Tuesday, April 07, 2020



Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known At This Time As Pastor Jan

Written By A 16 Year Old Multi-Generational Satanist Who Had Accepted Christ Jesus As Savior And Lord

Was My Spiritual Child, And Was Unable To Escape Completely To Freedom Yet, At The Time Of This Poem

A Chosen Child

A High Priestess

Bleeding Now, I Am

Crying Out I Am

Falling Down And I Am Feeling Nothing…..



You Have created A Rift Within Me

There Have Been Several Complications

And I Am Left Feeling Nothing…..


I Might Say,

You Were Wrong To Take it From Me

You Left Me, Feeling Nothing….


Crawling Now, I Am

Beaten Down, I Am

Tortured Now, And I Am Left Now, Feeling Nothing….


Hunting Now, I Am

Stalking Now, I Am

Reaching Out, I Am

And I AM Feeling Nothing….



I Can Feel You …..





Inside Of Me

Feeling And Growing Inside Of Me


I Want This,

More Than You Know

I Need This….

Give It Back To Me

Give It Back To Me

Give It Back To Me!!!!!!!


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