Thursday, July 02, 2020

Just A Few Words


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known As Pastor Jan At The Time

Written By One’s Of Pastor Deborah’s Spiritual Son’s From A Florida Prison, Washington Correctional Institution

Chipley, Florida

Used With Permission of Writer

May 2003


Day After Day

Through The Mist Of Time

With No Purpose, No Reason Or Rhyme

My Lonely Life Dragged On


Loneliness Drove Me Ever Onward

With No Meaning Or Zest

Desiring Only The Contentment And Happiness I Saw

On The Faces Of All The Rest


Alas, Escapism I Sought – 

Ever The Agony Meandering Through The Void

Substance Indulged Brought Fleeting Relief

At The Cost Of My Will Destroyed


Surreal Became My Life

And I

A Mere Spectator Of The Hellish Strife


A Spree Of Evil Acts Ensued

To Fuel The Darkness Of The Drug I Used


Sanity Was Lost, My Mind And Body Tormented

Cocaine In My Veins Steeped And Fermented


No Longer Living For This Life

My Soul Spun Ever Downward Into Hell

Addiction Controlled My Every Action

My Stolen Morals For Crack I’d Sell


Until Finally,

I Could No Longer Outrun Law and Society

My Drug Induced Spiritless Corpse

Was Not So High Or Mighty


So Fierce And Harsh My Crash

Conscious Life I No Longer Wanted

Death Seemed More Favorable

To A Future So Haunted


Suicide And Desolation Seemed My Only Means

My Escape Found Only In Sleep Within My Dreams


Then One Day A Subtle Change Occurred

An Act Of Kindness And Just A Few Words

Now You Must Be Wondering What Those Words Could Be

So Simple These Words, They Were Only Three


God Bless You!


These Three Simple Words

Changed My Life Forever

On A New Plane Of Existence

I Began To Endeavor


Through Fellowship And Camaraderie

I’m  Taking Twelve-Steps To Recover

By Turning My Will Over To God

I’ve Found Serenity In Sobriety


Easy Does It

One Day At A Time

I’ve Let Go And Let God

Soberly Now, Enjoining Just Living

I Walk A Straight Line

With Purpose, Reason And Rhyme






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