacrifice took place.  They brought in one of my friend’s baby, a girl of 3 months and placed it onto an altar.  My son stepped up there on the 2nd level of the altar and slayed the baby!  Afterwards he was forced to drink it’s blood and the cutting began, both on the baby and on my son.  It was a circumcision and they gave him the mark on his forehead.

The high priest did those while others were chanting again in the background.  Then we all ” got blessed ” by the high priest, the visiting high priest and priestess from Oregon.  I was up there in the front and the high priest put me on the “spot” by calling me, Owl and my son and my best friend up for ” multiple blessings”, the high priest went up to Owl first, then my son, then my friend and finally me.

The high priest said out loud, ” Angel ( This was one of her satanic names ) has almost chosen to leave us.  She has completed her assignments and yet has chosen she’s still in obviously by coming here tonight.  She’s not serious with the OTHER SIDE!  I heard everything.  I got the full effect on what he was saying.  He said, he was not pleased with my past actions toward the coven and rebuked me.  He gave me a choice, to drink or leave ( but I knew if I chose to leave, I would die and it would not be a pleasant death.  I battled out the thoughts about 1,000 times and said, ” I’ll Drink”  so I did and Jan I still loved it.

Everything and I mean everything came back and I felt it.  We lead the worship ceremony and I was there laying in the presence of Satan!  It was so strong in there!  I literally felt like throwing up.  We were on our faces all of us around the room chanting and “praying”.  They had music and incantations going on in the back ground.  It felt like “prayer rooms”  in some churches I had been in, but Satanic, totally Satanic!

I felt the spirits go in and out around me.  I almost started to cry but held it all in somehow.  It was around 5:00 am and the sun was coming up.  Everybody was gone.  Even Owl and I halfway thought I was dead.  The lady whose house we were in looked worse, more demonic because you could see the demons dancing in her eyes, it was so real.  It really did a number on me.  This was a special date to me.  Always has and always will be.  Now it’s my son’s satanic birthday.  The lady took me home and I still stayed up and had to take 2 showers to get the stuff off of me.  I feel like a dog.  I know I lost a huge spiritual battle, but I’m still glad I went.  It made me realize a lot about what I’m missing, but what I have in Jesus I don’t wanna loose.  

My son is leaving for Orlando for a couple of months.  They are going to let him learn from the high priest from there, then from the one from Oregon. Now You know what went on.  I love you and I know you still love me.

Love Always.

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