Sunday, July 05, 2020

Hello, Sweetie


Are You Talking To Me?

Yes, You!

 You Can’t Mean Me?

I Am Not Sweet!!!

Oh Yes, You Are, And I Am Talking To You!!!


Oh, Sweetie,

If You Could See Yourself As We See You

If You Could Just Believe In Your Heart What Jesus Says About You

If You Knew THE AGAPE LOVE Jesus And I Have For You

If You Could See His Light In The Darkness

If You Will Take Our Hands And Just Hang On,

You Will Come To Know

That His And My Love Is For You!

That His And My Love Has Come To You To Dry Your Silent Cries And To Reach Your Hands And To Fill Your Empty Heart With Agape Love.

That Our Love Is Here For You Forever

Our Love Will Walk With You Right To The Streets Of Gold

For You Are Worthy Of This Holy Love And Light

For You Are Just The Very One We Have Been Sent To Find And Love.


For You Are Not Too Evil For Our Love

Nothing You Have Done Is Too Bad, Evil, Horrible, Dirty, Or Shameful


Yes, You Are Wanted By Us


Nothing You Have Done

Nothing You Have Said Or Say Now

Nothing Others Have Said About You

Nothing You Believe

Nothing Satan Can Make You Do To Yourself Or To Others

Nothing You Do Now

Not Every Demonic Spirit In Satan’s Kingdom

Not Even Satan Himself

Not Even YOU! 

Nothing, Sweetie, Nothing




You Are Not What You Think And Feel Your Are

You Are Not What Satan Has Told You That You Are

Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father, And His Son – Christ Jesus and Me, Pastor Deborah Is For You!


For You Are So Precious In Our Sight

For You Are So Loved That We Have Given Our All

He Gave His Life As A Price For Your Spiritual Freedom

For You Are So Dear To Us, That Nothing Will Separate You From Us

Just Listen To The Words Of Agape Love, Words Of Spirit And Life To You

Who Shall Spiritually Separate Us From The Agape Love Of Christ?

Shall Tribulation, 

Or Distress,

Or Persecution,

Or Famine,

Or Nakedness,

Or Peril,

Or Sword,


In All These Things, We Are MORE Than Conquerors, Through Him That Loved Us

For I Am Persuaded,


Nor Angels

Nor Principalities,

Nor Powers,

Nor Things Present,

Nor Things To Come,

Nor Height,

Nor Depth,

Nor Any Other Creature Shall Be Able To Separate Us From The Agape Love Of God

Which Is In Christ Jesus, Our Lord

Romans 8: 35, 37-39

Authorized King James Version


For You Are So Wanted As Our Spiritual Children In Our Family

For You Are Our Spiritual Brethren

For You Are Loved Beyond Your Comprehension By Us

For You, We Have Come Through The Darkness And The Mist

Bringing Words Of Spirit And Life

Hands Of Tenderness

Voices Of Agape Love

Hearts To Walk With You Forever Through Out All Eternity


To Spiritually Bring An End To Your Spiritual Captivity, Shame, Dishonor, Separation

To Spiritually Open Your Blinded Spiritual Eyes And To Bringing Hearing To Your Deaf Spiritual Ears

To Spiritually Open The Doors Of Your Spiritual Prison

To Spiritually Comfort You

To Spiritually Bring Beauty For Your Spiritual Ashes

To Spiritually Bring You His Living Water And Bread Of Life

To Spiritually Bring You The Joy And Peace Of The Lord

To Spiritually Bring You The Bread Of Life For Your Spiritual Hunger

To Spiritually Visit You In The Spiritual Kingdom of Darkness

To Spiritually Become Your Spiritual Father And Mother

To Spiritually Cover Your Spiritual Nakedness

To Spiritually Turn Your From Darkness To Light

To Spiritually Destroy The Power Of Satan In Your Life

To Spiritually Bring You The Agape Love’s Forgiveness

To Spiritually Bring You The Kingdom Of Heaven

To Spiritually Bring You The Words Of Spirit And Of Life

To Spiritually Bring You Into The House Of Agape Love As A Child

To Spiritually Show You The Bridge To Cross, The Way Back To The Kingdom Of Heaven, To The Heavenly Father, To Agape Love, To Joy And To Peace

Why?  For You Are Precious In Our Sight!

Desiring To Come Spiritually Into Your Spiritual Heart And Begin Shinning The Light Of Agape Love Into Your Heart and Then Out To Your Soul and Beyond.

For We Have Come To You In The Spiritual Darkness Through His Power Of His Agape Love

To Spiritually Bring You His Light Into Your Heart For You Are A Precious Treasure Hidden In The Darkness.

You Are Loved By Him And Me So Deeply That The Depths Of Our Love For You Will Be Incomprehensible To You

We Brings Spiritual Gifts Of Agape Love and Life Wrapped Up In A Glorious Gift Called Agape Love.

Just Listen To His Words Of Spirit, Life And Agape Love As He Speaks Through His Words Of Love

From His Heart To Yours,

Snuggle Up Close To His Heart And Feel His Heart Beat For You

Let His Warmth Touch The Cold Places Of Your Heart

Let His Gentle Touch Of His Presence That Is Filled With His Agape Love Touch Your Wounded & Broken Heart.


Agape Love Stands At The Door Of Your Spiritual Heart, Knocking and Calling Out To You

Agape Love Desires To Fill The Spiritual Emptiness, Heal The Wounds, Take Away The Pain And To Fill Your Heart With Love, Joy Peace & Life.


But You Must Open Your Heart From The Inside,  You Must Open The Door For Him

You Only Have To Believe And Your Door Opens, And Agape Love Will Come In

He Wants To Spiritually Touch Your Heart With His Gentle Agape Love

He Will NOT FORCE You In Any Way

He Will Just Gently Knock, And Knock, And Knock

He Will Gently Call Your Name

You Will Hear His Voice Even Deep Inside The Deepest Sleeps, In The Deepest Prison Of Your Spirit, Soul And Physical Body

So, Let Your Heart Be Opened And Allow His Agape Love To Touch You

He Even Has The Key To Unlock The Door Of Your Heart. He Will Help You Even From The Inside.  He Has Brought The Key Called Agape Love.

For Agape Love Will Unlock The Hidden Door Of Your Heart

But, Now You Must Freely Choose To Open The Door To His Agape Love & Light

Listen To His Words About What is Just On The Other Side Of The Door Of Your Heart.


For With You Is The Fountain Of Life:  In Your Light Shall We See Light

Psalms 36:9

Your Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet, And A Light Unto My Path

Psalms 119: 105

Truly The Light Is Sweet, And A Pleasant Thing It Is For The Eyes To Behold The Sun

Ecclesiastes 11:7

Arise, Shine For Your Light Is Come, And The Glory Of The Lord Is Risen Upon you

Isaiah 60: 1

That Was The True Light, Which Lights Every Man That Comes Into The World

John 1 :9

…Light Is Come Into The World

John 3:19

Yet A Little While Is The Light With You,

Walk While You Have The Light,

Lest Darkness Come Upon You

For He That Walks In Darkness, Knows Not Where He Goes

While You Have Light,

Believe In The Light, That You May Be The Children Of Light

John 12:35

To Open Their Eyes, And To Turn Them From Darkness To Light;

And From The Power Of Satan Unto God

Acts 26: 18

But If Our Gospel Be Hid, It Is Hid To Them That Are Lost;

Lest The Light Of The Glorious Gospel Of Christ Who Is The Image Of God Should Shine Unto Them.

2 Corinthians 4: 3-4

For God Who Commanded The Light To Shine Out Of Darkness, Has Shined In Our Hearts,  

 To Give The Light Of The Knowledge Of The Glory Of God In The Face Of Jesus Christ

2 Corinthians 4:6

Wherefore He Says,

Awake You That Sleepest, And Arise From The Dead,

And Christ Shall Give You Light

Ephesians 5 : 14

This Then Is The Message Which We Have Heard Of Him, And Declare Unto You, That God Is Light

And In Him Is No Darkness At All

1 John 1:5


Now, Honey Agape Love Is The Light And It Is At The Door Of Your Heart.  You Just Have To Open Your Heart To It, Thus To Him And He Will Come In On The Rays Of Agape Love & It’s Light.

And You Will Know His Agape Love & Truth, For You Will Come To See

Please Be Aware That When You Open Your Heart To His Agape Love & Light, You Begin A Wonderful Journey Back Home To His Presence And His Kingdom.  But This Coming Home Will Bring Stress Into Your Life And Possibly Trigger Some Strong Hidden Memories, Emotions And Even Anger.  The Kingdom of Darkness’s Demonic Spirits That Are Apart Of You Life Will Not Take This Entrance Of Agape Love & It’s Light Into Your Heart Without Retaliating.

Because The Agape Love Of God, The Heavenly Father And His Light Is Very Powerful.  Just Take Hold Of The Heavenly Father’s Hand And Mine And His Agape Love & light Will Shine Out Into Your Heart.  Sweetie, You Will Not Be Alone Any More.

For The Lord Is Near To Them That Are Of A Broken Heart

For He Calls To You From His Heart To

Come Unto Me,

All You That Labor And Are Heavy Laden,

And I Will Give You Rest,

Take My Yoke Upon You,

And Learn Of Me;

For I Am Meek And Lowly In Heart:

And You Shall Find Rest Unto our Souls.

For My Yoke Is Easy.

And My Burden Is Light

Matthew 11: 28-30

Authorized King James Version


For It Is By The Power Of The Holy Spirit That You Have Been Drawn

The Lord Has Appeared Unto Me, Saying

Yes, I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love;

Therefore With Loving Kindness Have I Drawn You

Jeremiah 31: 3


If You Are Ready, Sweetheart,

Open The Door Of Your Heart And Let The Glorious Light Of His Agape Love And Light Shine Into The Darkness Of Your Soul And Spirit.

Let’s Pray Before You Begin

Dear Father Of Agape Love & Light,

We Ask That Your Light Of Agape Love, Truth And Freedom Shine Into This Precious Heart.  We Ask For Your Hand Of Spiritual Protection From The Dragon And All His Demonic Spirits.  We Ask That You Go Past The Soul And Past The Demonic Spirits And Touch The Very heart Of This Precious Child.  We Ask That Your Gentle Hands Of Agape Love Surround Them As I Go With Them In Spirit As Their Spiritual Mother As You Shine On Them.  

We Ask That Your Agape Love And Truth Become Real To Them And That The Path Is Shown Out Of The Kingdom Of Darkness.  Thank You For hearing This Prayer.  

In The Name Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth We Pray.


I Have You Dear One.  You Are In My Spiritual Lap And My Arms Are Around You.  You Will Not Be Alone.  For A Father’s Agape Love Is Here For Your Heart.

We Come To You In Your Darkness And Have Found Your Hand And Now Agape Love Will Bring Life And Light Into Your Heart.  We Love You So Very Much.  Sweetie, Let This Agape Love Shine It’s Glorious Light Deep Into Your Fearful, Broken and Wounded Heart.

Fight The Fear

Push Back The Torment

Believe Not The Words Of Satan Whispering In Your Mind

Reach Out With Your Heart And Hands

Believe That Your Silent Cries Have Been Heard

Let Jesus And I Dry Your Tears With His Agape Love And Mine.

Allow His Words Of Agape Love & Light

Words Of Spirit & Life

Words Which Are Even Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword

That Pierce Deep Into Your Life, Even To Spiritually Dividing Apart Of Your Spirit & Soul

Allow His Words Of Agape Love To Touch Even Your Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs and Even All The Many Ones Of The Dark Side

Allow His Words Of Agape Love, Truth And Light To Pull Down The Spiritual Strongholds/Fortresses Of Darkness In your Heart/Soul.

Allow His Words Of Agape Love To Shine It’s Rays Of Love Into Your Heart

Allow His Supernatural Agape Love Gently Fill Your Heart Over And Over

Agape Love & It’s Light Will By-Pass Your Deepest Fears

Agape Love & It’s Light Will By-Pass The Demons

Agape Love & It’s Light Can Spiritually Reach Into The Deepest Darkness In You

Agape Love Can Spiritually Touch Every Part Of Your Spirit & Then Out To Your Soul

Agape Love Can Spiritually Reach The Spiritually Unreachable Parts of Your Spirit & Soul 

His Agape Love Is Powerful, Yet Tender

His Agape Love Is Merciful And Compassionate

His Agape Love is Long Suffering And Kind

His Agape Love Will Bear All Your Pains

His Agape Love Will NEVER FAIL You

His Agape Love Will Endure All For You

His Agape Love Will Be There No Matter What You Do

His Agape Love Will Be There No Matter Where You Go

His Agape Love Is Eternal

His Agape Love Is For You!’

For Nothing Is Impossible For Him And His Agape Love.


Now, If You Are Ready Sweetie,

He Will Set His Spiritual Protection About You As You Are Allowing His Agape Love And Light To Shine On Your Heart

His Holy Spirit Will Be There With You As The Chains Of Darkness Are Broken In Your Heart

As The Spiritual Prison Door Is Opened For You

As His Glorious Spiritual Freedom Is Proclaimed To Your Heart

As His Agape Love Spiritually Reaches Year Heart And Life Will Arise, The Sun Will Shine Out Anew


I, Pastor Deborah Will Be Spiritually With You In Spirit And Go With You On Your New Journey

I Will Spiritually Hold Your Spiritual Hand As Agape Love And It’s Light Breaks Through Into The Kingdom Of Darkness That Has Held You In Spiritual Bondage and Slavery.

Satan Cannot Stop You From being Drawn By The Power Of Agape Love

No, Satan Cannot Stop You!

Fear Cannot Stop You!


For You Are So Precious To Us

You Are A Hidden Treasure In The Kingdom Of Darkness

So, Sweetie

When You Are Ready, You And I Will Go Together With The Holy Spirit As You Reach For Love And Truth

Dear Father,

As This Precious Child Spiritually Allows Your And Light To Reach Their Heart, Piercing The Darkness Of Satan’s Kingdom

I Ask That You Place Your Mighty hand Of Protection Around Their Spirit, Soul And Body

I Ask That Your Ministering Angels Be Sent To Surround This Precious Child To Guard Them As Your Agape Love Touches Their Spiritual Heart & Soul.

I Ask That Your Agape Love And It’s Light Be Heard In The Deepest Prisons

And That Your Words Of Agape Love, Life And Freedom Be Proclaimed To The Captives

And That This Day









Their Silent Tears Are Dried With Your Gentle Hands Of Agape Love

That Their Hands Are Reached And Held On To

The Way Is Seen Out Of The Prison Cell And Your Path Is Lit For Them

And That Your Victory From The Cross Is Applied And Complete


That Your Agape Love Is Spiritually Revealed As The Way, The Truth And The Light Of Life

And That Their Heart Is Filled With Agape Love And Your Life Eternal


That A New Creation, A New Spirit Is Created, A New Child Is Born

And That It’s New Family Is Found


Becomes Their Home Land, Their County, Their Kingdom, Their Family Forever More

That Your Glory Of Agape Love And It’s Light Of Life Is Known

In The Name Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, The Son Of The Living God








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