Sunday, July 05, 2020

Not Forsaken


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known As Pastor Jan At The Time

Written By One Of Pastor Deborah’s Spiritual Children Who Was 18 Years Old And Who Was

Born In A Life Of Multi-Generational Satanism

Born Into A Chosen Royal Blood Line – One Of The 13

Born Into A Life Of Torture, Horror And Death

Born Into A Life Of Spiritual Abuse Sexual, Physical And Emotional

Born To Be A Bride Of Satan

Born To Be A Queen Of Her Clan, The Black Forest Clan

Born To Be A High Priestess And Serve A Coven With Her Husband, The High Priest

Born To Be A Mother Of Darkness

Born To Be A Sister Of Light

Born To Be An Illuminati

Born To Be A Leader

Born To Be A Satanic Breeder Of Royal/Chosen Children

Born To Live In Trances And Deep Sleeps, Born To Disassociate Into Many Who Are One

Born To Kill

Born Into A Spiritual Matrix Of Control

Born To Be A Slave To Demons For The Kingdom of Darkness

Born To Serve Satan

Born To Forever Be In The Darkness


BUT WHO FOUND THE LOVE OF CHRIST JESUS At The Age Of 14 And Accepted Jesus Christ As Their Savior, Lord And Master

And Baptized In Water In A Swimming Pool

Born Again To Life In The Kingdom Of Heaven

August 2002


You Exposed My Shame

On My Worn And Tattered Frame


When The Blood Flowed From My Cross

I Didn’t Get Angry

I Knew You Were Lost

In A World That Knew Me Not

I Felt Forsaken Among The Crowds

With Darkness All Around


But Then One Day, You Came To Me And Said A Prayer

That Made The Pain Wash Away

In A Flow Of Many Tears

You Prayed I’d Not Feel



You Welcomed Me  Inside

The World In Which You Walk In

Took Me In Their Hearts

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