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By Agape Love Himself, The Heavenly Father

Given Through His Holy Spirit to Pastor Deborah

Listen To His Heart

And The Lord God Said, To Moses

  I Have Surly Seen The Affliction Of My People Which Are In A Land Of Spiritual Darkness, A Spiritual Land Of Egypt,

And Have Heard Their Cry By Reason Of Their Spiritual Taskmasters:

For I Know Their Sorrows

Now, Therefore, Behold, The Cry Of The Children Of Israel IS COME UNTO ME:

And I Have Also Seen The OPPRESSION Wherewith The Spiritual Enemy, The Spiritual Egyptians OPPRESS THEM

Exodus 3: 7, 9

Authorized King James Version


Silent Cries How Long I Have Heard Them, Deep Calling Unto Deep,

Silent Cries Of Broken Hearts

I Have Seen Their Chained Hands Trying To Reach Up For Help

I Have Looked Upon Their Spiritual Eyes Of Their Hearts And Only Seen Blindness To My Agape Love & It’s Light Of Truth

I Have Peered Into Their Deeply Hidden Hearts, And Only Seen Brokenness, Fragmentation, Fortresses, Black Nights And No Light

I Have Watched Their Hearts Break Into Millions Of Pieces Just To Survive, And Trying to Escape and Having No Where To Run To

I Have Looked On As They Sleep Safely In Trances and Hide and Become Whatever They Need To Be To Just Survive


Their Silent Cries and Tearless Tears I Have Heard and Seen From The Children of The Night

How Long I Have Heard Their Tearless Drops Of Pain From Abandonment, Rejection and Shame Fall To The Ground

How Long Have I Heard Their Silent Whimpers Of Sadness and Loss of Hope

How Long Have I Heard The Screaming In Their Minds, Saw The Flood Of Pain In Their Soul and The Darkness In Their Spirit Grow Darker and Darker

How Long Have I Heard Them Silently Asking, Why Me? What Have I Done To Deserve This? Is There No One To Help Me? Is There No One To Love Me?

I Had King David Write Down For All To Hear The Silent Cries Of The Heart In Great Pain and Fear So All Could Hear As I Hear and See What I See What A Broken Heart Sounds Like.

To Those Who I Have Anointed and Called, They Too MUST HEAR AND SEE What I See and Hear.  They MUST KNOW What The FEAR OF DEATH Does To The Spiritual Heart and Soul.  My Ministers To Those In The Kingdom of Darkness MUST BE ABLE TO HEAR AND SEE For Themselves THE SILENT CRIES, And SEE THE MULTITUDE OF HANDS Reaching Out In The Darkness For Help and To GO With Me INTO THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS To Rescue and Deliver and Set FREE SPIRITUAL CAPTIVIES and Then WALK With Them INTO THE LIGHT of My Agape Love and Kingdom.




Psalm 57: 4-6

Authorized King James Version

Verse 4  My Soul Is Among Lions, And I Lie Even Among Them That Set On Fire Even The SONS Of Men

Whose Teeth Are Spears And Arrows

And Their Tongue As A Sharp Sword

Verse 5   Be You Spiritually Exalted, O God Above The Heavens;

Let Your Spiritual Glory Be Above All The Earth

Verse 6  They Have Spiritually Prepared A Spiritual Net For My Steps;

My Soul Is Spiritually Bowed Down;

They Have Spiritually Dug A Spiritual Pit Before Me,

Into The Spiritual Midst Whereof They Are Spiritually Fallen Themselves



Psalm 55 : 1-8

Authorized King James Version


   Verse 1    Give Ear To My Prayer O God; And Hide Not Yourself From My Supplication

 Verse 2   Spiritually Attend Unto Me, And Spiritually Hear Me:

I Spiritually Mourn In My Spiritual Complaint, And Make A Spiritual Noise:

Verse 3   Because Of The Spiritual Voice Of My Spiritual Enemy, Because Of The Spiritual Oppression Of The Spiritually Wicked.  For They Spiritually Cast/Throw Iniquity/Desires Of Evil/Evil Ways From Past Ancestors/Perverse Ways of Ancient Times/Crooked Thoughts & Ideas From The Kingdom of Darkness And Lust/Only Me Is Important Concepts UPON ME, And In Spiritual Wrath/Anger/Hate They Spiritually HATE ME

Verse 4    My Spiritual Heart/Spirit & Soul Is Spiritually Sore Pained Within Me; And The Spiritual Terrors Of Spiritual Death Are Fallen Spiritually Upon Me

Verse 5  Spiritual Fearfulness And Spiritual Trembling Are Come Upon Me;  And Spiritual Horror Has Overwhelmed Me

Verse 6    And I Spiritually Said,  Oh That I Had Spiritual Wings Like A Dove, For Then Would I Spiritually FLY AWAY, And Be AT SPIRITUAL REST!

Verse 7   Lo, THEN Would I Spiritually WANDER OFF, And Spiritually REMAIN IN THE SPIRITUAL WILDERNESS.  Selah/Pause For A Moment, Reflect

Verse 8   I WOULD Spiritually Hasten MY SPIRITUAL ESCAPE From The Spiritually WINDY STORM AND TEMPEST


Keep Listening,  Keep Hearing What My Heart Hears And What My Eyes See


King David’s Heart Crying Out To Me From Long Ago

I Am Poured Out Like Water, And All My Bones Are Out Of Joint

My Heart Is Like Wax,  It Is Melted In The Midst/Middle/Center Of My Bowels

My Strength Is Dried Up Like A Potsherd, And My Tongue Cleaves To My Jaws

For Dogs Have Encompassed Me, The Assembly Of The Wicked Have Enclosed Me:

They Pierced My Hands And My Feet

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Why Are You So Far From Helping Me?  And From The Words Of My Roaring?

O My God, I Cry In The Daytime, But You Hear Not;  And In The Night Season, And Am Not Silent!

Have Mercy On Me, O Lord

For I Am In Trouble

Mine Eye Is Consumed With Grief

My Soul And My Belly, For My Life Is Spent With Grief

And My Years With Sighing

My Strength Fails Because Of My Iniquity

And My Bones Are Consumed


When I Kept Silent, My Bones Waxed Old Through My Roaring ( Deep Inside of My Hidden Heart/Soul ) All The Day Long

There Is No Soundness In My Flesh Because Of Your Anger

Neither Is There Any Rest In My Bones Because Of My Sin

For Mine Iniquities Are Gone Over My Head;

As An Heavy Burden, They Are Too Heavy For Me

My Wounds Stink And Are Corrupt Because Of My Foolishness

I Am Troubled;

I Am Bound Down Greatly;

I Go Mourning All The Day Long

For My Loins Are Filled With A Loathsome Disease;

And There Is No Soundness In My Flesh

I Am Feeble and Sore Broken;

I Have Roared By Reason Of The Lack Of Peace In My Heart

My Heart Pants, My Strength Fails Me;

As For The Light Of Mine Eyes, It Also Is Gone From Me

I Was Dumb With Silence, I Held My Peace, Even From Good;

And My Sorrow Was Stirred.

My Heart Was Hot Within Me, While I Was Musing, The Fire Burned

Then Spoke I With My Tongue

I Am A Stranger With You, And A Traveler As All My Father’s Were

For Innumerable Evils Have Compassed Me About;

Mine Iniquities Have Taken Hold Upon Me, So That I Am Not Able To Look Up;

They Are More Than The Hairs Of My Head,  Therefore My Heart Fails Me

But I Am Poor And Needy

Heal My Soul, For I Have Sinned Against You

My Soul Pants After You, O God, My Soul Thirsts For The Living God

My Tears Have Been My Meat/Food Day And Night

Why Are You Cast Down, O My Soul?

And Why Are You Not At Peace In Me?

Deep Calls Unto Deep At the Noise Of The Waterspouts

Why Have You Forgotten Me?

Why Go I Mourning Because Of The Oppression Of The Enemy?

My Confusion Is Continually Before Me,

And The Shame Of My Face Has Covered Me.

For The Voice Of Him That Reproaches/Shames and Blasphemes Me and You

By Reason Of The Enemy And Avenger

Though You Have Sore Broken Us In The Place Of Dragons,

And Covered Us With The Shadow Of Death

For Our Soul Is Bowed Down To The Dust;

Our Belly Cleaves Unto The Earth

Have Mercy Upon Me,

O God According Unto Your Loving Kindness;

According Unto The Multitude Of Your Tender Mercies, Blot Out My Transgressions

Wash Me Thoroughly From Mine Iniquity,

And Cleanse Me From My Sin Against You And You Only Have I Sinned And Done This Evil In Your Sight

Behold,  I Was Shaped In Iniquity; And In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me

The Wicked Are Estranged From The Womb;  They Go Astray As Soon As They Be Born, Speaking Lies

O God, You Have Cast Us Off,  You Have Scattered Us, You Have Been Displeased;

O Turn Yourself To Us Again

Hear My Cry, O God;  Attend Unto My Prayer

From The End Of The Earth Will I Cry Unto You, When My Heart is Overwhelmed;

Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

My Soul Thirsts For You, My Flesh Longs For You In A Dry And Thirsty Land Where No Water is;

To See Your Power And Glory 

Save Me, O God

For The Waters Are Come In Unto My Soul,

I Sink In Deep Mire, Where There Is No Standing

I Am Come Into Deep Waters Where The Floods Overflow Me

I Am Weary Of Crying;

My Throat Is Dried

Mine Eyes Fail While I Wait For My God

Deliver Me Out of The Mire/Mud, And Let Me Not Sink;

Let Me Be Delivered From Them That Hate Me,

And Out Of The Deep Waters

Deliver Me, O God,

Out Of the Hand Of The Wicked,

Out Of The Hand Of The Unrighteous And Cruel Man

For My Enemies Speak Against Me And They That Lay Wait For My Soul Take Counsel Together Saying,

God Has Forsaken Him;

Persecute And Take Him, For There Is None To Deliver Him

So Foolish Was I And Ignorant;

I Was As A Beast Before You, My Flesh And My Heart Fails

My Soul Longs, Yes, Even Faints For The Courts Of The Lord;

My Heart And My Flesh Cry Out For The Living God


For My Soul Is Full Of Troubles;  And My Life Draws Near Unto The Grave.

I Am Counted With Them That Go Down Into The Pit;

I Am As A Man That Has No Strength

You Have Laid Me In The Lowest Pit, In Darkness, In The Deeps

You Have Made Me An Abomination Unto Them;

I Am Shut Up, And I Cannot Come Forth







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