Sunday, July 05, 2020

Last Time


Written To Pastor Deborah When She Was Known As Pastor Jan

Written By A Multi-Generational Satanist Who Was Born-Again Baptized In Water and In The Holy Spirit, but Was Unable To Get Free From The Life of Spiritual, Physical, Sexual and Emotional Captivity. This Poem Was Sent To Me After Her Wedding Ritual To Satan.

Because Of The Gift Of Dissociation, All These In The Kingdom Of Darkness Are Able To Survive The Horrors, Abuse, And Torture Of This Life.

Please Listen To The Silent Cries Of Someone Who Has Had No Choice And Is A Total Captive To Satan, But Found And Received Christ Jesus And His Gift Of Agape Love He Gave From A Cross For Her.

April 2001


Dedicated To Satan

I’m Not The First You Sucked Down

I Drank your Pleasure Slow

Then Stumbled Out From your Veil

Still I’ve Come For, You Tonight

Choke My Faith And,

Stab My Pride

And I Tell Myself That…

This Is The Last Time

This Is The Last Time,

This Is The Last Time!

I’ll Bleed For You!

Preservation Or Predation

As I’m Reeling, I Don’t Know



I Spill Out Of Your Hands

I Want To Fall,

And You See It All

And You Just Laugh When I Say


And Everything I Feel, I Know You Know

And Everything That Heals, I Know You Know

And Everything That Steals, I Know You Know

And Everything That Kills, You Know


Still I Tell Myself…

This Is The Last Time

This Is The Last Night

This Is The Last Day

I’ll Bleed For You

It’s The Last Time Now!



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