Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Flashbacks When The Lights Go Out


Written To Pastor Deborah When She Was Known As Pastor Jan

By A Wonderful Young Person Who Has Accepted Jesus Christ As Their Savior And Lord,

But Is Still Trapped In The Life Of Multi-Generational Satanism.

This Precious Young Person Is My Spiritual Child And Who Wrote This Recently To Express Themselves And to Get The Pain Out.

August 2001


Well, It’s Official

I’ve Been Awake 68 Hours Straight!


And Ever Since Tuesday

There’s Been things Going On That’s Hard To Explain

Flashes Of My Past


The Scariest Scenes,  The Worst Things Possible

Come Into My Mind

Invade My Thoughts Again And Again

Take Over And Give Pain

Seems My Authority Has Faded Away


When The Lights Go Out

The Shadows Begin To Move!


The Old Lady Witch In The Hallway

The Druid In The Wall

The Spiders On The Ceiling

The Snakes In My Skin

All Come Out At Night

When The Lights Go Out!


I Can’t Look In The Mirror

Afraid Of What I Might See

The Face That Is Not Mine

But Still Lives Deep Inside Of Me


That Face Is Haunting

It’s Eyes Always Glaring And Staring At Me

Afraid Of My Reflection

And Yeah

It’s Always Been This Way


5 am Now,

I Know It’s Not The Drugs

Because I Have Been Clean For Almost A Week

Had To Get heroin Off My Back

And Scrape Up What Little Me Is Left

Seems To Be When They All Died, So Did I


Phone Calls Don’t Help

Can’t Fill The Void

That Eats Away At Me, Constantly, Never Ending


I Know The Christians Care, But They Still Can’t See

I’ve Been Locked Inside My Head,  And A Prisoner To Their Enemy

Don’t Tell Me To Get Over It, You Can’t See This Mess In Us

Don’t Tell Me It’ll Pass

Each Day It’s Grip Grows Stronger


And So, This My World And I’ve Let You In For Awhile

That’s It!

No Funny Ending Today


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