Tuesday, April 07, 2020


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known At The Time As Pastor Jan 

Written By A Young Multi-Generational Satanist Who Had Spiritually Received Christ Jesus As Their Personal Savior And Lord

I Was Privileged To Introduce Christ Jesus To Them and To Become Their Spiritual Mother

They Were Not Able To Physically Be Free Yet And Were So Fearful Of Christians For They Did Not Show Any Power That Could Help Them Against The Power Of Satan and His Demons

April 2001



You Know Where I Lie

Gently I Go Into The Goodnight

All Our Lives Get Complicated

Search For Pleasures Over Rated


Never Armed Our Souls For What The Future Would Hold




Angels Lend Me Your Might

Forfeit All My Lives To Get Just One Right

All Those Colors Long Since Faded

All Our Smiles Were Confiscated


Never Were We Told, We’d Be Bought And Sold

When We Were Innocent!


I Still Remember Screaming


This Prayer Is For Me Tonight

This Far Down That Line

And Still Ain’t Got It Right

And While Confessions Not Yet Stated

Our Next Sin Is Contemplated


Little Child, Little Child

Afraid To Love

To Open Up

Too Afraid Of …. Being Hurt

So She Runs, Inside Her Mind

Runs Deep Inside To Her Happy Place

Run Away Where No One Knows

Run Away

Into The Cold

Run Away

Until She’s Old


Moving On, Thought She Found The One Thing She’s Been Searching For All Her Life


But Then,

They’ll Take It Away


She Will Run Again


Keep Running Until She Finds The End

But The Problem Is

There Is No End For Her, For Us


The Cycle Erupts And So On We Go

As The Story Unfolds

Deeper In The Maze We Get

Spiraling Down Ward Until







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