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My Baby


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known At The Time of This Letter As Pastor Jan

The Writer Was Barely 16 Years Old and A Multi-Generational Satanist Who Accepted Jesus Christ As Her Savior & Lord At The Age Of 14

November 1999


Dear Jan,

Love Always And Forever

This is a very very hard question for me to ask you.  I am writing because it’s important to me that I act fast or it’s gonna get pretty ugly.  Ok?

Do you want to,, or do you know anyone who would adopt my baby (  not permanently ) but at least until I can get completely out and go underground.  I’m dead serious Jan because of you and everything I’ve shared with you I’ve come to love and trust you.  And I wouldn’t ask this if I wasn’t serious.  I am risking  a lot!  You cannot imagine the risk I am taking just by asking some things like this.  I cannot go on any longer knowing the fate of my unborn child.

If it’s girl, it will probably be sacrificed or raised up to be like her mother ( me ) a breeder for satanic purposes.  If it’s a boy, I’ll have a high priest of the Brotherhood as my son.  Both destinies are hellish and I simply cannot cause another child to go on like that;  So I guess in a way, I’m begging – I have to give this child away or watch Satan defile another young one.

you’ve taught me to care more than I should, and sometimes I wish I could just pretend this isn’t real life, but I can’t.  This is a real life, I’m dealing with.  I know for now, possibly always, I’m trapped within this group.

It’s is my high priest’s child and I am not playing games.  If they got a hold of this letter, I’d be severely punished.  If you cannot do this, tell me please.  Either way, I’m not trying to force this on you.  I know you have a family of your own and don’t need another burden on you, but if you’re really called to help us Satanists out and I know you are, think this as a future high priest-a Satanist of a powerful blood line.

I’m begging you.  look around – Christians who are like you only, strong enough to deal with “real ” Satanist and “a real devil” not a weak wanna be!

Well, I’ve got to go now.  I’ll c-ya tomorrow night.  Think about it will you?  I love you – no matter what your decision.

Love Always

P.S.  Don’t tell anybody I’ve written this.  just don’t ok?


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