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Written 1999

By A young 16 Year Old Multi-Generational Satanist In Memory Of A Young Man Named Josh Who Was Also Born Into A life Of Multi-Generational Satanism.  This Story Is True And Very Graphic Of The Torture By Satan On His Slaves. This Story Is About A young Man Who Found Someone And Would Not Surrender This Love He Found In Him.

For You Josh, I Tell Our Story Of That Last Night Of Your Life So Others Can Find The Way Out As You Did


I had just been raped and beaten By The men in black robes with black faces

After A Black Mass

And I Had To Watch My Best Friend Get Stabbed To Death.

I Resisted Until I Could Not Anymore, For I Was Only 12!

They Were So Cold, And I Hated Them When Their Mouths Went There

I Hated Them For Hurting MI Wanted Them To Pay For Hurting Me

I Wanted To Destroy Them.


As They Left, I Grew Faint and Limp

As Their Demons manifested And Entered Me.

Then The Ring Leader of The 8, Jammed A Needle Into My Arm For My Arms and Feet Were Chained

And, I Remember Falling Into A Hideous Trance

And, I Saw Things That Scared Me


I Crouched Against The Wall, Like A Beaten Puppy

And Cried My Eyes Out And Blood Began To Flow From The Wounds They Put On Me.

Then, I Heard A Boy Screaming Down The Hall, I Knew There Would Be Another To Join Me.

They Rammed Him Into The Door, Opened It, Then Slammed Him To The Ground

I Remember Looking Into His Eyes, He Was 18 Years Old And Just Tried To Escape,

His Name Was JOSH.

They Began Raping Him, Beating Him, Kicking On Him, Kicking His Body

I Could Hear His Bones Crack

He Just Laid There In A Pool Of His Own Blood

Begging Me To Comfort Him.


The Men Left Again

I Crawled Over To Him, Josh Mumbled, “Hold Me Please”

And I Carried Him, And Held Him In My Arms

Sitting Up Against The Corner Of The Wall

We Just Held Each Other For Hours and It Seemed Like Eternity


At Night, They Played Screechy Music, And They Repeated Curses Over Us

We Were Not Allowed To Sleep

 Try TI Remember Josh Holding Me As We Cried And Screamed

I Remember Him Covering My Mouth With His Hands, And Telling Me To Calm Down

Or They Will Come Back And Kill Us


They Did Come Back, And The Beatings Were A Thousand Times Worse Every Hour

It Was For Josh

“Renounce The Christian God Or Die”

” Renounce Jesus Christ Or Die “

He Choose Death That Night

And He Told Me, Jesus Christ Loved Me And My Baby I Was Pregnant With

That He ( Jesus ) Had The Powers To Defeat Satan and Satan Knew ItAnd That Is Why He Gets So Mad When People Try To Escape Satanism.


He Said That He Found Such A Peace In Him That Satan Could Never Take It Away From Him

He Wore An Irish Cross Around His Neck, And That Night They Hung Him With It.

I Have Kept The Cross As A Reminder Of Josh

Josh Was A Martyr

totorHe Was A Multi-Generational Satanist Who Found Jesus Christ

And Hid Him Deep Inside His Heart.

He Taught Me Of A Man Who I Later Found As My Savior


This Memorial Story Was Written To Remember Josh.  It Is The Desire Of The Writer That You, The Reader Know That Satan Is Real And Does Unspeakable Things To The Human Spirit Through The Flesh Of Man And It Still Continues Today.  

Multi-Generational Satanists Are Born Into Families That Have Served In Spiritual Bondage For Thousands Of Generations.  These Precious Children Of The Night/The Kingdom of Darkness Are Abused For Their Entire Life And It Begins In The Womb!

The Writer Did Find This Man Named Jesus As Savior AS Josh Did.  I, Pastor Deborah Was Privileged To Spiritually Introduce This Writer Of This Story To Christ Jesus When They Were But 14 Years Old, Just 2 Years After This Meeting With Josh.  Please Hear Their Silent Cries They Cry and Learn How Agape Love Came Into Their World, Touched Them And Entered Into Their Hearts and Brought An Unknown Father, Son and Their Love To Them.  

Josh Is In Heaven And Walking With The Man Jesus Who Loved Him and Showed The Power Of Agape Love To Him, Even In Death, Agape Love Had The Victory Over Satan, Hell, And The Grave.  


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