Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Inhaling Death


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known At The Time As Pastor Jan

Written By A Dark Side Identity Of A Multi-Generational Satanist Who Had Accepted Christ Jesus Into Their Heart and Pastor Deborah As Their Spiritual Mother At The Age Of 14



Last Night, I Drowned Myself.  I Had The Perfect Vials To Cup The Blood And Necessary Element For This Deadly Ritual.  I Lit The Nine White Candles, Each In A Section Of Three.  I Lit The Incense To Purify The Air And To Cleanse My Mind From Fear.

I Engaged In A Sin Prior To This.  The Last Memory Shared With Owl (  You Will Read About Owl In The Agape Love Section ) And Kissed My Son Goodbye.  I Watched Them As They Slept Peacefully.  Completely Unaware Of What Was To Come.

I Drank The Remains Of The Wine From Our Meal And Took The Knife From It’s Place.  I Brushed It Slowly Against My Body And Pierced My Skin And Cut Deeply.  As I Lifted My Wrist, I Tasted The Blood.  I Watched It Flow Slowly And Pour Down My Arm.  I Inhaled Myself!  I Tasted Very Well!

I Got Up From My Seat And Went Into The Bathroom.  I Drew The Last Bath And Placed The Knife On The Dish.  I Placed The Black Robe On Me And Buckled The Jewel That Holds It In Place.  I Drew The Pentagram On The Floor By The Tub.  I Uncovered The Mirrors On The Ceiling And Walls.  I Stepped Into The Tub And Laid In The Hot Water.  It Burned My Skin As It Entered My Cuts.  I Laid Back And Slit My Wrists Completely.  There Was So Much Blood.  It Almost Frightened Me, But I Continued My Ritual And Spoke These Last Words

I Commit Myself To Thee, My Lord Satan

I Offer You Now A Blood Sacrifice

I Am Your Daughter Forever

Hail Satan!

I Laid Back Into The Water Which Was Now A Pool Of Blood.  I Grew Very Faint And Without A Struggle, Drew My Last Few Breaths.  I Passed Out.

I Was 14 Years Old!

But Then, I Heard A Voice Coming From Outside,  Owl Was Shouting And My Son Was Crying.  I Couldn’t Move.  I had Lost So Much Blood.  I Heard Owl Telling My Son Not To Come In There With Us.  Owl Was Screaming And Holding His Head In His Hands.  I HAD LEFT MY BODY AND I WAS WATCHING FROM ABOVE AND I SAW OWL KNEEL BESIDE MY  BODY AND TOUCH MY FACE.  HE PUT HIS HEAD ON THE SIDE AND BEGAN TO CHANT.  THEN HE BEGAN TO PRAY!!!

He Saw That I Was Still Breathing Slightly And He Lifted My Head And Was Saying My Name.  He Told My Son To Call The Police And Get A Doctor Here, Now.

Next Thing I Remember Was Waking Up In A Hospital Room With Tubes Down My Throat And Coming Out Of Me.  I Saw Owl Standing With His Back Against The Wall And Another Friend Sitting Beside My Bed.  They Bandaged Up My Wrists And Had Also Bandaged My Neck.  I Had Barely Made It Alive- And Now It’s Been About A Week.  It’s Amazing I’m Even Here To Tell This

But They Won’t Let Me Die, I Have To Carry The Prophet 

( A Chosen Child To Be The Cousin, The Prophet, The Forerunner Of The Anti-Christ To Come )

And That Is My Story



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