Sunday, July 05, 2020

Run Away

Written To Pastor Deborah When She Was Known As Pastor Jan

Written By A Young Lady, One Of Pastor Deborah’s Spiritual Children Still In Multi-Generational Satanism At The Request Of A Little Girl About 9 Years Old And Sent To Pastor Deborah To Get Her Silent Voice Out To The World Through This Web Site So Others Could Hear The Long Forgotten Silent Cries Of Children Being Abused.  It Is The Heavenly Father’s Heart’s Desire That The Silent Tears Of Children Being Abused In World Be Heard.  The Heavenly Father Is Desiring That His Agape Love Be Taken Deep Into This Kingdom of Darkness, Into Dark Deep Prison Cells Of Fearful Hearts Of Children So They Can Know, That They Have Not Been Forgotten, That Their Silent Cries Have Been Heard and That They Are Loved Dearly.

July 2001


I Can Feel Your Pain

As You Turn, Look Away


Have To Run And Hide

Got Too Much On Your Mind


Just A Little Girl

In A Big Old World


It’s A Fight. To Stay Alive

Got To Run Away


Have Not Time To Stay And Play

Little Child, Little Child


Afraid To Love,  To Open Up

Too Afraid Of….Being Hurt



Runs Deep Inside To Her Happy Place


Run Away Where No One Knows


Run Away, Into The Cold

Run Away, Until She’s Old


Moving On

Thought She Found The  One Thing She’s Been Searching For All Her Life

But Then,

They’ll Take It Away

And She Will Run Again


Keep Running Until She Finds The End


But The Problem Is – There Is No End

For Her, For Us


The Cycle Erupts, And So On We Go

As The Story Unfolds

Deeper In The Maze We Get

Spiraling Downward Until , THE END



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