Tuesday, April 07, 2020

God Help Me


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known At The Time As Pastor Jan

Written By A Born Again Multi-Generational Satanist Who Was Unable To Escape To Freedom At The Time of This Poem

February 2001


Please Do Not Disturb The Beast,

The Demonic Forces That Reside Within Me

I Feel At Peace

This Temporary Medicated Moment


Can’t  You See The Bodies In The Rose Garden?

The Blood That Drips, Slowly But Surely 


Their Death Must Be Complete

Spill Their Blood Spill Their Blood

Taste Their Sins, Take It In

Hear Their Screams, Their Silent Cries


Deep Down Inside It Comes Alive, Manifests Itself

Triggered Emotion, Self-Deceit, Self-Hate, Self-Mutilation


Watch Them Squirm, Twist In Agony

Their Gift Doesn’t Help, It Is Too Real To Pretend It’s Not

Chains Made Of Flesh & Bone

Can’t Come Out, Afraid To Be Alone

Breathe In, Go A Little Higher


He Said He Could Take Me To A Place Where All My Dreams Would Come True

Lied To Me, As He Did Before

Father Of Lies!

Found Out Too Late!


Form A Perfect Circle,  One Shape,  One Song

Got To Cut Away, Sneak Away For Sanity Sake


Don’t Want To Hear The Screams


One More Medicated, Peaceful Moment

One More Medicated, Peaceful Moment

No, I Don’t Wanna Feel It Anymore!


God Help Me Make It Thru Another Day

God Help Me!  God Help Me!!!


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